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Chicken Breeds That Lay White Eggs

Chicken Breeds That Lay White Eggs

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So, what are the chicken breeds that only lay white eggs? With my experience in raising different breeds of layers, I can easily identify white egg layers in a flock. This knowledge is important to every poultry farmer raising different breeds of layers. Therefore, knowing the best white egg-laying birds means more income especially if you’re raising chickens for commercial reasons.  The most popular chicken breeds that only lay white eggs include the White Leghorn, Andalusian, Polish chicken, Ancona, Egyptian Fayoumis, Hamburg and California White.

Each breed of white egg layers is unique in behavior, appearance, temperament, and hardiness. Also, each one of them lays different eggs in terms of size, number of eggs per week and degree of whiteness on the shells. Despite these differences, these birds are excellent layers especially for those looking to raise chickens for commercial purposes. Let’s look at each of these chicken breeds that only lay white eggs in detail.

Best Breeds That Only Lay White Eggs

White Leghorn

Best chicken for eggs
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If you are looking for the best heritage white egg layers then look no farther than White Leghorn. These birds have a reputation for their large, white eggs. One bird can lay up to 280 eggs in a year, making this breed one of the top white-egg layers. No wonder this breed accounts for nearly 90 % of white eggs globally.

Identity: From the name, you can guess the color of their features. White Leghorns have standard white plumage on their bodies. Other features that make them unique include a single comb and clean legs (not feathery).

Personality: White Leghorn belongs to a larger group of Leghorn chickens which originated from Tuscany Italy. Despite their impressive egg production, these birds are not fond of incubating. Still, on their personality, White Leghorn tend to be nervous and flighty. It does not imply that you cannot tame them to get used to you. It is just that they are too excited and curious about anything around them.

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Adaptability: White Leghorns adapt well to heat conditions. This means you can raise them even in warmer temperature regions. On the other hand, these great white-egg layers can withstand cold weather conditions in winter. But remember to apply petroleum jelly on each bird’s comb to protect them against frostbite.

Andalusian Chicken

Blue Andalusian Chicken
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Although it is one of the rarest white egg-laying chickens, Andulisian breed still enjoys immense popularity. These birds are among excellent egg layers that every farmer should keep in their backyard. They lay medium to large chalk-white eggs with an output of 250 eggs in one year for each bird.

Identity: Originally from Spain, the Andalusian breed boasts of attractive blue-gray shades on their feathers. The bird’s beautiful colored feathers are complemented with darker gray forming distinctive outlines on the feathers. You can easily identify them from their single comb and clean legs. Females weigh as much as 5.5lb while males weight an average of 7lb.

Personality: Andalusian breed of chickens is fond of flying especially when they feel threatened. This can be a problem for you especially when confining them. These birds are aggressive and curious, meaning they have a higher temperament. Sadly, they are non-broody chickens.

Adaptability: The fact that this breed traces its origin from Spain, it can adapt well in different climatic conditions. That explains why they are a perfect fit for a free-range environment.

Polish Chicken

White Polish Hen
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Polish chickens are a special breed and for good reasons. These birds are tame with varying egg-laying ability. Each hen can lay as much as 150 small-size white eggs per year. Compared to other white egg layers, this egg output is lower. Anyway, Polish Chicken is quite fascinating, beautiful and good birds for your backyard flock.

  • Identity: From their physical appearance, no one can get confused about these unique birds. Polish chickens have different variations in their colors. Some are black crested white while others are white crested black. Also, a few of these breeds are either bearded or non-bearded. Most of them have silver, golden, white and buff laced feathers. The most distinctive feature on Polish birds is their huge bouffant crests that seem to shield their faces.
  • Personality: Sometimes these birds can become wacky due to their crest’s tendency to limit their vision. But they remain calm and composed when they are in a flock comprising of more aggressive breeds. Mostly they choose to be on the lower end of the pecking order to avoid confrontation. This character makes them docile and gentle, although they are typically friendly. Unlike other white egg layers, Polish is excellent brooders and can handle confinement well.
  • Adaptability: Despite their name, these layers cannot withstand cold weather conditions for long. Instead, they can do well in warmer climatic conditions.

Ancona Chicken

Ancona Chicken
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Ancona is another Italian prolific white egg layer. This breed originated from Ancona, a city in the central region of Italy, hence the name. Hens lay white eggs that are small in size. On average, each bird can lay between 200 and 220 eggs per year. 

  • Identity: Anconas have a mottled pattern of black and a few white feathers all over their bodies. Compared to these chicken breeds that only lay white eggs, these Mediterranean birds are a unique flock. This is because they have both rose and single comb variations. In addition to that, they are closely feathered with clean legs.
  • Personality: You should expect some trouble when raising Anconas in your backyard. These birds are flighty and somehow skittish. They can fly out of their pens whenever they feel uncomfortable. But you may tame them by clipping their wing feathers to prevent them from flying around. On the positive side, these chickens are good foragers, excellent layers and very active.
  • Adaptability: Anconas are tolerant to extremely cold weather conditions. This should tell you that they can not withstand heat for long despite originating in the Mediatterrean region.

Egyptian Fayoumis Chicken

Egyptian Fayoumis Chicken
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Here comes another prolific white egg layer that you can consider adding to your existing flock. As the name suggests, this breed traces its roots in Egypt. Besides their ability to lay small-size, white eggs, Egyptian Fayoumis are efficient breeds. In one year, a single hen can lay as much as 150 eggs.

  • Identity: Egyptian Fayoumis breed of chickens consists of clean legged, single comb birds. Females weigh up to 3.5 lb while males weigh 4.5 lb. You can easily distinguish them by looking at their uniquely shaped tail feathers.
  • Personality: These early maturing birds are less aggressive,  fairly nervous, social but always curious. Unfortunately, they don’t brood despite their ability to produce high-quality white eggs. Also, they are economic eaters, good foragers, and good at keeping predators away. If you have a small farm, this breed is right for you.
  • Adaptability: Egyptian Fayoumi is a hardy breed and can adapt well in warm climatic conditions. This is attributed to their place of origin which is mainly characterized by hot desert temperatures.

Hamburg Chicken

hamburg chicken
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When it comes to choosing chicken breeds that only lay white eggs, you should consider Hamburg as well. This beautiful chicken breed is popular, especially for poultry shows. Layers produce small-size, glossy white eggs that have pointy ends.  Typical Hamburg chicken can lay 200 eggs annually.

  • Identity: Hamburg is one of the oldest chicken breeds raised for the production of eggs. You can identify them from their spangled and penciled silver or golden feathers mixed with solid black or white plumage. In addition, these prolific layers have rose combs and slate-blue leg shanks.
  • Personality: Even though they are pretty, Hamburg chickens are self-centered, non-broody birds.  Also, they are flighty and nervous when uncomfortable.
  • Adaptability: Unlike other layers, Hamburg chicken breed is hardy and can tolerate heat as well as winter conditions. This means you can raise them in any region of your choice.

California White Chicken

California White Chicken
Hamburghs in a Nutshell: Chicken Breeds Book 57 (Volume 57)

California White chicken is among our list of chicken breeds that only lay white eggs. These hens are excellent layers with a reputation for producing large white eggs. That’s why you need to raise them for this purpose. In a year, one hen can lay up to 220 eggs.

  • Identity: California White chickens are clean-legged birds with single combs. Interestingly, they’re the only known hybrid breed layers that produce white eggs. From their name, you can tell that they have white plumage with a few speckles all over their bodies.
  • Personality: Just like other white egg layers, California White chickens are flighty, nervous and a little bit noisy.
  • Adaptability: They are hardy in cold weather conditions and can still do well in warmer climatic conditions. You can raise them on free-range or in your backyard.

How do you tell if a hen lays white eggs?

You can easily identify a white-egg layer by looking at the skin patch near the ear. Normally the skin patch appears white to indicate that the chicken lays white eggs.

What is the common trait that white egg layers have in general?

Most of these birds are harder to tame, more nervous and flighty.

In Conclusion

So far these chicken breeds that only lay white eggs are the most popular among poultry farmers. If you’re looking forward to having white egg layers in your flock, you can choose from the list above.

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What chicken breeds lay white eggs?

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