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My Favorite Quiet Chicken Breeds for Any Neighborhood!

My Favorite Quiet Chicken Breeds for Any Neighborhood!

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So, what are My Favorite Quiet Chicken Breeds for Any Neighborhood? Raising different breeds of chickens has exposed me to all kinds of behavior displayed by these lovely birds. While others are quiet and gentle, some are noisy and flighty. In this regard, I expect any upcoming chicken keeper to draw a line between these two traits. This is important especially when you’re raising more than one breed in your backyard and a quiet neighborhood.

The top quiet chickens for any neighborhood include Autralorp, Brahma, Delaware, Orpington, Wyandotte, Cochin, and Barred Plymouth Rock. These are a few of the chicken breeds that are quiet and gentle.

Most of the hens start making noise when they are about to lay eggs. On the other hand, roosters make a lot of noise at specific intervals such early morning hours and midday. For layers, the situation is somehow dramatic.

One layer stats the noise and the rest follow suit in what may sound like an “egg song”. The noise may continue for a while until the egg-laying mission goes through. However, not many birds are noisy as such. Some are quiet and that is exactly what we are going to discuss. Below are our top quiet chickens for any neighborhood.

My Favorite Quiet Chicken Breeds for Any Neighborhood

  • Australorp
    • Australorp Chickens

      Australorp Chicken Owner’s Manual.

      On our list of the less noisy chickens, we start with Australorp. These birds are calm and social. As a matter of fact, they have a gentle disposition that makes them the best breed of chickens to raise in an urban setup.

    • Hens are prolific and can lay up to 250 eggs per year. In addition to that, Australorps are excellent brooders, meaning that they will sit on their eggs to hatch them. In a year they can raise several clutches, thus expanding your flock.
    • You can always identify them from their glossy black feathers. For that reason, ensure that you include a few Australorps to your flock of birds if you are living in a quiet neighborhood.
  • Brahma
    • The Light Brahma ChickensSecond, on our list of my favorite quiet chicken breeds for any neighborhood is Brahma. This breed is also known as the “King of Poultry” and for obvious reasons. Weighing as much as 12 pounds for roosters, these chickens are a great source of eggs and meat.
    • They are an amazingly hardy chicken breed that can survive almost anywhere. Poultry farmers love them because of their ability to lay large white eggs, especially in the winter season. Besides their admirable disposition, these birds are attractive and friendly.
    • Most of the chicken keepers like them because they are stately and calm. You will always see them minding their own business when foraging in the yard. Brahmas are large heritage fowls that come in partridge, buff, light and black feathers.
  • Delaware
    • Raising Delaware ChickensDelaware chickens are originally from America and are raised as a dual-purpose breed. These birds are a great source of meat and eggs. Despite their downright nosy behavior and inquisitive nature, they are a pleasant flock of birds to have around.
    • Delawares are beautiful birds and have a striking white and black markings on their tail, neck, and wings. If you are not keen enough you can mistake them for other breeds such as Brahmas and Sussex.
    • For Delawares, their popularity has made them a perfect choice for quiet neighborhoods. Most of the chicken owners find this breed to be not only productive but a great addition to their flock.
  • Orpington
    • Buff Orpingtons - The Complete Owners GuideOrpington is among the top quiet chicken breeds for any neighborhood. This beautiful breed is one of the favorites among the poultry farmers for their eggs and meat. Both roosters and hens are friendly, calm and social. That’s why some people raise them as pets.
    • Also, they are incredibly quiet and composed when free-ranging. Therefore, don’t be surprised to see one of your Orpington hens walking towards you and then squat down in submission.
    • Another reason why these birds stand out from the rest is their massive size and soft feathers. These two physical attributes make them extremely pretty chickens for your backyard flock.
    • This explains why their admirable personalities are a perfect match for their appearance. In addition, they come in different colors, thus giving you a chance to choose the best one for your flock.
  • Wyandotte
    • Silver-Laced-Wyandotte-ChickenIf you’re looking for a suitable quiet chicken breed for your suburban backyard homestead, then Wyandotte breed is your choice. This dependable dual-purpose chickens will suit your urban environment well because of their quiet personalities. Even your children will have an easy time handling and playing with them.
    • Apart from that, Wyandotte chickens are hardy, calm and gentle in nature. This means your neighbors will not even notice the presence of these birds in your compound.
    • One striking feature that makes these chickens unique is their vast array of colors which include silver, blue and golden. There are also white Wyandottes but they are extremely rare.
    • With that in mind, don’t forget to add a few Wyandottes to your existing flock of quiet chickens. Their presence will mean a lot to you as well as other breeds of chickens in your backyard.
  • Cochin
    • Cochin Chickens: From The Book of PoultryCochin chickens are also considered a heritage breed. Quiet and calm, these birds are a great addition to your flock. They are large and pretty in their appearance. Sometimes they are referred to as fluffy and round chickens with feathery legs.
    • Whichever way you prefer calling them to rest assured that they will remain peaceful and quiet in your backyard. No wonder many chicken keepers think that these birds are the eye candy of their backyard. Another important trait of Cochins is their motherly instincts. This is coupled with their desire to hatch their own eggs and those of other hen’s as well.
    • Typical Cochins come in various colors. Most of them have attractive blue or black feathers all over their bodies. But a few have brown feathers that complement their beauty. Additionally, their massive feathers in the form of puffy balls make them adorable and fascinating to look at.
    • This could have been the reason why the Queen of England once raised these birds as pets. They are suitable for your quiet neighborhood. This is because they won’t cause drama even if you keep them together with other birds in your backyard.
  • Barred Plymouth Rock
    • Barred Plymouth Rock manualAt number seven on this list of the quiet chicken breeds for any neighborhood is Barred Plymouth. Also known as Barred Rocks, this chicken breed has all the best traits that make them suitable for your quiet neighborhood.
    • Interestingly, this breed is easy to raise and can tolerate different climatic conditions. However, they are exceptionally adapted to cold climatic conditions.
    • Almost every hatchery and chicken feed store will most likely raise them for sale to poultry farmers. So, if you want to acquire a few of these birds for your backyard flock you know where to get them.
    • Barred Plymouth Rock chickens are attractive and excellent layers of large brown eggs. When it comes to their disposition, these birds lead the rest. This is due to the fact that they are friendly, quiet and not aggressive.
    • There are different types of Rocks although the Barred Rock chicken breed is the most popular in this group. Why is the case? Because they are able to be sexed when they hatch. This means the roosters will develop a white dot on their heads for easy identification. At least, you will not have a difficult time sexing them when they are still chicks.

Related Questions

  • Does the environment determine how quiet or noisy a particular chicken breed should be? The answer is yes. The environment in which you are raising your birds can influence their behavior in one way or the other. Free-ranging chickens will not get bored quickly like the confined ones. When you let them roam freely, they will become mentally and physically stimulated. This way, they will remain calm and peaceful throughout. What you need to know is that a free bird is usually healthy and active. This is because it relies on its natural instincts to find food and interact with other birds when they are on a free-range.
  • How do you make your noisy chickens quiet? Sometimes your chickens may become noisy because of their living conditions. If you confine your birds to the coop or run, you need to provide them with enough space. This will avoid conflicts and discourage picking at each other. In addition to giving them more space, you need to make them focused on something else other than themselves. Furthermore, you may consider including roosting areas in their living space to keep them busy.

In Conclusion

  • 400;”>Raising chickens in a quiet neighborhood is not as easy as you may have thought. It needs great skills and knowledge to achieve this goal. We have compiled a list of my favorite quiet chicken breeds for any neighborhood so you may choose from them. After all, a variety of birds is the only way to make your flock lively and happy.

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Quietest Chicken Breeds for your backyard coop


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