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is water glassing safe

Is Water Glassing Eggs Safe?

Water glassing is a traditional preservation method for fresh farm eggs for a more extended period. In the 1800s but is water glassing eggs safe? Chicken keepers used sodium silicate glassing solution. At present days, calcium hydroxide is what preserves fresh farm eggs. Most people opt to use the natural calcium hydroxide, called pickling lime. …

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glassing eggs

What Is Water Glassing Eggs?

Preserving chicken eggs by water glassing is a long-standing historical method that works well for long-term egg storage. If you have several hens and the production of eggs is at an all-time high, it is the best time to preserve the extra bounty for when production is down.  Water glassing is one of the cheapest …

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do raccoons eat chickens

Do Raccoons Eat Chickens?

Should you keep chickens and have raccoons in your area, then you have every reason to worry about. So, do raccoons eat chickens? Raccoons are carnivorous animals and eat nearly everything they come across, including vegetables, fruits, and small animals. They attack small, more vulnerable animals and can not defend themselves in most cases. Yes. …

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