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What are the Friendliest Chickens?

What are the Friendliest Chickens?

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Many years of keeping chickens have exposed me to all vices that these domestic birds display under certain circumstances. That’s when I came to learn that no two chicken breeds have the same behavior. 

Some are docile, while others are highly aggressive but a handful of them are considered friendly. The question most asked is “What are the Friendliest Chickens?”

All these unique personalities draw a clear line between different breeds of chickens and you can easily tell each one apart without referring anywhere else. And a close look at your flock will definitely help you select those that are friendly from those that are somehow hostile, to say the least.

Now the million-dollar question is, what are the friendliest chickens?

What are the Friendliest Chickens?
What are the Friendliest Chickens?

Much to your surprise, the friendliest chickens refer to those that are considered pets with “benefits” by most, if not all chicken keepers. This is defined by its calm nature that allows anyone to have fun holding, petting, and interacting with them.

Choosing the right chicken breeds that are considered friendly and calm should be your primary concern right from the start. If you are experienced in this field, you will definitely tell different breeds based on their temperament, appearance, and size among other attributes.

This is actually the first thing to look into when selecting your flock of more tolerant and friendly chickens. In the course of raising them, you will find yourself drawn to those breeds that are more friendly and sooner or later you will have a flock comprising nearly of birds that have no problem when holding and petting them.

How do You Handle the Friendliest Chickens? 

The friendliest chickens are not different from other breeds. They also deserve good care, maintenance and most significantly, proper handling. By handling these chickens in a manner that shows them affection helps bring them closer to you or anyone who interacts with them.

You can achieve this feat by spending some quality time with them, bringing treats, and handling them right from when they are chicks up to the time they are mature. 

Spending time with your chickens helps you in developing that long-lasting friendship as well as establishing yourself as a flock leader. That is why it is advisable to let your chickens know you as their leader and caregiver. 

flock leader

Normally the flock leader keeps the friendliest chickens safe, shows them their food, and gives them that comfort they deserve. Therefore, spending one or two hours with your chickens can create a huge difference.

Not only does spending time with them matter the most but you also need to play games with them as a way of bringing some liveliness among your flock. To some extent, you may go as far as knowing each individual chicken in order to have a full understanding of what makes every chicken unique and special.

Doing so will help them establish a strong bond with you within a short time. Also, you may go the extra mile to know individual preferences especially in terms of their diets so that you may help them feel comfortable around you.

Chickens are just like other pets and they love to be treated special and given attention whenever you are close to them. When you treat them right, these breed of chickens will create a strong bond with you for a very long time. 

As a matter of fact, you will be surprised to realize that they enjoy your company the most by following you around especially when you are in the yard. 

These are the most important factors to consider when raising chickens that seem to display some friendliness behavior towards you or your family members. Here are our top five most preferred friendliest chickens that you can keep in your backyard:

Black Orpington

What are the Friendliest Chickens?
Black Orpington

Orpington or rather Buff Orpington is at the top of this friendly chicken list. The word “Buff” in this name refers to the color of feathers. Buff Orpington is the most recommended breed of the friendliest chickens for new keepers.

This is a large breed of chickens that are kept for both eggs and meat. In this case, it is a dual-purpose breed that many chicken keepers cannot afford not to include on their lists of the most favorites and friendly birds.

The hens are known to be prolific layers whose eggs are usually large and brown in color.  These chickens are very intelligent, good foragers and have incredible mothering skills.

The main reason why you should consider them as part of your friendliest chickens is their calm and friendly nature once they get used to you. Buff Orpington is a very good addition to your backyard flock.

Black Australorps

Black Australorps is a friendly Chicken!
Black Australorps

Austrporps are cousins to both the Lavender and Buff Orpington. This should give you a wild guess about their origin. Australorps were first bred in Australia from the Black Orpington breed. they are commonly referred to as the Australian version of the popular Buff Orpington.

This breed is very similar in temperament and size to Lavender Orpingtons only that they are solid black. More often than not you may see their feathers shining with a violet-green sheen when in the sunlight.

Australorps are layers and you can identify their eggs from the pale tan color they exhibit. These birds are reputed for their motherly instincts, calmness, and friendly nature. 

Furthermore, this breed is assertive in such a manner that it leads the whole flock without micromanaging other flock mates belonging to the lower social status. As far as keeping chickens as pets are concerned, Australorps are a great choice to include to your flock.

The Easter Egger

Easter Egg Chicken - What are the Friendliest Chickens?
Easter Egg Chicken

Unlike the Australorps and Buff Orpingtons, Easter Egger is a hybrid and not a breed as such. These chickens are a good choice for kids as well as adults because they are very friendly.

One thing that fascinates chicken keepers when it comes to Easter Eggers is their ability to lay blue, pink, green, brown, white or slightly tinted large eggs. This is really an interesting observation from this hybrid.

But one thing remains certain here; it does not mean that each hen lays a rainbow or those colors mentioned. Instead, each hen has its own special color of eggs much to the surprise of many chicken keepers. 

Despite her small size, this hen is capable of laying extra-large eggs. In addition, she seems docile, peaceful and friendly, especially to kids. All these unique features make the Easter Egger be one of the most preferred friendliest chickens to keep in your home.

The Plymouth Rock

Barred Plymouth Rock is a friendly Chicken!
Barred Plymouth Rock Hen

The Plymouth Rock breed comes in different varieties to choose from. The most common and popular among them include the Partridge and Barred. This is one of the most intelligent breeds among the domestic birds that you can include on the list of the friendliest chickens among your flock.

The Plymouth Rock is a good forager and it is always on the watch out for aerial predators. These chickens are friendly and bold although not overly interested in most people around them. This is a dual-purpose breed that is great for laying large brown eggs.

Perhaps this explains why the Barred variety is the most preferred among the modern small-scale chicken meat producers. This is actually a revival of this breed’s early 20th-century popularity among different chicken keepers.

The Wyandotte

Silver Laced Wyandotte - What are the Friendliest Chickens?
Silver Laced Wyandotte

The Wyandotte is also a dual-purpose breed. This breed is a good egg and meat producer. However, the hens from this breed prefer keeping to themselves and their flock mates.

The Wyandottes are excellent foragers. They can always spot them running a little slower as a result of their sizes. Their large sizes can contribute to some health-related problems such as obesity or bumblefoot (an infected abrasion on the foot). Also, they are terrible fliers, meaning that you can keep them in a yard or field without a privacy fence.

Basically, the above-mentioned breeds are just a few representations of the friendliest chickens that you can raise in your backyard. When shown affection and taken good care of on a regular basis, these breeds can become adorable family pets.

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How do different chicken breeds rate for them to be considered the friendliest among the rest?

Friendly qualities include personalities, beauty, temperament, hardness, reputation (dual purpose) and unusual looks.

What is the ideal flock size for your friendliest chickens?

The suggested flock size is five chickens in one area. There will be enough space for each chicken to move around freely without competing for more space among themselves.

What The Best Backyard Chicken For Eggs?

I have always been fascinated by different breeds of layers and wondered which was the best backyard chicken for eggs. After a few discussions with other like-minded chicken owners, I concluded that different keepers have mixed feelings about backyard chickens for eggs. When it comes to our favorite breeds, the bottom line remains that some are a must-have.

In Conclusion:

As usual, it is extremely difficult to find a breed that you can recommend to other people for its friendliness. Prepare a list of the breeds that you think are suitable to be considered the friendliest. This will help solidify your answer. Use the selection of the five breeds mentioned in the discussion above. This will help you land the friendliest chicken breed to keep at home.

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