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Backyard chickens

What Is A Banty Rooster?

A banty rooster or bantam rooster is a miniature or smaller version of a regular rooster. It can be about a quarter to half the size of a standard chicken. These birds are most suitable for backyard chicken keepers who have a small backyard where space is premium. Two bantam chickens can easily fit into …

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Do Chickens Have Hair?

Do Chickens Have Hair?

Chickens are adorable creatures covered in different types of feathers. One of the most common questions most people ask do chickens have hair. They also have fine hair-like feathers on their bodies, which you can easily notice while preparing fresh chicken. The “hairs” in chickens are known as filaments. They help to regulate the temperatures …

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What Is A Banded Chicken?

Keeping track of your chickens can be challenging, especially raising a large flock. That leads us to ask what is a banded chicken? Even an experienced chicken owner will have a difficult time remembering past a certain number. Fortunately, you can use leg bands to keep track of your birds. This article will discuss everything …

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Do Chickens Have Ribs?

So, do chickens have ribs? Yes! Like other vertebrates, chickens have ribs interconnected by intercostal muscles. The muscles enable the movement of the rib cage as a whole. The dynamic rib cage participates in locomotion and allows the expiration and inspiration of the lungs. It is always good to understand your birds as backyard chicken …

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