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Do Coyotes Eat Chickens? Tips To Protect Your Flock

Normally, coyotes are opportunistic eaters, seeking less challenging prey and easily acquired food, but do coyotes eat chickens? They hate being exposed, hurt, killed, or feeling endangered. If your flock becomes vulnerable and an easy target, they’ll definitely attract coyotes. But, if you properly protect them, coyotes, among other predators, will look for food elsewhere. …

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do raccoons eat chickens

Do Raccoons Eat Chickens?

Should you keep chickens and have raccoons in your area, then you have every reason to worry about. So, do raccoons eat chickens? Raccoons are carnivorous animals and eat nearly everything they come across, including vegetables, fruits, and small animals. They attack small, more vulnerable animals and can not defend themselves in most cases. Yes. …

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