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Big Rooster spurs

What Is Chicken Spurring?

So let’s get right to it and answer the question: What is chicken spurring? Keep reading and find out more. If you have a rooster in your backyard or have spent time around one, you probably notice a sharp and scary-looking protrusion on their leg. These sharp, scary protrusions on roosters are known as spurs. …

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What Is A Banded Chicken?

Keeping track of your chickens can be challenging, especially raising a large flock. That leads us to ask what is a banded chicken? Even an experienced chicken owner will have a difficult time remembering past a certain number. Fortunately, you can use leg bands to keep track of your birds. This article will discuss everything …

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Do Chickens Have Ribs?

So, do chickens have ribs? Yes! Like other vertebrates, chickens have ribs interconnected by intercostal muscles. The muscles enable the movement of the rib cage as a whole. The dynamic rib cage participates in locomotion and allows the expiration and inspiration of the lungs. It is always good to understand your birds as backyard chicken …

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