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Considering The Calico Princess Chicken Breed? Read This First

Considering The Calico Princess Chicken Breed? Read This First

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If you want to learn more about an interesting and unique chicken breed, look no further than the Calico Princess chicken.

This delightful hybrid chicken breed is known for its gorgeous plumage and excellent egg-laying abilities.

Originating from the Czech Republic, the Calico Princess is a result of breeding a Columbian, making for a stunning combination of colors and a truly one-of-a-kind bird.

As you dive into the world of Calico Princess chickens, you’ll discover their beautiful appearance, with light red-orange and white feathers creating a glimmering topaz-colored effect.

These chickens are visually stunning and make great additions to any backyard flock due to their adaptability to various environments and climates.

You can rely on these lovely birds to provide a steady supply of eggs while enjoying their stunning looks.

Your journey into the realm of Calico Princess chickens promises plenty of rewards, from the joy of raising these colorful birds to the fresh eggs they’ll provide daily.

This hybrid chicken breed is an excellent choice for any enthusiast looking for eye-catching beauty and reliable egg production.

So explore the fascinating world of Calico Princess chickens, and you won’t be disappointed.

Origin and History

The Calico Princess Chicken has an interesting and unique history. It all started in the Czech Republic with a breeding company that developed this colorful and productive bird.

It’s believed that the breed creation process began in the early 2000s, either by a farmer in Iowa, USA or directly by the original breeder in the Czech Republic.

The Czech breeder doesn’t use the name “Calico Princess” but refers to the bird as “Dominant Red Brindle D459” 1.

Role in Poultry Industry

You may be wondering how the Calico Princess has impacted the poultry industry.

This breed was developed through crossbreeding Leghorn, Rhode Island Red, Plymouth Rock, and Wyandotte chicken breeds.

The result was a chicken with distinctive calico plumage, making it visually appealing to backyard chicken enthusiasts and large-scale poultry farmers.

Calico Princess Chickens play an important role in the poultry industry primarily due to their egg production capabilities.

These birds are highly valued for their ability to produce a significant number of eggs while also being fairly low maintenance.

This makes them a popular breed in both the US and the Czech Republic, and their popularity continues to grow as they receive more attention and recognition in other parts of the world.

Exportation of the breed has increased, spreading these colorful, productive birds across the globe.

In summary, the Calico Princess Chicken has not only captured people’s attention with their unique appearance.

It has also proven to be an excellent choice for those interested in maintaining a backyard flock or larger poultry operation, making them an important part of the industry.


If you add a Calico Princess Chicken to your backyard flock, you’ll quickly love its stunning looks.

These large birds boast a unique, eye-catching appearance, featuring a mix of brown, red, and white feathers.

Combining these colors creates a glimmering topaz stone look that separates them from other breeds.

As you observe your Calico Princess, you’ll notice its neck and head have a topaz-colored hue, thanks to the light red-orange and white alternating feathers.

This is a color-sexing breed, meaning you can easily tell the difference between males and females by their feather coloring. You’ll see the characteristic white spots on hens that give them their unique charm.

Looking closely at their beaks, you’ll notice they have dark-colored beaks, adding to their already mesmerizing appearance.

The black tail is another appealing feature, contrasting well with its vibrant orange plumage. Their legs are yellow and clean, adding another layer of color to their impressive looks.

Remember that although they have similarities with the Rhode Island Red breed. Particularly the red-barred feature.

The Calico Princesses are truly unique with their buff-colored appearance and distinctive white accents.

In summary, you’ll appreciate the lively and casual vibe the Calico Princess Chicken brings to your coop with their friendly nature and enchanting feathers.

So, enjoy your time with these beautiful birds and let them add some color to your everyday backyard life.

Personality and Temperament

When it comes to Calico Princess Chickens, you’ll find that they have a rather docile and calm demeanor. This temperament makes them an excellent addition to your backyard flock.

They are known for being friendly birds, making your chicken-keeping experience enjoyable.

As you tend to your flock, you’ll notice that these chickens are relatively calm compared to other breeds.

They have a friendly personality and will likely get along well with your other chickens. This casual and relaxed attitude makes them perfect for those new to backyard chicken keeping.

Their friendly nature also makes them a great choice for families with kids. Since they’re easygoing, they’ll likely be more approachable and less intimidating for young ones to interact with.

You’ll find that their gentle temperament easily fits into the dynamic of a lively household.

The Calico Princess does well in various environments, and their affable demeanor will make them a joy to have around your backyard.

With their calm, docile, and friendly ways, you can’t go wrong in choosing them for your flock.

Care and Raising

When it comes to raising Calico Princess chickens, you’ll find that they’re quite beginner-friendly and low-maintenance.

These birds can thrive in various environments and climates, making them ideal for your backyard flock.

Calico Princess chickens are heat and cold hardy, meaning they can stand both cold and heat well. This allows them to adapt to various weather conditions with ease.

Your chicken coop doesn’t need to be overly extravagant, but providing a clean, safe, and comfortable environment is essential.

Ensure enough space per bird, proper ventilation, and a roosting area. Keep their living area clean by regularly removing droppings, refreshing the bedding, and ensuring access to clean water and quality feed.

One great aspect of raising Calico Princess chickens is their natural inclination for foraging. Encourage this by providing a secure outdoor space for them to roam and explore during daylight hours.

This keeps the birds happy and engaged and helps reduce feed costs since they’ll supplement their diet with bugs, grass, and seeds.

Calico Princess chickens are not known for their broodiness, so investing in an incubator or relying on another broody hen may be necessary if you’re looking to expand your flock.

Overall, Calico Princess chickens are an excellent choice for beginners with their adaptability to climates, low-maintenance care requirements, and foraging ability.

Egg Laying and Production

As a keeper of Calico Princess chickens, you’ll be thrilled by their egg-laying capabilities.

These friendly and attractive birds are known for being fantastic egg layers, producing large brown eggs and boasting egg production of around 300 eggs per year.

Not only is this great for a continuous supply of fresh eggs, but it also means they can contribute to your sustainable lifestyle or small business venture.

You can expect a Calico Princess chick to start laying eggs at around five to six months of age. They consistently provide a steady stream of large brown eggs during their prime time.

The egg size will not disappoint you, as they tend to be on the larger side, ensuring you have an ample supply for recipes, breakfast, or just a fantastic kitchen staple.

While the impressive egg color and production are standout features to many backyard poultry enthusiasts, their easy-going nature and low maintenance requirements make them perfect for beginners.

The gentle personality of Calico Princess chickens, coupled with their high production of brown eggs and ability to thrive in various living conditions, ensures a positive experience with this striking breed.

Remember, with good care and proper management, you’ll have a thriving and healthy flock providing an abundance of eggs for years to come.

Keeping Calico Princess chickens will bring joy, beauty, and eggcellent production to your backyard or small-scale poultry farm.

Your choice of this breed guarantees a bounty of large brown eggs and the satisfaction of raising gentle, productive, and visually stunning birds.

Health and Lifespan

Calico Princess chickens are generally healthy and quite low maintenance. Their average lifespan ranges from 5 to 10 years, so you can expect your flock to be around for quite a while.

Of course, providing proper care will contribute to their health and longevity.

To keep your Calico Princess chickens healthy, ensure they have access to a clean and well-ventilated coop and access to fresh water and nutritious feed.

Regularly monitoring their health will enable you to detect and address problems early on.

Calico Princess chickens are relatively small, with hens weighing around 6 pounds and roosters about 7 pounds.

This means they’re easier to handle than larger breeds, and their smaller size could affect their overall health.

In addition to their general healthiness, these birds are known for their friendly personalities, which can add a nice touch of liveliness to your backyard flock.

Just remember that every chicken is an individual, and while Calico Princesses are known for their affable nature, there can always be exceptions.

As a chicken owner, it’s important to remember that their health and lifespan can be influenced by various factors such as diet, environment, and care.

By staying attentive to their needs and providing a positive environment for them to thrive in, you’ll surely enjoy the companionship and egg-laying abilities of your Calico Princess chickens for many years to come.

Prices and Breeders

Hey there! Let’s talk about prices and breeders if you want to add a Calico Princess Chicken to your flock.

The price range for Calico Princesses generally falls between $4 and $5 per chick. This can vary slightly based on age, gender, and the breeder you choose.

Remember that these lovely birds are rare, so finding them at your local farm stores may be difficult.

Your best bet is to buy from reputable breeders or hatcheries. Some well-known options are Hoover’s Hatchery and Sterling Springs Chicken.

They offer healthy chicks, and you can expect proper care and information about raising them.

When selecting a breeder, consider factors like:

  • Health guarantees and vaccination protocols
  • Customer reviews and testimonials
  • Shipping options and costs
  • Availability of support and resources for beginner chicken keepers

In summary, be prepared to spend around $4-5 per chick for your Calico Princesses. Research breeders or hatcheries to ensure you bring home healthy birds and receive the support you need to raise them.

And most importantly, enjoy the unique beauty and gentle temperament that Calico Princess Chickens bring to your backyard flock!

Unique Features

Hey there! If you’re looking into the Calico Princess Chicken, you’re in for a treat. These birds have some truly unique features that set them apart. Let’s dive in!

First off, the Calico Princess Chicken has a stunning appearance with their light red-orange plumage.

This eye-catching color combination resembles the glimmering topaz stone and alternates with white feathers.

Now, let’s talk about those wattles. Calico Princess Chickens are usually equipped with wattles hanging down from their throat.

These wattles help keep your chicken cool in hot weather and contribute to their enduring charm.

As for their comb, the Calico Princess Chicken has a single comb on top of their head. This comb is larger than other breeds and adds elegance to their appearance.

But their unique features don’t stop there. The beaks of these lovely chickens are pretty strong, ensuring they can efficiently feed on their favorite grub.

The robust beak keeps them happy and well-nourished, so you can watch them thrive all year round.

And finally, it’s hard not to notice those bright yellow legs. The Calico Princess Chicken stands out with their vibrant legs, making them even more distinctive and eye-catching.

This colorful addition is truly the cherry on top of this enchanting bird.

All in all, the Calico Princess Chicken has some impressive standout features—from their dazzling plumage to their yellow legs—that make them a favorite for any backyard flock.

Enjoy getting to know your new feathery friends!

On the Poultry Market

If you’re considering adding Calico Princess chickens to your flock, you’ll find that they are a popular breed for many reasons.

These large birds often weigh around 7 pounds for roosters and 5-6 pounds for hens, making them a good option for egg laying and meat production 1.

Calico Princess chickens are known for their gorgeous, colorful plumage, resulting from crossing a Red Barred rooster with a Columbian hen 2.

Apart from their beauty, this selective breeding has also made them excellent egg layers.

A bonus is that these birds are easily identifiable among other breeds in the poultry market due to their distinct feather color.

Given their friendly nature, Calico Princess chickens are an excellent choice for beginners and experienced poultry enthusiasts 3.

Their adaptability allows them to thrive in various environments, making them an ideal choice for backyard flocks and larger-scale operations.

You can acquire Calico Princess chickens from various sources, like breeders or hatcheries.

For example, Hoover’s Hatchery offers them to customers seeking colorful flocks with reliable egg-laying capabilities 4.

In the end, choosing Calico Princess chickens for your poultry collection will add a vibrant touch and ensure a steady supply of delicious, fresh eggs from a breed that will easily adapt to its environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the temperament of a Calico Princess?

Calico Princesses are known for their friendly and docile temperament. They can get along well with other chickens and are suitable for families with children.

Of course, individual chickens may have their own personalities, but generally, you can expect these birds to be easygoing and sociable.

How much do they typically cost?

A Calico Princess chicken’s cost varies depending on age, sex, and availability. Generally, you can expect to pay between $3 and $10 for a day-old chick.

As the bird gets older, the price may increase. Remember that this can vary depending on your location and the specific breeder or supplier.

How long do they live on average?

Like most backyard poultry breeds, Calico Princess chickens can live for an average of 5 to 7 years. However, they can live even longer with proper care and optimal living conditions.

Providing a clean environment, proper nutrition, and an eye on their health can go a long way in ensuring a longer life for these birds.

What’s the difference between a hen and a rooster?

Regarding Calico Princess chickens, the main difference between a hen and a rooster is their size and appearance. Hens generally weigh around 5 to 6 pounds, while roosters can weigh up to 7 pounds.

Additionally, roosters showcase more vibrant colors and have larger combs than hens. Roosters also crow, which can be considered when deciding which sex to add to your flock.

What color are their eggs?

Calico Princesses are known for their impressive egg production, laying medium to large-sized eggs in a brown color.

The egg-laying frequency varies, but on average, you can expect these hens to lay anywhere from 200 to 250 eggs per year.

How big are the eggs they lay?

Their eggs are typically medium to large in size. While it’s difficult to provide an exact measurement for every egg a Calico Princess lays.

You can expect these hens to produce eggs larger than other chicken breeds.

This makes their eggs perfect for culinary uses and an excellent addition to your backyard flock’s egg production.

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