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Why A Rooster Crows At Night?

If you are asking yourself why a rooster crows at night, you have come to the right place. If you happen to live in the countryside, there are chances that you have heard a rooster crows at night in the neighborhood. Roosters are mainly famous for their typical crack-of-dawn crowing, which we are all used …

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Do Chickens Have Kidneys?

If you are new to raising chickens, you could be wondering whether or not chickens have kidneys. It may even be a mystery to you how no streams of liquids (pee) anywhere around your coop. So, do chickens have kidneys? Yes, chickens have right and left kidneys. They are dark red to almost dark brown. …

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Big Rooster spurs

What Is Chicken Spurring?

So let’s get right to it and answer the question: What is chicken spurring? Keep reading and find out more. If you have a rooster in your backyard or have spent time around one, you probably notice a sharp and scary-looking protrusion on their leg. These sharp, scary protrusions on roosters are known as spurs. …

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