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What Do Peacocks Symbolize?

What Do Peacocks Symbolize?

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Peacocks have been honored for several years because of their beauty and symbolism. But what do Peacocks symbolize?

Several mythological tales and stories reflect their life of charisma, virility, majesty, and strength. They have inspired numerous symbols of royalty, divinity, immortality, and honor. 

Some ancient cultures, such as Romans, Egyptians, and Greeks, praised the beauty of peafowl because of their pretty colors. People thought that the sight of a peacock was a gift from divine beings or gods. 

So what do peacocks symbolize? Peafowls are symbolic of rejuvenation, re-growth, integrity, respect, royalty, and honor.

They also symbolize passion, love, and beauty. In Buddhism and Hinduism, peacocks are considered to be secret creatures and are worshipped alongside their deities.

In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about these beautiful birds’ symbolism and spiritual meaning. Keep reading to learn more. 

Peacock Symbolism

Peafowls are held in high esteem by many people worldwide because of their beautiful and unique plumage. Other than beauty, they stand as a symbol of other traits, both positive and negative. Here are some of them.


In ancient times, many people believed that peacocks were blessed with immortality. There is a biblical myth that explains the origin of the belief. It dates back to the times of Adam and Eve. 

Once Eve and Adam had eaten the fruit from the forbidden tree, the two convinced all birds and animals to do the same.

A peacock was one of these animals. However, he refused to eat the fruit. As a result, God acknowledged his abstinence by blessing him with an imperishable flesh that could not decay even after death.


During the mating seasons, peacocks usually put their bright plumage on display as a mating ritual in order to attract peahens.

On their part, peahens will choose to mate with a male counterpart that will have a more attractive plumage. 

The whole peacocks mating ritual represents vanity. Humans can learn that vanity can never be fulfilling. The inherent beauty of an individual is more significant than their appearance. 


Since ancient times, peacocks have always been considered to be royal birds. This is because of various things such as their elegant posture, tender meat, and beautiful plumage. Only kings and their elite guests could watch the peacocks dance in ancient times. 

Ordinary people in the community were never allowed to access such memorable and thrilling moments. Because of the royal treatment that peacocks have enjoyed across centuries, it is justifiable for them to symbolize royalty. 

Spiritual Meaning

Peafowls have immeasurable energy. The presence of a peacock in one’s life signifies beauty, and the peacock’s spirit wants you to use it to prosper in life.

Peahens are usually not so grandiose in their beauty but rather rich in inner beauty. Their beauty complements the beauty of their male counterparts.

This message is symbolic in one’s life. It means that you can only appreciate the inner beauty of others when you treat them with respect.

Here are the meanings of a peacock spirit according to various religious groups:

  • In Buddhism, it symbolizes the highest knowledge and even connects it with the goddess Kuan-Yin
  • In Hinduism, a peacock is a faithful companion of Lakshmi, who is the goddess of abundance. Patience, mercy, and joy.
  • In Christianity, peacocks symbolize salvation and the image of Jesus Christ, who sees everything.

What Peacock of Different Colors Symbolize

Peacocks come in various brilliant colors ranging from green to blue to hazel and purple. Some of these colors hold different meanings when seen in dreams.

White Peacock Meaning

A white peacock symbolizes pride. However, it can sometimes mean that one is too prideful, making other people not like him. 

Black Peacock Meaning

If you see a black peacock in your dreams, it could be an indication that someone you know and trust so much is secretly envious of you. That person could be planning to use some information against you.

Pink Peacock Meaning

If you see a pink peacock in your dreams, it could symbolize feelings of self-esteem as well as confidence about your life journey. It means that you are about to accomplish your goals.

Purple Peacock Meaning

Just like the purple color, a purple peacock in one’s dream symbolizes royalty. It is an indication that you are probably going to financial wealth in the near future. 

The symbolism of Peacocks in Dreams

A dream represents a message that the subconscious mind conveys to us. It can be something that occurred in the past, present, or will happen in the near future.

One needs to pay close attention to how his dreams about peacocks make him feel as well as what they are dreaming about.

Dreaming of a flying peacock

Peacocks symbolize rejuvenation, good luck, and honor. However, dreaming of a flying peacock could mean that you have become arrogant in the process of achieving your goals.

The dream is a reminder that you should not get carried away easily, or else you risk failing to accomplish or achieve what you really want most.

Dreaming of a dead peacock

Although death generally has a negative connotation, dreams of a dead peacock do not represent an actual death. It could mean that you and another person you love are about to have hurt feelings, have an argument, or be on bad terms.

Dreaming of a dancing peacock

Dreaming of a dancing peacock is an indication of happiness. It could mean that one is currently happy in life because of a career, love, or even something personal.

It also means that a good opportunity is awaiting you in the future, and you should keep an eye on it.

Dreaming of a peacock feather

Dreaming of a peacock feather is an indication that good things are on the way. It means that success is coming soon, especially to your finances and career. Opportunities to further your career could also come your way. 

Dreaming of chasing a peacock

Chasing a peacock in one’s dream means that their perfectionist tendencies can turn unhealthy if they allow them to consume them. 

Dreaming of a peacock attack

Dreaming of a peacock attack could represent your interpersonal connections and how you feel beholden to others.

Besides, it can mean feeling overwhelmed by your emotions. It serves as a reminder for you to be easy on yourself.

Peacock Tattoo Meaning

Many people get peacock tattoos because the birds have unique and beautiful feathers. However, the tattoo may also have some personal outlook on life or even a cultural meaning.

Peacocks represent renewal, beauty, good luck, and honor. Therefore, getting a tattoo of the bird could mean that one is thinking a certain way about his life.

In addition, it could mean that you are connecting to all of the beauty that the world offers.

Native America Peacock Symbolism

Peacock feathers serve an important purpose in healing and shamanistic rituals in Native American culture.

Peacocks generally symbolize pride, knowledge, beauty, and confidence. In most Native American cultures, peacock feathers are used along with smudge sticks to ward off evil spirits.

Some chiefs also wore peacock feathers as a symbol of connection to the divine spirit world as well as a symbol of wisdom.


Just like cranes are symbolic of elegance, ravens of wisdom, and falcons of strength, peacocks are symbolic of beauty. They are also symbolic of immortality, royalty, and purity. Besides, they are symbolic in various religions and cultures.

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