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Common Chicken Supplies Available At The Dollar Store!

Common Chicken Supplies Available At The Dollar Store!

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Chickens can get expensive. And we need to try to look to cut corners any way that we can. But we don’t want to sacrifice quality and risk something happening to your chickens. So what does that mean for those of us on a budget? It means we start shopping at the dollar store. There are hidden treasures all over if you know what to look for. Here are some common chicken supplies available at the dollar store. 

First Aid Supplies

Every pet owner needs to have a first aid for their specific animals. And what better place to stock up than the dollar store? Here are the best supplies to get. 

Epsom Salt

Every chicken owner should have a bag of Epsom salt in their first aid kit. These salts are great for cleaning wounds, relieving constipation, and curing egg-bound chickens. This magical salt can be a cure for almost anything. And for only $1, you can’t beat that. 


At some point, you will encounter a chicken that doesn’t want to eat or drink. Chickens can go a few days without eating, but hydration is critical. Having a small bottle of unflavored Pedialyte is a great tool to always have on hand. 

Antibiotic Ointment

Cuts and scraps are inevitable on the farm. And for that, you should always have a tube of antibiotic ointment. Any time you notice a cut, you can quickly pull it out and prevent infections. 

Self-Adhesive Bandage

For deeper cuts and lesions, you will need to keep it covered to prevent infections. But getting a roll of self-adhesive bandages at your local drug store gets expensive. Why not use some from the dollar store instead? These bandages are just as good at a fraction of the cost. 


Tweezers are invaluable to chicken owners. You can use them to remove splinters, debris from wounds, and many other needs. But instead of using your good tweezers, get a pair from the dollar store instead. 


Gauze is one of those supplies that has endless uses. In case of an emergency, you can use it to pack wounds. You can also use it along with the self-adhesive wraps to make a chicken safe band-aid. 


Whether your chicken is egg bound or suffering from frostbite, vaseline is a must. Having a jar of this in your first aid is something all owners need. And you can get a large tub of it for cheaper than at drug stores. And since it never goes bad, you can stock up. 

Baby Aspirin

If you live further away from your vet, having a bottle of baby aspirin is essential. In cases of emergencies, you can give small amounts to keep your chicken comfortable until help is available. But you don’t need a lot of it, so larger bottles from the store will go bad. Smaller bottles from the dollar store reduce waste and save money. 

Pee Pads

When you have to isolate your chickens, you want a simple and easy to clean set up. For this, the easiest option is a crate with puppy pee pads. The local dollar store has extra-large pee pads in a four-count package. Laying down one pad is enough to keep your chickens clean without breaking the bank. 

Q-Tips And Cotton Balls

And who can forget the best cleaning tools of all? Q-Tips and cotton balls are a must-have for all first aid needs. They can clean wounds, soak up moisture, or help to do routine grooming. 

Latex Gloves

Sometimes chickens are injured in ways that we really don’t want to touch. For that, everyone needs a small box of latex gloves. But instead of getting a large, expensive box at the store, drop by the dollar store!

Cleaning Supplies

It seems like we clean, clean, clean when it comes to urban chickens. And all of those cleaning supplies can get expensive. Our next common chicken supplies available at the dollar store get the job done. 

Bottle Brushes

If you are looking for cheap chicken supplies, the dollar store is great. If you have a waterer with a spout or nipple, baby bottle brushes are a must. These brushes will help you clean and scrub out all of the leftover food and debris. 


No matter what cleaning you do, you will need a bucket at some point. And the dollar store carries the perfect sized mop buckets to fill with cleaner. They can even double as a soaking bucket for all that Epsom salt you just bought. 


Sponges are one of those cleaning supplies that you don’t keep for long. Especially if you use them in the coop, you don’t want to use them again. So instead of spending a small fortune at the store, buy a few at the dollar store. 

Dish Soap 

The dollar store brand of dish soap is a powerful cleaner. It cuts through chicken poop with ease and is safe to use with your chickens in the coop. No matter if you are cleaning dishes, waterers, or inside the coop. Dish soap is fantastic. 

Scrub Brushes

If you are wondering how to keep chicken coop clean, scrub brushes are the answer. With stiff bristles and a little elbow grease, you can clean anything with such ease. 


Not only is vinegar great for cleaning, but you can also use it to prevent illnesses. A little white vinegar will dissolve stains and disinfect your coop and run. Chicken owners commonly use apple cider vinegar in the water to avoid infection. 

Spray Bottles

Let’s not forget that our cleaning solutions need spray bottles as well. And luckily for us, the dollar store has those as well. Grabbing a few spray bottles while you’re at the store gives you a little flexibility to make your cleaners. 

Thick Gloves

And don’t forget to protect your hands while out there! Rubber gloves and gardening gloves are both sold at the dollar store. Rubber gloves are useful when cleaning. And gardening gloves are great for working hands or when handling your hens. So pick up a few pairs because we always lose ours. 

In The Brooder

You wouldn’t think that the dollar store will carry anything useful in the brooder. But there are a couple of common chicken supplies available at the dollar store for chicks. 


Baby chicks are not the most graceful. And a big fear for most new owners is that the chicks will fall into the water bowl and drown. To prevent that, grab a small bag of glass marbles to put in the bowl. If your chick falls in, they won’t have a drowning risk. 

Shelf Liners

Newly hatched chicks have a hard time standing on slippery surfaces. And since their muscles are weak, it puts them at risk of developing straddle legs. To fix this, put a shelf liner under the brooder bedding to give them a little grip. 

DIY Chicken Supplies

We have all run into issues where we need a quick fix for something broken in the coop. In those cases, we need something cheap and fast until we can find a more permanent solution. 

Things like:

  • Zip ties
  • Clothespins
  • Duct tape
  • Twine
  • Bungie cords
  • Hot glue guns
  • Poly rope
  • Extension cords
  • Velcro
  • And pocket knives

These should always be close by if you own chickens. You never know what you might need to fix a fence, coop, or run. And since each of these tools has multiple uses, they are some of the most versatile. 

Chicken Essentials

There are even some everyday chicken essentials that you might not have considered. Here are a few that every owner should keep on hand. 

Pet Bowls

Getting bowls made for chickens can get expensive. Especially since all they do is play in them and toss them around. Instead of buying bowls at Tractor Supply, get them at the dollar store instead. They carry an assortment of bowls that you can use for feed or treats. 

Plastic Bins

You can never have too much storage. But instead of getting expensive storage bins, try the dollar store. Dollar stores have excellent locking lid containers of all sizes for food and treats. They also have baskets and organizers for anything you can imagine. 

Litter Boxes

If you are looking for the perfect nesting box, litter boxes are wonderful. They are small and easy to clean. But they also keep the eggs in without being challenging to get in and out. Your hens will love these DIY nesting boxes. 

Moth Balls

How to keep snakes out of chicken coop is a difficult task. One tried, and true trick is to use mothballs around your property. Snakes can’t stand the smell, and you will love the cheap fix. Just remember to keep them out of your coop and run. If a chicken were to eat one of these toxic balls, it would end in disaster. 

Does Dollar General Sell Chicken Feed? 

We are going to conclude by talking about the feed. You might be wondering if you can get chicken feed at the dollar store. And the answer is, you can if you know where to look. 

You won’t find a bag of chicken feed. But you can often find seeds to start a foraging garden. In springtime, you can find seeds for vegetables, fruits, flowers, and herbs. And if you know what to look for, you will have a fantastic chicken garden. 

Now get your common chicken supplies available at the dollar store! While supplies last, that is. 

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Common Chicken Supplies Available at the Dollar Store!

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