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Easy Backyard Chickens Run Ideas

Easy Backyard Chickens Run Ideas

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Here we will take you through some easy chickens run ideas to consider when designing a chicken house. Keep reading to learn more.

We all want to provide the best life for our feathered friends. We want the flock to be happy and healthy to the best of our abilities.

You might even want them to be cage-free. But that is not always the best idea.

If you think of a good chicken run that will make your chickens happy, you have come to the right place.

Why Should You Have A Chicken Run?

In your search for the perfect run, you may ask yourself why you need a chicken run. We will go over many advantages of having chicken runs very quickly.

  1. It keeps your chickens safe from predators while they are roaming. With wire fencing, your chicken run will be predator-proof.
  2. Runs can help protect your yard.
  3. Runs will encourage natural foraging and give your chickens exercise.
  4. Having a backyard chicken run will help you landscape around them.
  5. Runs also keep your chickens in your yard and out of the neighbors.

Chicken coop runs also enhance great ventilation and allow easy coop cleaning. A chicken run has many more benefits, but these are just a few.

Easy Backyard Chickens Run Ideas

What To Look For

When choosing a chicken run, having a few ideas is nice because it can become overwhelming. There are so many styles and sizes that it can get confusing.

Next, we will point out some great points to look for when choosing a run. Each person’s situation is a little different, so your run needs to be functional.


One of the most important things about a chicken run is that it needs to be durable. These runs must provide a safe space from predators and hold up in all weather.

Your chickens could get out if your run can be easily broken or knocked over. You will want to choose one made from durable materials, not as light as a feather.


You must also consider how many chickens you have before choosing a size. For a chicken to feel content and not overcrowded, you must have at least 10 square feet per chicken.

Going bigger is always an option to allow for more chickens or make the ones you have more comfortable.

Easy To Assemble

The next thing you will want to look at is how easy the run is to assemble. Ideally, you don’t want to spend weeks putting together a run.

The easier it is to assemble, the faster you can get your chickens.


It is highly recommended to have a covered backyard chickens run. If your run is not covered, you risk having your chickens get out or something getting in.

Hawks and eagles will be watching from above, so you need to protect them at all costs.


You will also want a few chickens run ideas to quickly get in and out. If you can’t get inside for cleaning and daily tasks, it will make keeping chickens much harder than needed.

Easy Backyard Chickens Run Ideas

Fitted To Coop

Finally, whatever run you build must fit the coop well. You don’t want to have gaps in the run or pressure points. These lead to an unstable run that chickens can get out or predators get in.

Types Of Runs

Now that you know everything you need to consider for your run, we can discuss types. There are no limits to chickens run ideas. You can be as creative or as practical as you wish.

There are many combinations as to what would work best for you. We can find an easy chicken run for everything from frames to materials.

DIY Or Pre-Made

When choosing a chicken run, you first decide whether to DIY or buy a pre-made version. With a DIY run, you can make it. However, you see fit.

But the downside is that you must be very good at measurements and designing it to be structurally fit.

A pre-made version requires assembly, but all the tools and braces are included with no extra effort. But, you might be unable to optimize your yard as you wish.


Now that you know your route, you can think about shape. If you are DIY-ing your coop, there is no limit to your configuration.

You could have a run that runs the whole parameter of your yard if you wish. But, most pre-made runs come in 3 shapes rectangle, a-frame, or L-shape.

These are easy to put together and require the least amount of planning.

Portable Or Stationary

There are many benefits of having either a portable or stationary coop. The stationary is more reliable but can be more challenging to assemble.

Easy chicken tractors are a favorite among most chicken owners. They are easily moved and quick to assemble.

Wood Or Metal Frame

Next, you will want to choose what frames you want. A wood frame is cheap and easy to assemble but heavy to move around.

Light metal frames are a little more expensive but easier to move. Once you know all these, you will have difficulty choosing a run.

Easy Backyard Chickens Run Ideas

Now you are ready for some easy backyard chicken coop ideas. Listed below, we have a list of the easiest templates to follow for a DIY run or pre-made runs for backyard chicken coops.

Each has excellent features and can make the perfect easy chicken run.

PawHut Galvanized Metal Chicken Coop Cage

Easy Backyard Chickens Run Ideas

If you are looking for a secure metal run to surround your chicken coop, this Galvanized Metal Chicken Coop Cage is for you. It is an easy chicken run that is lightweight and simple to assemble.

This run is great for adding your coop right in or attaching it to the outside. It even comes with a cover to protect your chickens from the weather.

This run also comes in several sizes to fit anywhere from 5-to 15 chickens.

Building A Chickens Run For Beginners

Instructables has a great tutorial for easy chicken runs that you can find here. These instructions come with detailed pictures of the run during every step.

Not only is this run cheap, but it’s also easy enough for anyone with the tools to make it. 

PawHut 83″ Wooden Backyard Chicken Coop

Easy Backyard Chickens Run Ideas

If you only have a few chickens, this pre-made Backyard Chicken Coop makes the most of your available space.

The coop sits up top, allowing enough run space underneath without compromising yard space. This coop is easy to assemble; you won’t have to worry about attaching a separate coop.

Fresh Eggs Daily DIY Run

On Homesteaders For Preppers they have developed an innovative easy chicken tractor. This charming DIY will add personality and a little humor to your backyard.

Hobby Farms DIY A-Frame

Simple A-frame runs are easy to assemble and can be custom-made to any size you’d like. They have put together a great tutorial on an A-frame run.

They have compiled a detailed list of every tool and material you need to make your dream run. Click here to find out how. 

Chicken Coop Outlet Large Metal Chickens Run

Another excellent metal chickens run is this one by Chicken Coop Outlet. It is spacious, durable, and easy to assemble.

You could set your coop inside or attach it to the outside by making a small hole. This large run is suitable for up to 13 chickens, more than most pre-made runs on the market. 

DIY Chicken Tractor Plans

Easy Backyard Chickens Run Ideas

Another great insight into a DIY tractor run. This run is easy to put together, even for someone who doesn’t have the best knowledge of tools.

A-Frame Run

DIY Chicken Coops has given very detailed instructions on a large A-frame run. These instructions even come with tips on what worked best and pictures.

If you have limited space, this chicken coop and run are ideal.

Designing One Yourself

There is no end to the possibilities and ideas of designing your chickens run. Your own could be in any shape or size and with any material that fits best.

The entire process for this chicken coop plan is very simple, as you can use an already existing fence.

You could create one that runs all along your fence line. You could also make one that is a funky shape as an easy chicken tractor.

There is no end to what you could design on your own. This DIY chicken coop will also require very little space.

DIY Chicken Coop Run For Newbies

This simple and easy-to-build small chicken coop is ideal for individuals who want to try chicken-keeping for the first time. With the correct material list, you can build this backyard coop easily at a low cost.

It has a single sloping roof and a screen door to facilitate easy air movement. This DIY coop run is tall enough and will give you ample space for cleaning and maintenance.

With this spacious coop, you can house around five birds.

Metal Fencing Chicken Run

Easy Backyard Chickens Run Ideas

This simple chicken coop run is designed to protect the birds against predators like hawks and raccoons. The chicken wire makes it predators-proof and keeps chickens from roaming outside.

It uses a strong metal roof and fencing material with a width of at least five feet. The entire run will give your flock enough space to free-range.

If you want to save money, you can consider this low-cost chicken coop plan.

Recycled Wood Chicken Run

It is not necessary to bury wire fencing when designing a predator-proof chicken coop run. You will only dig when setting your posts or wooden sticks that will hold the welded wire in place.

The baseboard is made from recycled shipping containers. With a large outdoor space, this DIY chicken coop with a chicken wire and metal roof is ideal for your hens. It requires just a few support posts.

What Is The Best Thing To Put Down In a Chicken Run?

The ideal cover for a chicken run should be something that will keep the ground safe, dry, and comfortable for your hens while also being easy to clean.

The ground can have sand, bedding materials, landscape mulches, and solid floors.

Sand is a popular choice among most chicken keepers because of its durability. Whatever material list you use, make sure your hens or flock can easily dig and scratch.


Having a backyard chicken run will make or break you as a chicken owner. They are essential for your chickens’ health and sanity and will help them produce the best eggs.

If you are planning to make a new coop or modify an existing coop, you can coop the step-by-step instructions of our DIY chicken run ideas.

They will ensure that your DIY chicken coop has easy access as well as good ventilation.

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