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Do Bantams Make Good Pets?

Do Bantams Make Good Pets?

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What are the Bantam chicken Breeds that make good pets? For any ordinary person, raising chickens is all about eggs and meat. But to a seasoned chicken keeper, there is more than meets the eye when it comes to rearing chickens. I have raised chickens as pets as well and this seems to be quite an interesting hobby. Among different chickens that I interacted with, Bantams stood out the most as the friendliest chickens to pass for pets. And that is exactly what we are going to discuss in the following sections.

Not all Bantams are excellent pets, but most of them are social and curious when they get used to you. On this list of the Bantams that make good pets we have silkies, Serama, Belgian, Sebright, Easter Eggers,  Cochins, and Polish.

For so many years chickens have been drawing the attention of people from different societies and backgrounds across the globe. These domestic birds have become increasingly popular as a source of eggs and meat. 

Some breeds have become part of several families as pets. These types of chickens seem to blend seamlessly with family members just like other well-known pets. Most of them are tameable and will likely sit on your laps or pick their food from your hands. 

If you observe them closely, you will discover that they “purr” when happy. Moreover, they are intelligent and quick learners whereby you can train them to do what most other chickens cannot. For instance, you can train them to come close when you call them or perform certain tricks. 

These are some of the notable signs to show you that chickens are indeed awesome. And Bantams take the top slot for their friendly nature and ability to get along well with most families. 

These chickens are not noisy neither do they need your close supervision. You may leave them to be on their own all day long without worrying. Most significantly, they are a great source of eggs for your breakfast. Below are the Bantam chicken Breeds that make good pets.

Bantam Chickens that Make Excellent Pets

Silkies Bantams

  • "<yoastmarkSilkies are Bantam due to their smaller body structure. You can easily identify them from their striking fluffy, fur-like feathers that make them feel more like cats than chickens. Also, they have feathered crests, feathered feet and often look like a puffball. 
  • When it comes to their general behavior, Silkies are relatively calm and friendly. This should tell you that they make a perfect choice of pets for your family members. 
  • Well-known for outstanding mothering abilities, these birds will spend most of their time brooding, thus reducing their laying ability. On the other hand, they hatch and take care of any type of egg presented to them. In a week, a hen can lay an average of 3 to 4 small eggs. 
  • Silkies come in different colors ranging from buff, black, white, blue, brown partridge and mixes. An excellent choice for your family and kids, in particular, children always find Silkies to be friendly and easy to handle.

Serama Bantams

  • Serama Bantam

    Serama Bantam

    Second, on our list of Bantam chicken Breeds that make good pets is Serama Bantams. One striking feature that makes these birds stand out from the rest is their size. Serama Bantams are the smallest breed of chickens in the world. 

  • Also, these birds take the top slot for being the lightest chicken breeds you are likely to encounter. When you combine these two physical features, Serama Bantams become the best choice of pets for your kids. Most likely, your children will find them attractive, friendly and easy to handle thanks to their gentle behavior. 
  • Even though they are small, Serama Bantams have an amazing upright posture. When standing, you can notice their vertical tail feathers and full breasts, making them elegant and graceful at the same time. 
  • This breed traces its origin in Malaysia and it’s called Serama as archangel chickens because of their royal appearance. On average, these birds weigh under 500g although there are cases of others weighing under 250g. When you raise them in your backyard, you will feel like you’re having a group of songbirds among other chickens.

Belgian Bantams


  • Belgian Bantams are also another breed of enchanting small-sized chickens that make excellent pets. These little chickens look more of the ordinary birds than a breed of chickens due to their feathering. If your kids wish to have chicken pets that resemble birds, then these birds are right for them. 
  • From their name, you can easily tell that Belgian Bantams are native to Belgium. However, there is a variety of them and you can identify each by their physical attributes. Some have beards, while others have feathered legs. 
  • Also, you can find them in a wide range of colors such as cream, white, ash, black and brown among others. Similar in behavior to other Bantams,  this breed is social and friendly, making it a good choice of pet.

Sebright Bantams

  • Sebright Bantams

    Sebright Bantams

    Bantams have managed to find their place on our list of Bantam chicken Breeds that make good pets. These little birds are friendly and a good choice of chickens to raise in a city environment. 

  • Available only in two colors, Sebright Bantams have a unique appearance that makes them exceptionally attractive birds. On top of that, these friendly little breeds of chickens have a striking pattern that complements their beauty. Roosters and hens share the same pattern much to your amazement. 

Easter Eggers Bantams

  • Easter Eggers are adorable Bantam chickens that you should consider adding to your flock. Sometimes they are referred to as Araucanas due to their origin. Even though they don’t conform to prescribed breed standards, these birds come in various colors and different feather patterns. 
  • Also, they have muffs or bushy beards and ear tuffs that make them look different from other Bantam breeds. Easter Egger Bantams are excellent layers although they have a reputation for their multi-colored eggs. 
  • Mostly their eggs are associated with rainbow colors which may include green, white, blue, pink and brown. Most Easter Eggers are friendly, quiet and docile, so they are a nice breed of Bantams to have around. 
  • Each hen will lay an average of 5 large eggs in a week. This should serve as a bonus in addition to being one of the Bantam chicken Breeds that make good pets. 

Cochin Bantams

  • Cochin Chickens: From The Book of PoultryCochin Bantams are lovely, round and fluffy birds, making them a perfect choice of pets. In addition, these adorable chickens have fluffy feet and round feather tail. Most of them have sweet, calm and friendly personalities especially when they get used to you. 
  • Cochin Bantams come in two different sizes; standard and bantam size. Despite being poor layers, these birds make excellent mothers and that’s why they go broody most of the time. On average, a Cochin hen lays 3 to 5 medium light brown eggs in a week. 

Polish Bantams

  • Polish Bantam

    Polish Bantam

    Bantams are one of the most unique chicken breeds when it comes to their looks. Everyone loves how these birds look and you too will find them unusually good looking. 

  • Polish Bantams come with oversized poofs of feathers, particularly on their heads. Most of these birds have beards regardless of whether they are hens or roosters. They are a highly social and friendly breed of chickens that you can raise as your pets. 
  • Polish Bantams are always at the lowest side of the pecking order because of their docile nature. This is also a great trait for those looking for chicken pets. However, you must always keep an eye on your Polish Bantams to protect them against aggressive birds. 
  • The feathers on their heads are likely to block their vision, thus making them a little bit skittish. For that reason, you are advised to trim them occasionally to improve their vision. By trimming feathers on their heads, you will be helping these birds to stay calm and composed.
  • Polish Bantams, just like other bantam breeds are not good layers. As such, a Polish Bantam hen will lay an average of 2 to 3 small to medium-sized white eggs. Regardless of their low egg production, these chickens can make good pets for your kids. 

Related Questions

Do you think Bantams chickens that are raised as pets need special care? Even though these birds are kept as pets, they still need the same care as the standard size chickens. Bantams deserve nesting and roosting spots as well as suitable coops. They also need to be fed and watered just like other breeds of chickens.

How much space do Bantams need in a chicken coop? Due to their small size, Bantams occupy a quarter of the space taken up my large chicken breeds. This means they will take up less space in their living environment. At least you will save more on space when raising Bantams in your backyard. 

In Conclusion

On our list of chicken breeds that make good pets we have Silkies, Sebright, Polish, Cochin, Easter Eggers, Serama and Belgian Bantams. All these birds are friendly, quiet and easy to handle. As a result, they make excellent pets.

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Can you keep bantams as pets?

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