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Why A Rooster Crows At Night?

Why A Rooster Crows At Night?

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If you are asking yourself why a rooster crows at night, you have come to the right place.

If you happen to live in the countryside, there are chances that you have heard a rooster crows at night in the neighborhood.

Roosters are mainly famous for their typical crack-of-dawn crowing, which we are all used to.

However, having your rooster crow in the middle of the night can be a nuisance. This is one of the reasons why roosters are not allowed in most residential areas.

While crowing at night is not always a normal rooster behavior, it is not always unusual either.

This article will discuss everything you need to know about roosters crowing and how you can stop the behavior. Keep reading to learn more.

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Reasons Why Roosters Crow At Night

There can be several reasons why your rooster may be crowing in the middle of the night. Here are some of the reasons.


One of the roles of a rooster in a flock is to protect the rest of the flock from predators and intruders.

They take this work seriously! Roosters are known to put up a strong fight against predators.

Many nocturnal predators usually prey on birds at night. A rooster’s crow at night may indicate he has spotted a predator.

Therefore, crowing can help the rooster to alert the rest of the flock to any perceived threat he has noticed.

The crow is meant to give other members of the flock the warning to seek shelter from the predator.

Even if it is not a lurking predator, a rooster will sound the alarm when he perceives anything as a threat.

Approaching Dawn

Backyard chickens

As a backyard chicken keeper, you should fully expect your rooster to crow at the crack of dawn. This is completely normal behavior among roosters of nearly all chicken breeds.

Some male birds in the flock may start crowing up to two hours before sunrise, which can be inconvenient if you want to get a good sleep.

Roosters are unique creatures that run by an internal clock. Studies have shown that many roosters will still crow at the crack of dawn even if they are put under constant light conditions.

A rooster will crow at dawn as a signal to start his day protecting the rest of the flock, foraging for food, and defending his territory.


One of the reasons why your rooster may be crowing in the middle of the night is the light in your coop. Roosters are usually very sensitive to light.

They can mistake lights in their coop as impeding dawn and sound the early morning alarm at night.

It can be simply some outdoor light or a car passing by. While not all roosters will not be fooled by this, it can confuse some and result in nighttime crows.

If you think your lights are causing the rooster in your flock to crow at night, you can simply switch them off.

If the light is coming from another source, you can use blackout curtains to prevent it from getting into your coop.


Sound stimuli can also lead to a rooster’s crow at night. It will happen when your rooster becomes startled by a certain sound and decides to sound the alarm for the rest of the flock.

It is better to be safe than sorry, and keeping the flock safe is a rooster’s responsibility.

In addition, your rooster can be prompted to crow in the middle of the night by the sound of another rooster in the neighborhood.

Sometimes, roosters will get into a crowing competition at night to assert their dominance.


Most roosters are aggressive and loud in nature. Sometimes, you could have a rooster that is just more vocal than other flock members.

The rooster may choose to be vocal at an inappropriate time, like in the middle of the night. 

They may crow when another rooster in the neighborhood crows or communicate with the rest of the flock. They may also just crow because they want to do so.

Therefore, if your rooster is enjoying crowing at night or any other time, there is not much, you can do to stop the behavior.

How To Prevent Crowing At Night

Roosters tend to crow whenever they please. However, their crowing can be troublesome and annoying in some situations.

For instance, you will hardly enjoy your sleep if you have a noisy rooster in your coop or in the neighborhood.

Therefore, it makes sense that some chicken keepers may want to stop their roosters from crowing at night.

It is always important to learn the cause of your rooster’s crowing before trying to stop the habit. Here is how you can prevent your rooster from crowing at night.

Learning Your Rooster

The first step to preventing crowing in the middle of the night is learning and understanding your rooster. There are various reasons why your rooster could be crowing at night.

It may be because your rooster is vocal and likes to crow at random times. He could also be crowing because of lights or because of the presence of predators.

Knowing their behavior and routines is important in deducting the causes of their night crows. This will ensure you are in a better position to solve the problem.

Decreasing Flock Size

Since a rooster’s crow is means of communication with other flock members, you can help reduce crowing at night by decreasing the size of your flock.

A bigger flock means your rooster will have to be louder. Since it is his responsibility to keep the flock safe, he will need to be louder if the birds are many.

Eliminate the Threat

As stated, a rooster will crow if he sees or perceives a threat approaching. The threat can be a predator or even human intruders.

Therefore, you will need to examine your backyard and ensure your backyard is safe for your birds, especially at night.

You should also ensure your coop is well-designed and well-covered to keep away any predators that may invade your flock at night.

This will limit your rooster’s crowing as there will be no threat to make them crow at night.

Give the Roosters What They Need

Like some indoor pets, your rooster may be crowing to let you know they need something. They may be in need of water or food.

Therefore, you will need to ensure your birds have enough water and plenty of food before sunset.

In addition, you should provide them with adequate space and comfort. If birds are kept in a small space, they can become bored.

Bored chickens can be destructive and noisy. Therefore, you should provide your birds with plenty of coop space and give them something to do or to keep them busy.

Control Their Behaviors

Backyard chickens

Chickens are social creatures, and some roosters may assert dominance over other birds in the flock.

Having many roosters in your flock will lead to constant fights in order to establish a pecking order.

Therefore, you can decrease the number of roosters in your backyard flock to solve the issue.

Dealing With Nighttime Lights

Generally, roosters are stimulated by light. Their natural instincts will prompt them to crow anytime they see any type of light emerging.

Therefore, you can reduce the chances of your rooster crowing at night by limiting his exposure to light at night.

You can keep them in a coop without windows in the evening and let them out in the morning. This can be helpful if you want to enjoy a quiet night. 

Rooster Collars

If you have tried everything possible by your rooster is still crowing, you can get a no-crow collar.

While the collar does not stop the rooster from crowing, it makes it more difficult for him to do so.

It is secured tightly around the neck and is designed to restrict airflow whenever a rooster tries to crow.

Instead of a loud crow, they will produce a quieter crow. It will help you ease the frustrations of your neighbors.

You do not have to worry about the safety of the collars as they are safe, comfortable, and breathable. 

Some Breeds Are Quieter Than Others

Some chicken breeds are quieter than others. There are roosters that tend to be tamer and quieter than others. Therefore, you should consider adding a quieter rooster to your flock to prevent the night crows.

If you want a tamer rooster, you should consider chicken breeds like the Silkies. It is also important to note that the breed will not fully decide if your rooster is quiet and tame or not.


A rooster’s crowing at night can be inconvenient to any chicken keeper or anyone in the neighborhood. There are several reasons why a rooster can crow in the middle of the night.

The best way to stop this behavior is to find out the cause and try to stop it.

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