Fruits Chickens Can Eat!

fruits that Chickens Can eat

So, what are the fruits that chickens can eat? I always enjoy feeding my backyard chickens on a variety of foods. The sight of these birds scrambling for different treats is amazing and fascinating at the same time. That’s how I realize that chickens feed on almost anything coming their way including different types of …

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Chicken Diseases and How to Treat Them

chicken diseases and how to treat them

Raising chickens in my backyard comes with immense benefits. But chicken diseases can pose a threat to these lovely birds. Knowing about different poultry diseases provides ideas to solve this problem. Let’s find out major chicken diseases, their symptoms and how to treat them. What are the 9 chicken diseases and how to treat them? …

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Tips to Keep Your Chickens Healthy


Many years of raising chickens have taught me that good health is a basic need for their survival. With healthy chickens in my backyard, I can expect better results in terms of productivity. Who doesn’t like fresh eggs and delicious meat from their chickens? These birds are a rich source of proteins, hence the need …

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Tips to Keep Chickens Cool in Summer

Keep chickens cool

This is an often asked question: What are the five tips to keep chickens cool in summer? Chickens deserve better treatment and comfort just like we do. Remember that these birds are part of your investment hence the need to look after them. As a poultry farmer, you should be aware of the changes in …

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Tips to Keep Chickens Warm in the Winter

Your flock of chickens needs protection from all types of elements, including extreme weather conditions associated with the winter. Finding ways to keep your birds warm can be difficult especially for newcomers in this business. Whether you are a large-scale or small-scale poultry farmer, your chickens are a great investment hence the need to keep …

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