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Best Small Oklahoma Chicken Hatcheries – Chicks For Sale

Best  Small Oklahoma Chicken Hatcheries – Chicks For Sale

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Should you be thinking of starting backyard poultry, but you do not know where you can find fertilized eggs or chicks, here is a list of some of the best small Oklahoma chicken hatcheries.

Chicken keeping has become a common practice in many states. Many people are now rearing a variety of chickens breeds for various purposes, with the main ones being the production of eggs and meat production.

The first step to successful chicken rearing is finding the best finding quality chicks and buying them. There are many chicken hatcheries in Oklahoma where you can buy chicks and start your own backyard poultry. Most of them have different types of chicken breeds that you will find fit to keep. I

B&D Game Farm

B&D Game Farm is a popular hatchery that has been in the hatching industry for more than four decades. The hatchery offers a wide range of chicken breeds at an affordable price.

Some of the common breeds that are offered by B&D Game Farm hatchery include Bobwhite and Coturnix Quail, Chukars, Guineas, Ringneck Pheasant, and Indian Red Junglefowl.

They offer goslings, hatching eggs, grown birds, ducklings, and day-old chicks. The minimum order that you can make at B&D Game Farm will vary depending on the bird’s age and the breed.

The quantity can range from eight heads to 100 heads. The hatchery offers good services, and they will ensure that you go away with healthy chicks only. You can contact their customer service desk for any inquiries.

Phone: 405-964-5288

Location: 332939 East 1020 Road, Harrah, OK 73045

Bad Baxter Farm & Homestead

Bad Baxter Farm & Homestead is among the few certified hatching farms that have been listed by NPIP. If you purchase chicks or fertilized eggs at the farm, you will have to pick them up on your own. They do not ship internationally. You can reach them by visiting their website. Besides, they have several social media platforms such as Twitter, Tik Tok, Facebook, Instagram, where clients can easily reach them.

They have decided not to use commercial pellets to feed their birds. Instead, they use organic food only. Bad Baxter Farm & Homestead mainly focuses on raising their birds to be dual-purpose. The prices of their birds vary depending on the breed.

They sell various birds such as ducks, turkey, and chicken. The farm also offers chicken eggs as well as hatchlings of Barbizieux, White Rock, La Fleche, and Bresse.

Phone: 209-658-2177

Location: 29710 Cowboy Days Rd, Wanette, OK 74878

Country Hatchery

Country Hatchery provides poultry keepers with full hatchery services as well as other poultry services such as supplies and feeds. Most of their services are affordable to poultry keepers. You can therefore get your desired breed of chicks from them at an affordable price. They will ensure that you get healthy and good-quality chicks.

The price will vary depending on the breed of birds that they offer. Some breeds are slightly expensive than others. Some of the common breeds that they offer include the Cinnamon Queen, Black Beauties, Buff Orpingtons, Cornish Rocks, Easter Eggers, and the Blue-laced Red Wyandottes.

Country Hatcher usually does minimum quantity shippings depending on the type of poultry. For any inquiries about their services, you can contact them through their telephone number. They have a good customer service team that will answer all your queries.

Phone: 405-220-0222

Location: 36040 EW1200, Seminole, OK 74868

Jackson Farms BLRW

It is not known if the Jackson Farms BLRW is listed by the NPIP. However, the farm has been in the industry for many years. They have won a reputation for themselves over the years because of the kind of services that they offer. Besides, they will always ensure that chicken keepers get their desired quality chicks that are of good health.

Jackson Farms BLRW is a small hatchery. It is mainly known to be the home of Blue Laced Red Wyandottes. Besides, they offer a wide range of breeds such as splashes, black, and blues. The price will vary from one breed to another. However, their prices are generally affordable. 

Currently, they do not offer shipping services. You will have to pick your orders at the farm. Customers can also book an appointment to set up a meeting. You can contact them anytime to inquire about their services and place an order.

Phone: 541-222-0886

Location: 9251 Colby Ct, Guthrie, OK 73044

Newell Brothers Chicken Farm

Newell Brothers Chicken Farm has not been certified by NPIP. However, they sell good quality eggs both for hatching and eating. They also sell chicks of various breeds of chicken. You can buy Rhode Island eggs to hatch from them at $1 each. 

They also have Rhode Island chicks to grow. Depending on the gender, the price of Rhode Island chicks ranges from $3 to $ 4. Their chicks are of good quality and healthy as well. They will ensure that their customers are supplied with the best quality of their desired breed.

Newell Brothers Chicken Farm only accepts cash as a way of payment. They, therefore, do not offer door-to-door delivery and shipping services. If you want to purchase from them, you will have to visit their hatchery. You can contact them through their phone number for any inquiries.

Phone: 918-381-4111

Location: 8574 S 305th E Ave, Broken Arrow, OK 74014

Cowboy Country Chickens

Cowboy Country Chickens is among the most popular chicken hatcheries in Oklahoma, where you can buy chicks and start your own flock. The farm is not certified by the NPIP. They, however, produce quality and superior chickens that can also be show-quality.

The hatchery is owned and operated by a family that offers all the attention and care to their birds. They usually have minimum orders of various breeds of chicks. Depending on the breed, the price of chicks can vary from around $10 to $ 25. 

Cowboy Country Chickens usually supply chicken keepers with strong and healthy chicks. You can be sure of chicks serving as long as you give them the needed care. Some of the common breeds at the hatchery include Mottled, Orpington, Bielefelders, and Columbian.

Snow Family Farm and Hatchery

This farm is owned and operated by a family that caters to livestock and poultry that they grow. They do not have an operational license from NPIP. However, However, they have a large following on Facebook. 

They have a variety of chicken breeds such as Slash Laced Wyandotte, Leghorn Pullets, Blue Laced Red Wyandotte, Rhode Island, Bardock, Orpington, and Crested Polish. Depending on the quantity bought, the price can range from $ 25 up to $75. You can choose to buy them in trio or pairs. 

The price of chicks, depending on the breed, may range from $3 to $8. For any queries concerning their services, you can reach them through their Facebook page.

5D Farms

5D Farms is certified by NPIP. It is a small chicken hatchery that is operated and owned by a family. They offer a variety of chicken breeds such as American and English Orpingtons, Light Sussex, Partridge Cochin Bantams, and Blue Laced Red Wyandottes.

In addition, the farm sells various poultry supplies that poultry keepers may need. 5D Farms does not ship orders. If you are interested in buying from them, you will have to visit the farm. The price of chicks can range from $5 up to $20, depending on the breed. 

You can reach them through their mobile number to inquire about their services and buy from them.

Phone: 918-315-0865

Location: 26975 360th street, Wister, OK 74966

Chickie’s Chicken Farm

Chickie’s Chicken Farm is a new and small hatchery. They have various chicken breeds and ducks. Their price usually ranges from $4 up to $6 per dozen. They have quality and healthy chicks of various breeds.

What is NPIP

NPIP means National Poultry Improvement Plan. It was established in 1935 to resolve various health challenges encountered in the poultry industry while still at the hatchery stage.

Things To Consider When Buying Chicks In Oklahoma

It is advisable to research well before buying things. There are a number of things that you will have to look at.

Hatchery Firm

There is always an advantage when you purchase chicks from a licensed farm. A hatchery certified by NPIP has met all the requirements to offer quality breeds. You can visit a farm before deciding to purchase your chicks.

Check Online Reviews

It is advisable to check reviews from previous chicken buyers at any hatchery given hatchery before you decide to buy from them. You must take personal recommendations seriously as some of them can be genuine.

Besides, you must consider reading reviews from buyers who have bought from the hatchery several times. A good hatchery to buy from is the one that has good customer reviews.

Health Check

It is important to ensure that you see the chicks yourself before buying them from a hatchery. You must check their health conditions and buy from a hatchery to offer healthy chicks. You will have to hold the chicks and feel them.


The above are some of the best hatcheries in Oklahoma where you can buy chicks from. Although some are not certified by NPIP, you can check the quality of chicks before buying them.

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