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How Long Do Sexlinks Lay Eggs?

How Long Do Sexlinks Lay Eggs?

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Sex Link chickens are popular for backyard chicken keepers who want a lot of eggs. A common question is how long do sexlinks lay eggs?

These prolific egg layers are not a specific chicken breed; instead, it is a term used to refer to specific hybrids that produce dimorphic chicks.

Their mixed genetics means that they are more vigorous than pure chicken breeds. A lot of sex link pullets will start laying eggs when around 15 to 17 weeks old.

They are usually constant with egg-laying through the entire cold season. However, they will do extremely well keeping well in the winter season.

Here we will discuss everything you need to know about Sex Link chickens. Keep reading to learn more.

How Long Do Sexlinks Lay Eggs?

Hybrid Chickens

In the poultry world, we have different chicken breeds, including the hybrids and the historic heritage breeds.

Hybrids chickens are not considered breeds but are a variety or a type. To be considered a chicken breed, they must produce offsprings that are true to type. 

Hybrid chickens usually lay eggs earlier. They will do so consistently until they burn out.

Many backyard chicken keepers raising hybrids keep them for a year or two before dispatching or eating them and moving on to the next batch.

These birds are good at laying eggs. Unfortunately, they tend not to have a long and healthy retirement phase after completion. 

Where Do Sex Link Chickens Come From?

These adorable birds are carefully bred hybrid chicken breeds. Their high egg production and fast growth have made them popular for backyard chicken keepers and homesteaders alike. 

The popularity of these birds means they seem to be cropping up in many places.

Therefore, you can easily pick up several black or red sex link chicks from virtually any feed store or hatchery to give your backyard flock a headstart.

Golden Comets and Issa Brown are the most popular varieties of red-sex link chickens. Although they are not ideal for breeding, they will ensure a constant supply of fresh eggs. 

What Are Red Sex Link Chickens, And How Do You Breed Them?

To get red sex link chickens, many breeders and chicken keepers cross Rhode Island Red roosters with White Plymouth Rocks, Rhode Island White, or Delaware hens.

These hybrids produce predominantly red hens and male chicks with distinct white markings.

One of the challenges of this combination is that it can lead to a mixed bag of offspring, with some displaying the friendly and calm nature of Delaware chicken.

Other birds in the flock may have the territorial aggression of the Rhode Island Red.

If you are looking for red-sex link chickens to breed with, you can consider the Cinnamon Queen than either the ISA Brown or the Golden Comet.

Cinnamon Queen chickens come from using a Rhode Island Red rooster and a Silver Wyandotte hen. The result should be males with white feathers and a selection of brown or red offspring.

Cinnamon Queen hens lay around 280 eggs per year. They are an excellent choice for those who want an egg-producing backyard flock. 

How To Breed A Flock Of Black Sex Link Chicks?

Backyard chickens

Black sex link chickens are also known as Black Stars. They are created by crossing a barred hen with a non-barred rooster.

For the perfect offspring, you will have to use only heritage breeds of chicken since crosses may contain genetic anomalies that can disrupt the sex properties.

This can make it difficult to sex your chicks when they hatch.

The most popular breeds that produce Black sexlink chickens have Barred Plymouth Rock hens and dual-purpose chickens, such as Cuckoo Maran hens. You can use a New Hampshire or Rhode Island Red rooster for the rooster.

You can consider a rooster with red earlobes and dark-colored feathers to make it easier to sec your chicks.

If your rooster has any white spots on the feathers, this can interfere with the appearance of the offspring. As a result, it will make it difficult to distinguish between female birds and male birds.

Benefits Of Raising Sex Link Chickens

Raising sex-link chickens in your backyard flock comes with several benefits. Here are some of them.

Egg Production

One of the main reasons why sex link chickens have become very popular is because they are good egg layers.

Both red and black sex link chickens are prolific eggs that will ensure a steady supply of eggs throughout the year.

Under good health and proper nutrition, they can produce 250 to 320 large brown eggs annually. Sex link hens usually reach their peak at around two years of age.

At this point, they will give you around 5 or 6 eggs in a week, regardless of the weather. As they age, their egg production rate will fall drastically.

They Are Color Sexable

Suppose you have ever tried to vent-sex a newly hatched chick.

In that case, you will appreciate having delightful it can be to have sex link chicken crosses that you can easily identify the gender through their physical appearance.

When you get a purebred chicken breed from a breeder, you may likely have one or two roosters in your flock. This can be a problem, especially if you live in an urban area where roosters are not allowed. 

There are few rescue centers for unwanted roosters, and not many chicken keepers will want to raise male chickens in their flock to eat them.

Therefore, getting sex-linked chicks means that you will only get female birds and will not have to face slaughtering when one of the birds turns out to be a rooster.

Personality And Temperament

Generally, sex link hens are friendly and docile hybrid chickens. If you are looking for a chicken breed that will be friendly to your kids, this is one of the breeds you can consider.

They will do well in any backyard flock and relate well with other birds. Since they are docile and non-aggressive birds, they may become victims of bullying others.

Therefore, you will need to ensure that the other birds in the flock are friendly and non-aggressive.

Sex link chickens are not just for egg production. They are also remarkable to observe, and you will never get bored with these adorable around.

They enjoy exploring and figuring out things. Whether checking out the lawns or looking at the garden, they are enjoyable to watch.

Dual-Purpose Potential

Any backyard chicken keeper will want to raise a dual-purpose chicken breed. Not only are sex-link chickens reliable egg producers, but they are also large enough to breed for meat.

A sex link hen can weigh anywhere between 6-7 pounds, while a mature rooster can weigh around 8 to 10 pounds.

However, not all hybrid sex link chickens fit into this category. Some may not be good options for raising birds for meat.

Those with parent lines, such as Plymouth Rocks, Rhode Island Reds, and Brown Sussex, make excellent dual-purpose birds.

Some sex-link hybrids, such as the Golden Comets and Cinnamon Queens, have been bred so much for excellent egg production.

As a result, they have lost some of their size, making them less suitable for meat production.

Lack Of Broodiness

How Long Do Sexlinks Lay Eggs?

Having a broody chicken is not the end of the world. However, it is generally the end of egg production for around a week or two. Sex link chickens do not tend to sit on their eggs so much.

This is because the selective breeding process mainly emphasizes the high production of eggs to the extent that the broodiness gene is nearly or completely extinct.

The lack of broodiness in these birds is excellent news for backyard chicken keepers who want a lot of eggs for consumption or to sell but not fertile eggs for chicks.

Your hen will tend to lay continuously, and you will have a constant supply of eggs in your flock.

Disadvantages Of Raising Sex Link Chickens

Raising sex link chickens also has its disadvantages. Here are some of them.

Difficult to Breed

Breeding sex link chickens is not for the faint-hearted. If you want to breed birds that will stand a chance of competing at the American Poultry Association, show, sex-link chicken hybrids are not for you.

They Have a Short Lifespan

Most backyard chickens usually have a lifespan of 5 to 10 years. However, the sex link chickens live 2 to 3 years. Since they mature early, they also age faster.

Some owners have also said that their birds do not make it that long because of reproduction concerns.

Therefore, sex link chickens are not a great option if you are looking for a chicken breed that will have a long and healthy life.

Health Issues

While sex link chickens are typically healthy birds, they are not immune to health problems. These birds are susceptible to reproductive conditions. They may suffer from peritonitis, nutrient deficit, prolapse, and egg bound.


Sex link chickens are adorable and excellent egg-laying birds that can be a good addition to any backyard flock.

These prolific layers will ensure that you have a constant supply of eggs throughout the year. They start laying eggs at around 15 weeks old. 

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