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Does Tractor Supply Have Chicks For Sale?

Does Tractor Supply Have Chicks For Sale?

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If you have been asking yourself whether or not Tractor Supply has chicks for sale, you have come to the right place.

Tractor Supply is one of the best places to get started with chickens. They have chicks, chick starters, and other chicken supplies in one place.

This article will discuss everything you need to know about chicks for sale at Tractor Supply. We will discuss some of the chicken breeds offered by the company. Keep reading to learn more.

Backyard chickens

Cost Of Chicks At Tractor Supply

The cost of chicks at Tractor Supply ranges from $2 to $4. This depends on various factors, such as the breed of the chick and age.

Their chicks are healthy and easy to care for. However, it is important to note that not all of their stores carry chicks.

Chicken Breeds At Tractor Supply

Tractor Supply breeds a wide variety of chicken breeds that you can choose from. Here are some of the breeds you will find at their facility.

Barred Rock

Barred Rocks are among the most popular chicken breeds at Tractor Supply. They are sturdy, clean-legged birds with a barred pattern that looks like dark grey and white stripes. 

The barred pattern on them is very clean, unlike Cuckoo Maran chickens, where the lines have a blurry appearance.

The Dominique chickens also have similar characteristics as Barred Rocks, although they have a small rose comb.

Hens weigh around 8 pounds and can lay up to 280 brown eggs annually. The chicks are usually dark grey with clean white legs and white bellies.

You can sex them by looking at the white spot on their heads. Female chicks have a small and more distinct white spot, while males have a larger spot running down to the neck.

Rhode Island Reds

This heritage breed is a classic barnyard bird. They have a dark red coloring and a single comb. The roosters have dark greenish iridescent tail feathers, while hens have solid red coloring.

Active chickens will do well if allowed to free-range and forage.

Under good care and proper nutrition, a Rhode Island Red can lay 180 to 270 eggs per year.

Their eggs are usually large and brown-colored. All these birds are red, although there is color variation based on genetics.

Chicks are a reddish tan with clean, pale legs and pale bellies. 

Black Australorp

The Black Australorp is another breed at Tractor Supply. The breed is perfect for chicken keepers who love large fluffy birds.

They may not be perfect for those who live in extremely hot areas as the solid black may make them prone to overheating.

They have a single comb that is larger on roosters. These medium-sized hens can lay up to 270 eggs per year.

Their eggs are medium to large-sized and brown-colored. They are known for going broody.

Black Australorp chicks have a white belly and a black back. Their legs do not have any feathers. 

Backyard chickens

Silver Laced Wyandotte

Wyandottes are a heritage chicken breed that can be a good addition to any backyard flock.

They have small combs and thick bodies. They also do well in places with cold winters.

This is one of the breeds to consider if you are looking for an excellent dual-purpose chicken.

Adult hens weigh around 7 pounds and can lay 180 to 250 eggs in a year. Their eggs are medium-sized and brown-colored.

These docile and calm birds will do well in any backyard flock. Silver Laced Wyandotte chicks have clean, yellow legs.

They also have grey/yellow bellies with black/grey chipmunk stripes on the back.

Buff Orpington

Buff Orpingtons are fluffy and calm birds that make an excellent addition to the backyard flock.

They are large-sized, making them a good option for a dual-purpose flock. You can raise them both for meat and egg production.

Roosters weigh about 10 pounds, while hens weigh about 8 pounds. Although they are large birds, their docile and calm personality makes them a good option for a small family flock.

The hens are prolific layers and can lay up to 280 brown eggs a year. They are also known for going broody.

The chicks have clean yellow legs. They are also solid gold with a lighter belly. 

White Leghorn

The White Leghorn is the only one on this list that lays white eggs. They are small birds with very slight frames. 

Leghorns are prolific layers that can lay 200 to 300 large white eggs annually. However, hens tend not to go broody.

A mature White Leghorn rooster weighs about 6 pounds, while a mature female bird weighs about 4.5 pounds. 

The most popular coloration at Tractor Supply is a solid white. However, they also have a brown variation. These birds have very large single combs.

Chicks are normally solid pale yellow. They appear whitish with clean orange legs.

You will find other chicken breeds at Tractor Supply: Cornish Cross meat chickens, Assorted bantams, and hybrid layers.

Things You Should Know Before Buying Chicks At Tractor Supply

You should know a few things before buying chicks at Tractor Supply.

Raising Chickens Can be Expensive

The price of chicks at Tractor Supply ranges from $2 for an assorted chicken variety to about $4 for a small breed chick that has just hatched.

The prices may be even higher depending on the breed and other factors like age.

You will also be required to pay more for feed and other supplies when raising chicks. Without these, your chicks may not make it very long once you take them home.

The total cost of starting your backyard flock can also be much higher.

Your Chicks Will Need A Lot of Care

Your backyard chicks will need a lot of care and maintenance. They will need water, food, protection from predators, and warmth.

They will also require enough space to move around. You will have to provide them with a spacious coop and run.

If you are in a colder place, you will have to provide supplemental heat until they can regulate their body temperature.

This will require a lot of your time and money, and you should be prepared to commit both.


Chickens can be noisy sometimes. They will make noise through crows, clucks, and other vocalizations. Hens are mostly noisy when laying eggs, while roosters tend to crow nearly all the time. 

Roosters are not allowed in most residential areas and towns because of their noise. If noise bothers you, you can look for relatively quiet chicken breeds.

Health Issues

Like other living things, your backyard chickens are susceptible to diseases. One of the reasons people give up on raising chickens is because they easily get ill.

They can suffer from nearly everything, including the common cold and various deadly diseases like avian flu. 

Your chickens can also be susceptible to parasites, such as lice and mites. Therefore, you must be in contact with your vet before bringing your chicks home. 

Benefits Of Buying Chicks From Tractor Supply

Backyard chickens

Buying chicks from Tractor Supply comes with several benefits. Here are some of them.

90-Day Return Policy

All birds from Tractor Supply come with a 90-day return policy. You can bring your birds back if no one hatches from the eggs.

This is good for individuals raising chickens for the first time who want to try out a few before making it a lifetime commitment.

If your birds are not producing chicks, you can return them to the store. They will give you another batch of fertilized eggs to start over again.

Comes With a Backup Coop

Tractor Supply will provide a backup coop that can be bolted to the ground during strong winds.

Therefore, you will not have to worry about losing your coop to a disaster like a hurricane or a tornado.


Generally, chickens from Tractor Supply are inexpensive. This is mainly because of the free shipping fee on orders over $50 if you use their online coupon codes.

Therefore, if you buy two or more hens, the shipping cost will be deducted at checkout. 

Easy Assembly

All birds from Tractor Supply come easy to assemble. You will not need instructions to assemble them.

Besides, you can easily construct your coop by looking at chicken photos on the internet.


You are now answered if you were wondering whether Tractor Supply has chicks for sale. The company sells different chicken breeds. The price of chickens varies depending on various factors, like the breed.

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