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Cinnamon Queen Chickens – Breed Facts and Features

Cinnamon Queen Chickens – Breed Facts and Features

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Cinnamon Queen chickens are profitable birds to keep and add beauty and color to your flock. They are a modern red sex-linked hybrid chicken that can lay up to 300 large brown eggs in a year. 

These docile and easy to keep birds are a hybrid produced by breeding Rhode Island White females and Rhode Island Red males.

If you are thinking about raising Cinnamon Queen chickens, you have come to the right place.

This article will discuss everything you need to know about these adorable birds. Keep reading to learn more.

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Cinnamon Queen History And Background

The Cinnamon Queens are relatively new faces in the poultry world. They were bred in the modern era of farming.

Chicken breeders wanted to create a chicken breed that would be hardy, lay a lot of eggs, and have a fast growth phase.

The breeders were successful in their attempt after breeding the Cinnamon Queen chicken. They grow quickly and lay a lot of large brown eggs.

One of the greatest aspects of this breed is that it starts laying eggs at a young age.


Cinnamon Queen chickens can easily be sexed by their colors alone. The females are a lovely shade of red and brown, while the males are always white.

However, when their second generation is born, they can no longer be sexed by color. Both females and males will come in different colors.

Since the Cinnamon Queen chicken is a crossbreed between a Rhode Island White female and a Rhode Island Red male, you will notice a lot of the same coloring in their crossbreed.

This is also the reason why they are hardy chickens. They do well during the winter and will offer you a lot of quality meat.

In addition, the breed produces a lot of eggs, making it dual-purposed. They have yellow legs, with some coming with a slight tint of green.

The plumage in adult hens usually ranges from white to brownish shades. This gives them the cinnamon color that they are known for.

For the roosters, their plumage varies from stark white to white that is mixed with some red and brown.


The Cinnamon Queen chickens are known for their sweet and docile temperament. Chicken enthusiasts who have raised this breed adorable chicken breed have stated that it is the sweetest of their flock.

They will integrate well with other birds in the flock and make new friends within a short time. In addition, they will get along well with other pets at home.

Do not get shocked when your Cinnamon Queen chickens come to you for your attention. They will stay close to kids or their handlers to receive affection and attention.

As mentioned earlier, Cinnamon Queen chickens are hardy birds. Therefore, they can easily do well in any living condition or climate.

They can survive both colder and hotter temperatures. However, you will have to keep a close eye on them and ensure that they are comfortable for high productivity. 

These hardy birds will do well in confinement and when left to free range. You can also raise them with other breeds of chickens, but you will need to ensure that the other birds are not hostile to them.

They are friendly and non-aggressive birds that even kids will not be threatened by their presence. However, like roosters of most chicken breeds, Cinnamon Queen roosters may be a bit aggressive.

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Pedigree Of Cinnamon Queen Chicken

The Cinnamon Queen is not a heritage chicken breed but a hybrid chicken. Therefore, the breed is not recognized by the American Poultry Association (APA).

If you are looking for a registered chicken breed only, then this one is not for you. Even though the American Poultry Association does not recognize the breed, it is still popular and accepted by several local poultry competitions.

In most cases, only registered chicken breeds are accepted in international and national poultry shows and competitions.

Health And Care

Because of their hybrid nature, the Cinnamon Queen chickens are considered hardy birds.

Like most hybrids, they have different genes which help ward off genetic diseases and possibilities of developing a particular condition or disease. 

Cinnamon Queen chickens tend to lay many eggs, which is good to the keeper but can be harmful to the hens.

If you push them to lay many eggs instead of allowing them to lay naturally, you may risk your birds developing reproductive tract problems.

They can develop various infections in their reproductive system, including cancer. In addition, these birds may also develop kidney problems.

Like most other egg-laying chicken breeds, your Cinnamon Queen hens may be susceptible to egg binding, which is dangerous and can even lead to death if the bird is not helped.

If it occurs, you can try to remove the egg or seek assistance from your vet carefully. 

You can further boost their health by ensuring that they are vaccinated. It is even more important to keep several of them since most poultry diseases tend to travel quickly through birds of the same breed. To be safe, make sure that your chickens are vaccinated.

Being a high-production hybrid chicken breed, your Cinnamon Queens will require extra special care.

They will need plenty of fresh water and feed containing at least 16% protein and other nutrients.

Their health and egg production will be affected if they are not given a proper diet. The diet should have a lot of whole grains.

They will need plenty of calcium to aid in the formation of strong eggshells. Along with their daily diet, you should also give them healthy and delicious treats or snacks. 

Egg Production

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Cinnamon Queen chickens are prolific layers and are known for their ability to lay eggs at a very young age compared to most standard chicken breeds.

Under good care and maintenance, a Cinnamon Queen hen can lay 260 to 300 eggs in a year.

They lay large to extra-large eggs with rich brown eggshells. They maintain their reasonable egg-laying rate for the first three years.

Cinnamon Queen chickens age or the production may fall by 15% after every molt. They do well in winter and will lay more eggs in winter than during summer or spring.

However, their ability to lay many eggs increases the risk of experiencing various reproductive tract infections.

Like egg-laying breeds, they are susceptible to having these problems if they are made to lay many eggs in a year.

If you let them lay eggs at their natural pace, they will live a long and more productive life.

You will have to provide them with plenty of calcium to ensure that they produce eggs with strong eggshells. Calcium will also ensure that egg binding does not occur. 

Cinnamon Queen Eggs

Because of the large size, Cinnamon Queen eggs have more yolk than ordinary eggs. Here are a few benefits of their eggs.

  • They have a lot of nutrients: Their eggs are packed with nutrients, including vitamins A, B2, B5, and B12. They also have phosphorus which promotes healthy bones and teeth. The calcium in the eggs will keep your bones strong, while zinc will boost your immune system. In addition, they have a high concentration of selenium which is a cancer-fighting antioxidant.
  • Good cholesterol: They lay brown eggs, and studies have shown that brown eggs contain cholesterol which lowers the risk of stroke and heart disease. 
  • Their eggs will keep you full: Cinnamon Queen eggs are usually large or extra-large in size. Therefore, you will not have to eat many of their eggs to stay full. A single egg or two of them will keep you full throughout the day.
  • They are good for brain health: Cinnamon Queen eggs are rich in choline, a vital mineral for brain health. It helps to regulate memory and mood. Clinical studies have also shown that it improves cognitive function and verbal memory.

Are Cinnamon Queen Chickens Good For Meat?

Most chicken keepers consider raising Cinnamon Queen chickens for egg production.

However, these birds are good for meat, too, because of their heavy and compact bodies. Their roosters are excellent producers of healthy and delicious chicken meat.

The Cinnamon Queen roosters have massive sizes and can produce large chunks of meat.

They are dual-purpose birds that are prolific producers of large eggs and quality meat. Their meat is tastier, tender, and lean.

How Long Do Cinnamon Queen Chickens Live?

Cinnamon Queen can live for about six years on average. Under ideal conditions, they can live for up to 10 years.

Generally, Cinnamon Queen chickens tend to live longer than most hybrid breeds. 

They are hardy chickens that are less likely to succumb to various poultry diseases. However, the biggest threat to their life is predators.

Therefore, you will have to keep them safe from predators to ensure that they live a longer life.


Cinnamon Queen chickens are hardy dual-purpose hybrid chickens that can be a good addition to your flock.

They are exceptional layers and will ensure that you have a steady supply of large eggs throughout the year. These birds are also easy to maintain, friendly, and easy-going.

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