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Considering Red Sex link Chickens • Read This First

Considering Red Sex link Chickens • Read This First

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Red Sex link chickens have become more popular among many backyard chicken keepers. They are prolific egg layers and come with several other benefits.

There are two main types of sex link chickens, namely the black sex link and the Red sex link chickens.

If you have been asking yourself what a Red Sex link chicken is, then you have come to the right place.

Here we will discuss everything you need to know about the Red sex link chickens. Keep reading to learn more.

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What Is a Red Sex Link Chicken?

A red sex link chicken is a hybrid breed produced by mating a white hen and a red-colored rooster.

Normally, most breeders will go for a Rhode Island Red rooster or a New Hampshire Red rooster. For the hen, they will choose between White Delawares, Plymouth Rock, Rhode Island White, or Silver Laced Wyandottes.

You will find the crosses in a series of names depending on the breed they utilize. The most common one is the Red Star Sex Link chicken.

The color of the chicks will constantly stay. Hens are hatched with a red buff to their plumes. On the other, the males are hatched with a light yellow that can also be almost all white.

Advantages Of Red Sex Link Chicken

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As mentioned earlier, raising the Red Sex Link chickens in your backyard will come with several advantages. Here are some of them.

Gender Identifying

One of the best things about Red Sex Lick chickens is that you can identify or differentiate males from females once they hatch.

This attribute makes them a better option for backyard chicken keepers who desire to raise chickens for egg production only.

If you buy several chicks from a feed store or hatchery, there are always high chances of misgendering.

You can hardly tell a male chicken and a female chicken. And nobody will want to wind up with a tricky and aggressive rooster. 

A rooster will only be necessary if you want fertile eggs. You do not require it if you just want quality eggs for human consumption.

Hens will continuously lay eggs whether they have a rooster present or not. In addition, most cities and residential areas do not allow roosters because of the aggressiveness and noise that comes with raising them.

Therefore, getting an ensured gender of your birds at an early age will save you from a lot of problems.

Egg Production

Red Sex Link chickens are prolific layers that will ensure that you have a steady supply of quality eggs throughout the years.

Most breeders and backyard chicken keepers who have raised them have made positive comments about their egg-laying abilities. 

Under ideal conditions and good care, they can lay up to 300 light brown eggs in a year. They will begin laying eggs at the age of 16 to 19 weeks and maintain high productivity for about three years. After that, the number of eggs produced will fall by around 15% every year.


Red Sex Link chickens are usually constant with egg production throughout the cold season. They will also do well keeping warm in the winter season.

These birds will do well even in the coldest weather condition, with a few small modifications to weather-proof your coop.

In addition, the Red Sex Link chickens will adjust to ecological changes or weather conditions easily.

In fact, they will appear more comfortable and relaxed when you initially bring them home. Some chicken breeds may get bewildered and take several weeks to appear more comfortable in new situations or environments.

With the rise of backyard flocks, these chickens have now become popular in the United States of America. You can buy them from hatcheries, feed stores, or local chicken breeders.

Just make sure that you are buying from a reliable breeder that specializes in Red Sex Link chickens.

Dual-Purpose Chickens

Red Sex Link chickens are widely known for being dual-purpose birds. This is one of the main reasons why many backyard chicken keepers are now considering keeping them.

Although they are not the largest chicken breed in the poultry world, are still make exceptional meat production chickens.

Depending on the cross used, a Red Sex Link chicken will weigh between 5 to 10 pounds. This is slightly lower than the popular chicken breeds that are raised for meat. Their main role is to lay fresh, quality eggs. 

They Are Easy to Tame

Generally, Red Sex Link chickens are easy to tame. They can be a little hostile if they do not have a human connection. However, they are the most manageable chicken breed to tame if they get many interactions from a young age.

You can win their hearts with continuous handling and a little food. In addition, you can include treats in their diet. This will ensure that you have a docile hen that is easy to manage.

These hens are also not for laying eggs only. They are curious creatures that are likewise remarkable to observe.

Therefore, you will never get bored seeing them around. They enjoy exploring and figuring things out. You will find them checking out the lawns or looking at the garden.

Good Foragers

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Because of their curious nature, the Red Sex Link chickens are great foragers. They will enjoy bugs and slugs as their primary diet.

Also, no pet will go undetected by their watchful and sharp eyes. Keeping a flock of Red Sex link chickens will ensure that you do away with any pest problems and hinder them in the future.


Red Sex Link chickens are typically friendly and are good for kids. They will enjoy the company of your kids, including your young ones playing with them.

You will hardly hear of a Red Sex Link chicken assaulting a kid for no motive. Instead, the hen will happily show up and get along.

They Are Non-Broody

If you are looking for hens that will ensure a constant supply of quality eggs without taking a break, then the Red Sex Link chickens are a great option.

Broody hens usually take a break of two or three weeks before they start laying eggs again.

Fortunately, these birds are not broody and will ensure that you have a constant supply of eggs throughout the year.

Disadvantages of Raising Red Sex Link Chickens

Every chicken breed has good qualities that any backyard chicken keeper will like. However, some cons break the breed. Here are some of the challenges or disadvantages of keeping Red Sex Link chickens.

They Have a Short Life Span

Most chicken breeds usually live for 5 to 10 years. On the other hand, the Red Sex Link chickens will live for two to three years on average. Although they mature early, they also age very fast.

Some backyard chicken keepers have said that these birds do not make it that long because of their reproduction concerns.

If you are looking for a breed of chicken with a long, healthy, and productive life, then the Red Sex Link chicken is not for you.

Laying Years

With a lifespan of up to three years, it is apparent that the Red Sex Link chickens will not lay eggs for many years.

Although they are good layers, their egg production ability will slowly decrease over time. Most of them will not live long after they have stopped laying eggs.

They Are Always Hungry

The Red Sex Link chickens will appear hungry most of the time and always plead for food. This means that you will need plenty of food to keep these birds laying five or six quality eggs in a week.

Fortunately, they can forage for their food if they are allowed to free-range. Free-ranging may not be easy if you live in a city or an urban area.

Therefore, it can be challenging to feed your Red Sex Link chickens, especially if you are keeping a large flock.

Health Issues

Although Red Sex Link chickens are healthy birds born without any hereditary health issues, they are not immune to health problems.

One of the common health issues in these birds is reproductive conditions. These chickens’ most typical health issues include prolapse, nutrient deficit, egg bound, and peritonitis.

Most health problems may eventually lead to the death of your birds. Also, this breed is not for you if you are not ready to care for egg-laying issues. 

Roosters Temperament

REd Sex Link hens are known for their friendly nature. However, like roosters of most other chicken breeds, their roosters are excessively aggressive.

You will notice that the roosters will try to safeguard the rest of the flock from various predators and humans. They are not friendly and can not be trusted with kids.

Fortunately, you can easily ensure that you do not get one if you do not want a rooster.


Red Sex Link chickens are great birds to add to your backyard flock. They are dual-purpose chickens that will ensure you have a constant supply of eggs and quality meat. Although raising them comes with several benefits, there are also a few challenges that you will need to be aware of.

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