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Best Electric Fence For Poultry

Best Electric Fence For Poultry

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Keeping predators out of your chicken run is difficult. Especially in areas where there are sneaky predators like fox, raccoons, or even badgers, chicken safety is a huge concern. You might have tried every trick in the books to keep your flock safe but to no avail. If this sounds like you, you might want to consider chicken wire. Let’s talk about the best electric fence for poultry and why you need it. 

Why You Need An Electric Fence

Even if you aren’t overrun with preditors, there are many benefits to an electric fence for poultry. Let’s look at a few reasons everyone should get an electric fence. 

Easy To Install

You might think of an electric chicken fence and associate them with something complicated. But that is further from the truth. Most electric fences are easy to install and require few tools. With some systems, all you need to do is roll it out and attach it to fence posts. Other systems are even more straightforward because they adhere to any existing wire fence. You don’t have to be a technician to install the best electric fence for poultry. 


The obvious reason for getting an electric fence around the chicken coop is protection. Netting varieties are the best because even smaller animals come into contact with the fence. It is still possible for small animals to learn the cause and effect of electric fences. But it is usually enough for most animals to give up. 


No matter what size of an area you need to protect, there is a fence for you. If your land is hilly or an odd shape, there are many styles to choose from for the best protection. 


Don’t let the price pointe of an electric chicken wire fence scare you away. Electric fences are durable and built to last through anything. Unless a bear came crashing through, your fence would be safe. 

Little Upkeep 

The upkeep of an electric fence is next to none. Occasionally you should check the parameter to make sure there are no fire hazards. And you should also check that the electric box is working correctly. But other than this, there isn’t much else that you will have to worry about. 

Cons Of An Electric Fence

While there are some fantastic benefits, there are a few things you may not like about them. This list is minimal, and you can see them more like obstacles that will be overcome with a little ingenuity. 

Power Source

Electric fences need, you guessed it, electricity to work. For some, there is no issue running lines out to install the electric box. But if your flock sits back on some land, this could be an issue. There is a simple solution to this, and that is to get a solar-powered box. However, these are not very reliable if you don’t have sunlight for most of the year. In overcast areas, you will need to find a better solution to protect your chickens. 


As mentioned before, these fences can cost a small fortune. And the larger the area, the more they will cost. But these costs are well worth it in the end when your flock stays safe and contained. You could even find cheaper versions that work just as well. 

Keeping Area Groomed

Our last con is that electric fences need to be cleaned and free from debris. That means even grass can’t touch the live wires; otherwise, the power weakens and becomes ineffective. You may have to remove the posts periodically to mow or weed-eat around the fence line. 

Best Electric Fence For Poultry 

Now that we have you convinced, let’s look at the top electric fences on the market. 

Premier Poultry Net Electric Fence

[amalinkspro type=”image-link” asin=”B071J99Q19″ new-window=”false” apilink=”″ img-size=”160,160″ addtocart=”true” nofollow=”true” alt=”Premier 48″ PoultryNet Plus Starter Kit – Includes White PoultryNet Plus Net Fence – 48″ H x 100′ L, Double Spiked, Solar IntelliShock 60 Fence Energizer, FiberTuff Support Posts & Fence Tester” alignment=”alignright”][/amalinkspro]

The Premier Poultry Net Electric Fence is a favorite among most seasoned chicken keepers. This fence is simple to put together. All you need to do is roll it out and insert the fence posts. And to make it even better, each post is double spiked to keep them standing up when you need it most. This fence does not come with a power box, but it is compatible with any box you choose. With a helping hand, you could have your new fence up within 30 minutes. 

Rent A Coop Poultry Netting 48″ 

[amalinkspro type=”image-link” asin=”B07QFYFPC4″ new-window=”false” apilink=”″ img-size=”56,160″ addtocart=”true” nofollow=”true” alt=”RentACoop Poultry Netting Electric Fence (48" H x 164′ L)” alignment=”alignright”][/amalinkspro]

This fence by Rent A Coop is similar to the Premier. With easy installation, all you need is to roll it out and place the posts. And like with the Premier, this fence does not come with a power box. But this gives you the freedom to buy the best power source for your needs. The best part is that you can have all of this for a lower price than the top-rated fence. 

Powerfields P-89-G Poultry Netting

[amalinkspro type=”image-link” asin=”B0042L5FOY” new-window=”false” apilink=”″ img-size=”106,160″ addtocart=”true” nofollow=”true” alt=”Powerfields P-89-G Electric 40" Poultry / Goat Fence-Netting, 40-Inches Tall x 165-Feet Long Netting, 15 Line Post, 19 Stakes, 2 Tie Down Cords, Repair Kit, Black/White Netting” alignment=”alignright”][/amalinkspro]

Our last electric fence kit is the Powerfields P-89-G. These fences are durable, easy to use, and they come in multiple colors. With some fences, it gets hard to see where the fence is from far away. With a bright green or orange fence, you can see from a distance where your fence is. We also love the versatile functions of this kit. You can add whichever power source suits your needs and fashion the barrier in any shape. 

Starkline Premium Electric Poultry Netting 

[amalinkspro type=”image-link” asin=”B083JMRKM8″ new-window=”false” apilink=”″ img-size=”160,160″ addtocart=”true” nofollow=”true” alt=”Starkline Premium Electric Poultry Netting w/Fiberglass Posts (48" x 164′) Pre-Assembled Electric Fencing for Poultry in Backyards, on Homesteads, Farms and Ranches” alignment=”alignright”][/amalinkspro]

Let’s not forget that we still need an energizer for these fences. To start, we love the Starkline Premium Electric Poultry Netting. We love this solar electric fence for chicken coop because it comes in several sizes to fit any fence brand. Most of them even come with testers to check that your electric chicken fence is working correctly. Even if you have a few days of overcast, this battery lasts longer than most brands. 

Parmak DF-SP-LI Solar

[amalinkspro type=”image-link” asin=”B000BWZB74″ new-window=”false” apilink=”″ img-size=”160,160″ addtocart=”true” nofollow=”true” alt=”Parmak DF-SP-LI Solar Pak 6 Low Impedance 6-Volt Battery-Operated 25-Mile-Range Electric Fence Charger” alignment=”alignright”][/amalinkspro]

Another excellent solar energizer is the Parmak DF-SP-LI. This neat electric box comes in multiple sizes for any sized coop or run you have. Some people claim to have issues with electric fences weakening if they touch grass or leaves. But with this solar energizer, it claims to be powerful enough not to be bothered by tall grass and brush. And people love how easy it is to install. 

Zareba EAC25MZ

[amalinkspro type=”image-link” asin=”B0079GH4HU” new-window=”false” apilink=”″ img-size=”160,160″ addtocart=”true” nofollow=”true” alt=”Zareba EAC25M-Z 25 Mile AC Powered Low Impedance Charger” alignment=”alignright”][/amalinkspro]

For a more traditional electric source, you will love the Zareba EAC25MZ. This electric fence for chicken coop plugs into any two-pronged outlet. So if your enclosure is close to the house, you can effortlessly plug it in. It’s also possible to run an extension cord out to the coop. 

Fi-Shock EAC10M-FS

[amalinkspro type=”image-link” asin=”B00AZA2C0Q” new-window=”false” apilink=”″ img-size=”160,160″ addtocart=”true” nofollow=”true” alt=”Fi-Shock EAC50M-FS 50-Mile AC Low Impedance Electric Fence Energizer” alignment=”alignright”][/amalinkspro]

Another plug-in fence energizer is the Fi-Shock EAC10M-FS. This small energizer plugs into any outlet. And it comes in sizes ranging from 10-50 miles. So no matter how large or small your flock is, this battery is perfect for all conditions. 

Premier 48″ PoultryNet Plus Starter Kit

[amalinkspro type=”image-link” asin=”B071ZR186N” new-window=”false” apilink=”″ img-size=”160,160″ addtocart=”true” nofollow=”true” alt=”Premier 48" PoultryNet Plus Starter Kit – Includes Green PoultryNet Plus Net Fence – 48″ H x 100′ L, Double Spiked, Solar IntelliShock 60 Fence Energizer, FiberTuff Support Posts & Fence Tester” alignment=”alignright”][/amalinkspro]

And lastly, we have the best starter kit on the market. The Premier 48″ PoultryNet Plus Starter Kit has everything you need to keep your hens safe. This fence is easy to install and lasts for years to come. You won’t waste time trying to find the best pieces that work together. Everything is a perfect fit and even saves you money. If you have never bought an electric fence before, this starter kit is the best on the market. 

Will These Hurt My Chickens?

The biggest question you may have is if an electric fence will harm your hens. If the goal is to protect, we don’t also want something to hurt our flocks. But you shouldn’t ever have to worry about that for a few reasons. 

First, your hens have thick feathers that act as an insulator to the wire. Your hens won’t be shocked unless their combs or feet come in direct contact with the wire. As you can imagine, this likely won’t happen often. And even if it did, the power shouldn’t be enough to hurt them. 

Your electric fence chicken run energizer should only put out one joule per mile of netting for safety. This low power is enough to give a small shock, but not enough to kill a chicken. The other thing about electric fences is that they all pulse and are not continuous. Having a pulsing wire reduces the risk of accidents and allows whoever has touched it to get away. 

Your chickens will be safe inside their new protective barrier. And you will rest assured that they will be fine as well. 

What Do You Think?

Are you a beginner looking for the best electric fence for poultry? No matter if you are a seasoned keeper or new to the hobby, predators are no laughing matter. We want and need our flocks to stay safe from the dangers of life. And an electric chicken fence is the best way to go. 

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