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What Is Peacock Feathers Meaning In Bad Luck?

What Is Peacock Feathers Meaning In Bad Luck?

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There are several myths surrounding peacock feathers. If you are an enthusiast of birds, you could have heard people saying various things about the feathers of peacocks. Some people believe that they are meaning bad luck.

If you have been asking yourself questions about it, worry no more because we have an answer for you. Keep reading to learn more.

Peacock Feathers Meaning Good Luck Or Bad Luck?

The answer to this question will largely depend on what you believe in and the person you ask the question. It is believed by many people in the western world that the feathers of a peacock can bring bad luck.

Well as, people in the eastern world believe that the feathers of a peacock mean prosperity and good luck.

Is Keeping Peacock Feathers At Home Bad or Good Luck?

As stated earlier, there are opposing beliefs on whether keeping peacock feathers at home is bad luck or good luck. As with most beliefs and superstitions, most people tend to be swayed by history. Where they come from or what they grew up being told or knowing.

Why It is Bad Luck in the West

For the people living in the western part of the world, going deep into the history of why it is bad luck keeping peacock feathers at home leads us to a path of not being very sure why they consider it as bad luck.

If you go through the reasons why they consider it as bad luck, you will hardly find an appealing reason.

One of the main reasons behind the belief is that the Mongols used to wear peacock feathers in the battles during ancient times.

They caused devastation across eastern Europe. As a result, word spread quickly in the region that it was a bad sign seeing the peacock feathers being worn by warriors.

Why It is Good Luck in the East

In the eastern parts of the world, such as India, China, and Japan, almost everything to do with peacocks is considered to be beneficial and good luck. In fact, the national bird of India is the Indian Peafowl. It is protected and worshiped by many people in the nation. 

Most people in other parts of the world consider peacocks and their feathers as a representation of good luck, beauty, and wisdom. They are also considered to be a representation of other positive things. 

According to Buddhists, the distinctive eye pattern located on the feathers of peacocks represents vision and openness. It is mostly linked to lucid dreams as well as greater insight into the future of an individual.

It is easier to understand the good omens than the bad ones because of how magnificent bird peacocks are.

There are very few birds in the world that produce a stunning display like that of a peacock when fanning out their feathers. For this reason, the feathers of peacocks are usually in high demand. 

What Does a Peacock Mean in Christianity?

Peacocks also have a strong presence among Christians. This is because it has been written that the Greeks believed that the peacock flesh did not decay after the death of the bird. As a result, they saw peacocks as symbols of immortality.

Several Christianity writings adopted the same symbolism. The peacock appears in several early drawings and paintings.

Some interpretations say that the eye in the feathers of a peacock is described as an all-seeing god. Some Christianity writings describe the eye as being some kind of symbol of vision. 

Peacock Feathers Feng Shui Meaning

Feng Shui is a philosophy as well as a practice involving arranging and using some items at home in order to bring balance and harness energy forces.

It originated in the Asian culture, and over the years, it has become much popular in the Asian part of the world. Despite being used all over the world, it involves specific and singular items.

One of these items is the feather of a peacock or various items that have the eye pattern from a peacock’s feather.

In the feng shui context, using items at home with a peacock pattern on them is believed to be a symbol of good luck, wisdom, beauty, wealth, and protection.

It is highly recommended for people to place the eye feathers of a peacock at the doorways because the eyes symbolize vision.

What is the Symbolism of a White Peacock

Green and Blue peacocks are usually impressive. However, the white peacocks appear to be even more impressive than the two. Generally, it is very rare to find a white peacock.

The white peacock has a wide variety of meanings such as holy, divine, purity, cleansing, and higher state of consciousness. 

Seeing Peacock Feathers in a Dream

It is believed that if you come across a peacock feather in the streets, you may more likely experience good fortune. Having dreams of this amazing bird may have different meanings.

For instance, it can be a warning sign of people trying to seduce you with beauty and their sweet talk. It may also indicate other things such as getting married soon, fame, getting a new project, and success.

Good and Positive Changes

Having dreams about birds is a common occurrence among many people. Seeing a peacock or a peacock feather in your dream usually has symbolic meanings and may affect an individual’s life.

In most cases, seeing a peacock feather in a dream gives positive and good changes in life. Dreaming about it signifies that one has an excellent fortune and will become worthy in life.

In addition, dreaming about a peacock feather could indicate the transformation of one’s life just the same way peacocks change the appearance of their feathers from time to time and display their natural beauty.

Golden and White Peacock Feathers

Seeing the feathers of a white peacock has various meanings, such as beauty. Besides, it could be an indication that you will be marrying a beautiful woman, and the white color, on the other hand, is an indication of purity.

On the other hand, if you see a golden peacock in your dream, it could mean that you will have a prosperous life that will be filled with happiness. 


There is a wide range of meanings behind the feathers of a peacock. In some cultures, the feathers could mean bad luck, while in others, it could indicate good luck. Therefore, it all depends on what you believe in and where you come from. To most, peacocks signify good luck since they are beautiful creatures.

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