can chickens eat dog food?

Dog food

Chickens are omnivores. So, if you’ve been raising them for some time, you probably know there’s no limit to what they can eat. But, can chickens eat dog food? You bet they can. So, if your birds have recently gobbled down some dog food meant for your canine friend, you need not worry. In fact, …

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can chickens eat cat food?

Chickens and a cat

You’ve been thinking of treating your chickens to some cat food lately, haven’t you? It’s ultra-rich in protein. And you probably think your birds will benefit greatly from its high protein content. So can chickens eat cat food? No doubt they can! Apart from the usual chicken feed, supplementing the main diet of your birds …

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What Sounds Do Chickens Make?

This article will talk about the most common sounds that chickens make and what they mean. Chickens are capable of producing different sounds, just like any other animal. These sounds always have their distinct meaning and communicative call. Anyone with chickens can learn a lot by listening to what they say. For example, hens let …

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Are Chickens Mammals Or Reptiles?

Are Chickens Mammals or reptiles?-

There have several debates on whether or not chickens are reptiles or mammals. If you are new to animals, it can be a bit confusing. This is because chickens share some characteristics with both reptiles and mammals. So are chickens reptiles or mammals? Here is the correct answer: From a technical point of view, chickens …

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Can chickens eat plums?

can chickens eat plums

Most backyard chicken keepers give their chickens alternative foods to help them meet their nutritional needs. So if you’re wondering can chickens eat plums, you’ve come to the right place. One of the best ways to nourish your birds is by giving them fruits. You can be sure of them going crazy for these tasty …

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Can Roosters Live Alone?

can roosters live alone

Are you a backyard chicken enthusiast, and you have been asking yourself if roosters can live alone? Worry no more because we have an answer for you. Keep reading to learn more. So, can roosters live alone? Yes, roosters can live. Although they are usually happy when kept alongside their female counterparts, they can also …

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