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What Is A Group Of Peacocks Called?

What Is A Group Of Peacocks Called?

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If you are an enthusiast of domestic birds, you could have heard of a group of peacocks being referred to as a party, which is correct.

However, several other collective terms refer to groups of peacocks. For instance, a group of peafowl is known as ostentation, pride, or muster.

Generally, peacocks are fascinating birds. They have always been a significant attraction whenever they roam free at tourist parks.

This is because of their iridescent colors, interaction with human beings, and how they fan out their magnificent feathers.

But do you know much about the peafowl or peacocks as in the correct name for females and males? If you do not know much about them, worry no more.

In this article, we will help you understand a lot about these amazing birds. Keep reading to learn more.

Collective Nouns For Peacocks

As stated earlier, several collective nouns are used to refer to peacocks. Here are some of them:


According to the dictionary, this term refers to a conspicuous or pretentious display intended to impress others. This perfectly sums up what a peacock is.


The dictionary lists this word as meaning a group or flock of peacocks. Many people also use it to describe gathering up or summoning livestock. 


If you search for the word “pride” in the dictionary, you will find that one of its meanings is an impressive or flamboyant group. This clearly shows why some people consider a group of peacocks pride. 


Party is a general term for a social gathering, especially for amusement or pleasure. Therefore, it is no surprise that the word is used to describe all kinds of groups of animals, such as peacocks.

Other Terms Used To Refer to Group of Peacocks

In addition to the above, other terms refer to a group of peacocks. Here are some of them.

Harem of Peahens

The term harem of peahens refers to female peacocks only. Generally, peacocks practice what is popularly known as Polygyny.

Male peacocks tend to mate with several different birds during the mating season. On the other hand, the female birds will select one male to mate with.

Therefore, it is common to see females in groups of three or four and in the company of a single male counterpart who usually presides over his harem of breeding females. This is the reason behind the term harem of peahens.

A Lek of Peacocks

Adult male birds within the Phasianidae family, which includes about 180 species of peafowl, pheasants, grouse, and other birds, usually engage in a process known as lekking.

It derives from an area within the breeding ground called an arena or Lek, where birds compete by engaging in competitive courtship displays to attract suitable female breeding stock.

Because of this, a peacock collection is sometimes called a lek.

Bawl of Peacocks

During mating, male peacocks hoot loudly at the female birds they try to impress with their courtship rituals, especially during displays within leks.

These calls often appear to be unrestrained and raucous. If more than one peacock does this, the ensuing cacophony can be called bawl or bawling, which means shouting or calling noisily.

Cluster of Peacocks

The word cluster means individuals that have come together to form a group. In this case, it refers to mature male peacocks when they come together before lekking during the mating season.

They also roost close to one another during the breeding season.

Difference Between Peacock and Peafowl

One of the things that most people find surprising is that peacock is the correct name for a male peafowl. Most people use the word peacock to refer to both females and males. However, this is not technically correct. 

Here are some of the names for peafowls based on their age and gender:

  • Peacocks: Refers to the male peafowl only
  • Peahen: This is a name used to refer to female peafowl only.
  • Peachicks: Refers to baby peafowl only.

It is similar to chickens. Several people call chickens, chickens. However, a male chicken is technically known as a rooster. On the other hand, a female chicken is called a hen, while a baby chicken is a chick.

You can quickly establish something similar to how chickens and peafowls are named.

Unsurprisingly, both peafowl and chickens belong to the same family known as Phasianidae. The family comprises ground-living birds.

Differences Between Peacocks and Peahens

Aside from peahens being female and peacocks being male, they also have different appearances. Therefore, it is easy to tell a peacock from a peahen. 

Peacocks have bright colors and impressive tail feathers, which they often fan out. They usually fan them out as part of the courtship rituals.

Some people believe that over time, the peacocks with the largest display, most feathers, and most eyespots were the ones that mated with their female counterparts.

As peafowl evolved, it meant that the size of their tails gradually grew because the most dominant peacock was the one that had an enormous tail. 

On the other hand, the females or peahens do not have elaborate tail displays and bright colors. They are generally smaller in size when compared to the male peafowl.

Besides, they are primarily bland-looking and brown. Their brown color lets them blend into wooded areas and vegetation where wild peafowls roam. This helps them to avoid detection by their predators.

Peahens can incubate and raise their chicks without the help of the males. Therefore, they need to remain as inconspicuous as possible.

Types of Peacocks

Because of selective breeding, peafowls come in a wide range of colors. However, there are three main types of peacock species. They include:

  • Blue or Indian Peafowl (Pavo cristatus)
  • Congo Peafowl (Afropavo congensis)
  • Java or Green Peafowl (Pavo muticus)

The Indian Peafowl is the most popular across the world among the three. They have green feathers and impressive pearlescent blue. 

Are Peacocks Pheasants?

Peafowls and pheasants belong to the same family known as Phasianidae. The group includes various birds such as turkeys, grouse, partridges, and chickens.

However, Peafowls look quite different than pheasants. This is because peacocks are native to Sri Lanka and India.

On the other hand, pheasants have long inhabited some parts of North America, Europe, New Zealand, and Australia.

Female and male pheasants usually have similar characteristics. Female pheasants are brown and have reasonably plain looking. On the other hand, male pheasants are typically colorful.

Do Peacocks Flock Together In Large Groups?

From a general point of view, it will depend on the time of the year and which types of peafowls flock together.

For instance, groups usually consist of up to five peahens and one male peacock during the breeding season. The flock usually consists of purely peahens or peacocks outside the breeding seasons.

Usually, groups of young male peacocks form groups where they live with one another. Peahens and Peacocks flock together to travel, forage for food, and roost together.

They will roost high on top of a tree to avoid possible predators.

How Many Peacocks Are in a Flock?

A flock of peacocks, in most cases, comprises about four to ten different birds. They do not do well when raised alongside other birds.

Therefore, if you plan to raise them in your backyard, you must construct your coop to accommodate them separately. They are reasonably friendly and social when kept together with their kind.


Several terms refer to a group of peacocks or peafowls in general. Some of them include muster, ostentation, party, and pride.

All of them have been listed as official names terms for a group of peafowl. Therefore, choosing the term you can use is up to you.

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