Can Chickens Eat Okra?

can chickens eat okra-

If you should ask yourself if chickens can eat Okra then you are at the right place. Keep reading to learn more.  Chickens usually get all daily nutritional requirements from commercial feeds. However, they may get bored if they are given the same feed every day. Giving them another type of feed will ensure that …

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Do Chickens Have Tongues?

Do Chickens Have Tongues-

Have you ever asked yourself for a minute what a chicken looks like on the inside? Or have you been asking yourself questions like, do chickens have tongues or even teeth? We all love eating chicken. Growing up, we learned the procedure of how a chicken evolves from an egg to a full-grown chicken. Either …

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Will chicken beaks grow back?

Will chickens beaks grow back-

The beaks of chicken are very vital to them throughout their daily activities. So, will chicken beaks grow back If injured or debeaked? They are used for several purposes, such as drinking water, protection against predators, and catching prey. Sometimes, the beak could break because of various reasons like fighting with other birds, defending themselves …

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Considering Orpington Chickens? Everything You Need To Know

Orpington chickens

Are you a smallholder/homesteader considering Orpington chickens? Great! We’ll be letting you in on everything you need to know in a jiffy. But, hardly does a single chicken breed sum up the definition of “pure class” than Orpington chickens do. It might have something to do with the fact that they’ve always been darlings of …

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Why Do Chickens Chase You? 3 Reasons

Why Do Chickens Chase You?-

Chickens usually have quirky personalities and will love being around their keepers most of the time. It can be so frightening to be chased by your chickens. You may even wonder Why do chickens chase you? Is it because of their aggression, or is it because they want to be quirky to you. There are …

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