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Easy Chicken Coop Upgrades

Easy Chicken Coop Upgrades

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In the past, chicken coops were just simple homemade structures made of some wood and chicken wire with a sturdy roof. But today, things are different when it comes to the complexity and size of the modern chicken coops. To some extent, these structures rival human homes despite their capacity to house chickens or other types of poultry. Regardless of their sizes and beauty, chicken coops upgrade is all about the needs of your birds, not yourself as you may probably assume.

So, what are the five easy upgrades to your chicken coop? You can give your chicken coop a new makeover using a few simple techniques. For instance, you may add a simple dust bath for your birds’ hygiene, a poop hammock to promote cleanliness, a chicken swing to reduce boredom, a custom chicken run and a chicken nesting box for your layers.

You should not be overwhelmed by different options out there when it comes to upgrades to your chicken coop. Instead, consider what is necessary by paying attention to your budget, the size of your flock, the space you have and your location. Everything else will fall in place once you have a better understanding of your requirements regarding the scope, size, and style of your chicken coop. 

Also,  you must consider the security of your birds if you are raising them in an urban setup. Of course, you wouldn’t wish to upset your neighbors with unpleasant noise from your chickens. With that in mind, let’s look at the five easy makeover ideas that you can apply to upgrade your chicken coop.

Easy Upgrades to Your Chicken Coop

1) An Addition of a simple Dust Bath

Chicken High Quality Dust Bath by Lixit 5.5 lb

Chicken High-Quality Dust Bath

  • Since your chickens deserve cleanliness, providing them with a simple dust bath will make them happy. The dust bath is an essential part of your chicken’s hygiene. This is because it helps them get rid of bugs, mites, lice and other parasites that can cause harm to them.
  • So, the best type of dust bath that you can provide for your birds should consist of wood ash mixed thoroughly with fine sand to create good quality dust for them to bathe in whenever they feel like doing so.
  • In the real sense, the ash and dust seem to be a better remedy for mites and other parasites that are fond of hiding inside the chicken’s feathers while causing more harm to their host ( the chickens). 
  • On the other hand, you may take the ash and dust your chickens with it each month to eliminate all parasites. While using a dust bath to control mites and other parasites, make sure that your chickens’ bedding and perches are also treated to get rid of all vermin. A simple dust bath is the best way of promoting hygiene among your flock of birds.

2) A  Unique Poop Hammock

How to Make a Poop Hammock

How to Make a Poop Hammock

  • Don’t think that a poop hammock is just an addition to your chicken coop for your birds to have some relaxation. This great structure is meant to keep the inside part of the chicken coop clean. 
  • Your chickens are more likely to drop their poop anywhere in their coop, especially when they are roosting. To add this feature to your coop, you will need a strong piece of cloth. This piece of cloth will be tied right under the roosts but some inches above the ground. 
  • The idea of doing so lies in the chickens’ tendency to roost high above the ground. Therefore, the poop hammock will collect their droppings and keep the floor clean throughout. If some of your chickens are overweight, find the best ways you can motivate them to hop or fly up and down or perch on available roosts. 
  • During the night, the chickens will sleep and when they relieve themselves the poop hammock will collect their droppings. After about one month, you may unhook the poop hammock and dispose of the collected droppings to the compost pit. This is a great addition to your chicken house and can bring a lot of changes in terms of hygiene. 

3) A Simple Chicken Swing

A swing for your chickens

Chicken Swing

  • Sometimes your chickens might get bored when they don’t find anything to keep them occupied. To help reduce that boredom, you can construct a simple chicken swing that will act as their ultimate toy in the process. 
  • This structure will provide your birds with many hours of entertainment while keeping them active and fit throughout. You don’t have to be an expert in construction to make a functioning chicken swing. All you need is a piece of wood, saw, rope, drill bit, measuring tape, a pair of scissors and some help. 
  • Once you have all these materials and tools, making your DIY chicken swing won’t be a problem for you anymore. At the end of the day, you will feel delighted seeing your birds swinging themselves back and forth while passing their daytime outside. 
  • A simple chicken swing can create a lot of difference when it comes to upgrades to your chicken coop. In this regard, you must give this project your best to let your chickens enjoy themselves while reducing some boredom during the day. 

4) A Customized Chicken Run

Walk in Chicken Run

Chicken Run

  • You must be aware of the fact that no particular coop is considered complete without a custom-made chicken run. This structure plays a crucial role in the lives of your birds from when they are small until they mature. 
  • In this case, you should give it a priority whenever you are designing your chicken coop. A chicken run requires some extra space compared to a coop. This does not mean you exclude it from your plan. 
  • Given that chickens are growing at a faster rate compared to other domestic animals, they will most probably need more space to free-range. And this space should come from the run. Depending on the number of chickens under your care, you must find ways of providing a run that accommodates all of them. 
  • For your custom-made chicken run, you will require a few tools and materials to get started. Let’s say you want to make a PVC chicken run, the tools you will require include a PVC pipe cutter, wire cutters or pairs of scissors. 
  • Your run will be in the form of a cube with netting and fencing around it for the security of your birds. The procedure is simple and does not require any form of expertise to come up with a simple customized chicken run for your birds. The only thing you will need is a second person to help you with a few tasks here and there. That is all you need to make this project a reality.

5) A Chicken Nesting Box

One of the most basic needs are Chicken Coop Nesting boxes! Every coop or house needs a nesting box for the hens! For Use In or Out of Coops Helps Eliminate Nest Sharing.

Double Nesting Box

  • You don’t have to spend a fortune on chicken boxes when you can make your own simple version. Build a simple nesting box to provide your birds with a safe, secure and comfortable place to lay eggs. So, you can use simple materials and skills to build this structure in your chicken coop as part of your upgrade plan. 
  • All you will need are a few simple steps, tools and materials and you are good to go. However, the size, location, and variety of your chicken nesting box will vary. Mainly depending on what you want to build, your budget and the number of birds under your care. 
  • The main idea behind this project is to come up with a simple, clean and dry to lay eggs. The place should give your birds a sense of security and comfort. 
  • You will need to design a nesting box that can accommodate 2 to 3 hens. The nesting box should be spacious enough for your birds to stand up in it comfortably. 
  • When it comes to the materials, you will have to look for wood shavings or soft straw. Some people use natural rice hulls. Whichever material you choose, make sure that it can serve the purpose of keeping your hens comfortable and safe.
  • Your nesting box will also need a roost bar to give your chickens a platform to step on. Most importantly, raise your nesting box a little bit higher and above the ground for easy access by your chickens.

Related Questions

What should you consider when doing upgrades to your chicken coop?

  • There are many factors to consider when upgrading your chicken coop. They include the number of birds you are raising, the type of upgrade you intend to have and available materials. Consider your skills, budget, the size of your project, location, and safety of your birds. Once you put all these factors into play, you will be able to achieve your goal in a short time.

How long should you take to complete your chicken coop upgrade?

  • The time it will take you to finish your chicken coop upgrade depends on the project. The size and availability of material are just a few things that can interfere.

Final Thought

A simple chicken coop upgrade should not be a project that will cost you a fortune. With the right tools, materials, and ideas of what you want to make, nothing should stand in your way. Your chicken coop makeover should be fast and easy.

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5 Easy Chicken Coop Upgrades

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