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Do Chickens Have Ribs?

So, do chickens have ribs? Yes! Like other vertebrates, chickens have ribs interconnected by intercostal muscles. The muscles enable the movement of the rib cage as a whole. The dynamic rib cage participates in locomotion and allows the expiration and inspiration of the lungs. It is always good to understand your birds as backyard chicken …

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Dog food

can chickens eat dog food?

Chickens are omnivores. So, if you’ve been raising them for some time, you probably know there’s no limit to what they can eat. But, can chickens eat dog food? You bet they can. So, if your birds have recently gobbled down some dog food meant for your canine friend, you need not worry. In fact, …

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Chickens and a cat

can chickens eat cat food?

You’ve been thinking of treating your chickens to some cat food lately, haven’t you? It’s ultra-rich in protein. And you probably think your birds will benefit greatly from its high protein content. So can chickens eat cat food? No doubt they can! Apart from the usual chicken feed, supplementing the main diet of your birds …

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Can chickens eat oatmeal???

Can Chickens Eat Oatmeal?

Have you been asking yourself if your chickens can eat oatmeal, worry no more? We will discuss everything you need to know about feeding your chickens on oatmeal. Keep reading to learn more. Raising a healthy flock is every backyard chicken keeper’s dream. Most chicken enthusiasts are always keen on what they feed their birds. …

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can chickens eat plums

Can chickens eat plums?

Most backyard chicken keepers give their chickens alternative foods to help them meet their nutritional needs. So if you’re wondering can chickens eat plums, you’ve come to the right place. One of the best ways to nourish your birds is by giving them fruits. You can be sure of them going crazy for these tasty …

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