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What are the Friendliest Chickens?

Can You Have a Chicken as a Pet?

There’s a growing trend among chicken keepers that has raised many questions. One, in particular, is can you have a chicken as a pet? Some chicken owners seem to be creating a strong bond with their specific flock of chickens and this looks really fascinating. Chickens are currently the newest friends to several family members …

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Are Backyard Chickens Noisy?

Are Backyard Chickens Noisy?

There is a lot of misconception surrounding backyard chickens. While others are true, some are just hearsay and speculations. So, I don’t get surprised when I hear different people ask are backyard chickens noisy? Whether this is an assumption or a fact, we will find out the truth. So, are backyard chickens noisy? In general, …

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What Do Backyard Chickens Eat

What do Backyard Chickens Eat?

For your backyard chickens to stay healthy, they need a diet that is complete and well-balanced. So, what do backyard chickens eat? As an experienced chicken owner, I can proudly say that healthy, productive, and happy chickens are as a result of what they feed on.  But the question is, what should you feed your …

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