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Best Small Chicken Hatcheries in Phoenix – Chicks For Sale

Best Small Chicken Hatcheries in Phoenix – Chicks For Sale

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If you are based in Arizona and struggling to find a good hatchery, worry no more. Here are some of the best small chicken hatcheries in Phoenix where you can buy chicks and start your flock.

The number of people keeping chickens at their homes has increased in the United States of America and the entire world at large. With an increase in demand for chicken products, most people are now rearing chickens for meat production and the production of eggs.

The first step to successful backyard chicken rearing is finding the best chicks to add to the flock. You will have to look for healthy and good-quality chicks of your desired breed. You can also choose to buy fertilized eggs and hatch them using your incubator.

Pratt’s Pets

Pratt’s Pets has been in the industry since its establishment in 1936. It is named after its founder, Emerson Pratt. Initially, they serve local chicken and cattle farmers by supplying them with a variety of animal feeds.

Today, the farm has a hatchery that supplies bird keepers with a variety of breeds. They also seasonally have guineas, goslings, turkeys, and ducklings. They will ensure that you get the best quality chicks of your desired breed. Their chicks are also healthy as they give them proper care.

You can also buy fertile eggs from them. Besides, Pratt’s Pets has a wide range of chicken feeds, including organic, natural, and non-GMO feed. As you buy chicks from them, you can also buy their feed to meet your needs.

Pratt’s Pets also have various poultry items such as feeders, nest boxes, waterers, coops, treats, medicine, supplements, and bedding.

Phone: 623-939-3326


Phoenix Organic Chicken Feed

Phoenix Organic Chicken Feed offers chicken keepers a number of poultry services. The farm is owned and operated by a family. They supply healthy and good-quality chicks of various breeds.

Some of the common chickens sold by the farm include White Egg Layers, Bielefelder, Brown Egg Layers, Cold Weather chickens, Hot Weather chickens, Bantam chickens, and Silkies. They also have other birds, such as turkeys, ducks, and geese.

You can also buy fertile eggs from Phoenix Organic Chicken Feed and hatch them at your home. Their prices are generally fair, and they allow shipping as well. You will therefore not have to visit their store to pick your chicks. They will ensure that you get your desired breeds on time and in good health. 

The store also has chicken raising equipment such as waterers, incubators, and feeders. They also supply chicken keepers with poultry feeds.

Phone: 480-577-5995

The Stock Shop

The Stock Shop began as a tack and feed store. It is owned and operated by a family. They have been in the industry for more than 30 years years and offer a variety of poultry services such as chick equipment and feed. They also have a hatchery where chicken keepers can buy chicks and raise them at their homes.

They sell quality and healthy chicks at an affordable price. Their chicks are hatched weekly. You can visit the store to buy your desired breeds. You can also contact them through their email address or phone number to inquire about their services. 

The Stock Shop has different poultry equipment such as feeders, cages, egg cartons, incubators, and heat bulbs. Besides, the store offers treats, probiotics, and organic feed. They do not do shipping. You will therefore have to visit the store to pick your desired chicks.

Phone: 623-487-9277

Contact: Through the website

Castewai Poultry Farm

Castewai Poultry Farm has won a reputation for itself since its establishment. The farm offers amazing poultry services in Phoenix and Arizona at large. Chicken keepers can buy chicks at the farm’s hatchery and raise them at their homes. It is certified by NPIP. This implies that they produce quality and healthy chicks.

The farm is one of the best options if you are looking for a hatchery that has a variety of chicken breeds. They have more than ten chicken breeds. Some of the common breeds include Jersey Giants, Orpington, Bielefelder, Ayam Ketawa, Easter Egger, Jungle Fowl, Ko Shamo Bantam, Russian Orloff, New Hampshire, Cream Legbar, Cochin, and Brahma.

They also sell fertile eggs of various breeds. Besides, chicken keepers can buy various poultry equipment such as waterers and feeders at the farm. You can contact them for any inquiries about their services and make an order.

Phone: (800) 357-5973


Rising Sun Ranch

Rising Sun Ranch is a famous poultry farm in Phoenix. The ranch is owned and operated by a small family. They offer top-quality poultry services and are certified by NPIP. If you have been looking for a good hatchery to buy your chicks, then this is one of the best options for you,

They hatch chicks of various chicken breeds and sell them to chicken keepers at an affordable price. Their chicks are of good quality and are usually in good health condition. The most common breed at the hatchery is the silkies which come in their various colors.

Rising Sun Ranch offers to ship their chicks to chicken keepers. They will deliver your desired chicks to your doorstep. The hatchery also allows local pick-up. You can therefore visit them and buy your selected breeds.

They also sell fertile eggs to poultry keepers. You can therefore buy already fertile eggs from them and hatch chicks from your home. For any inquiry or to place an order, you can contact Rising Sun Ranch through their phone number or via email.

Phone: (949) 872-1666


Southwest Gamebirds

Southwest Gamebirds is located in Phoenix and offers a variety of poultry services. Although they are not certified by NPIP, they offer amazing services and supply poultry keepers with quality and healthy chicks. They usually do mail offer shipping; thus, you do not have to visit the hatchery to pick your orders.

They have specialized in hatching just a few breeds. They will ensure that you are delivered with only healthy chicks of the best quality. Some of the common breeds hatched at Southwest Gamebirds hatchery include Ayam Cemani and Pavlovskaya. 

Southwest Gamebirds also offer poultry keepers fertile eggs and various poultry equipment such as feeders, laying nests, coops, waterers, and incubators. You can visit their website to place an order or contact them through their phone number.

Hatchery Asia, LLC

Hatchery Asia has been in the industry for a good time. It is owned and operated by a family. The hatchery has won a reputation for itself over the years because of the quality of chicks that they breed. They supply chicken keepers in Phoenix with affordable and healthy chicks of different breeds.

They do not offer to ship birds. If you are interested in buying from them, you will have to visit their hatchery and purchase your desired chicks. Poultry keepers can also buy fertile eggs of their desired breed and hatch them at their homes.

Phone: (480) 219-4261

Location: 9426 South 43rd Place Phoenix, AZ

Additional Resources

If you can not find your desired breed of chicken from any of the farms or hatcheries above, you can try searching for other options on the internet. There are many hatcheries and farms in Phoenix that supply bird keepers with a wide variety of chicks as well as other poultry equipment.

The hatcheries have almost everything related to poultry, such as chicks, hens, rare breeds, and roosters. You should, however, check if keeping roosters is allowed in your area before deciding to add them to your flock.

When buying from local listings, you will have to be very careful. This is because chickens at these hatcheries are not checked for poultry diseases to the same standard as a hatchery that is certified by NPIP.

Buying Chicks From Online Hatcheries

Buying chicks from an online hatchery is good if you are buying chicks of any breed and you want them to be delivered to your doorstep. Cackle is one of the best online hatcheries where you can buy quality and healthy chicks and add them to your flock. They offer the smallest minimum order numbers. Besides, they have good pricing and will offer free shipping on some of their orders.

Things To Consider Before Buying Chicks From An Hatchery

You must ensure that keeping chickens in your area is allowed. Some places do not allow their residents to keep chickens because of various reasons, such as noise. Most locations will not allow chicken keepers to include roosters in their flock.

After confirming that you can keep chicken in your area, you can contact the hatchery or browse their website to find those that offer your desired chicks. If you are establishing your flock for the first time, it would be better if you visited the hatchery in person.

You must carefully give a good look over to the chicks before buying them. Check their eyes, vent, and nostrils for any signs of discharge or dirt. Pay more attention to how they breathe, as the first sign of illness in chicks can be noticed through breathing. You should also check the vaccinations that they have received and those recommended by the hatchery.


Finding the best hatchery for chicks will ensure that your poultry-keeping journey is successful. There are several hatcheries in Phoenix where you can purchase quality and healthy chicks. You can visit the hatchery’s website or contact them through their phone number.

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