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Best Chicken Hatchery In North Carolina – Chicks For Sale

Best Chicken Hatchery In North Carolina – Chicks For Sale

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In this article, we’ll find what I consider to be the best chicken hatchery in North Carolina. We’ll tell you the best places to find these chicks, as well as what to look for when making your pick. 

Many of us dream of having a chicken coop filled with healthy, amusing chickens that’ll regularly bring you fresh, delicious eggs. However, you must find good chicken hatcheries to get your chickens, or else that dream is a bust. 

So, if you live in North Carolina and wish to raise some chicks of your own, keep on reading.

At a Glance

  1. Little Birdie Hatchery: for the best biosecurity. 
  2. The Urban Chicken: for all chick necessities.
  3. The Chicken Man: for the best customer service. 
  4. Dragonfly Farm: for the most diverse selection. 
  5. Blue House Farm: for the most cared-for chicks. 

The Top 5 Chicken Hatcheries in North Carolina

1. Little Birdie Hatchery – Best Biosecurity 

The Little Birdie Hatchery is a family-owned business located on the outskirts of Wake Forest, NC. The family started their business when their daughter wanted to have a chicken on her 7th birthday, and now they carry more than 20 breeds, including Blue Wyandotte, Austra White, Blue Ameraucana, and Barred Rock. 

Still, they always make sure not to exceed their limits and only maintain and handle small batches in order to provide you with chickens that are more comfortable with human interaction. 

Nevertheless, the best thing about the Little Birdie Hatchery is that it’s an NPIP AI-certified hatchery. That means that their biosecurity is top-notch as they are regularly tested by the Department of Agriculture. 

However, keep in mind that for them to maintain their certification, they won’t let you into the coop if you already have chickens of your own in fear of any infection spreading. Moreover, you won’t be allowed to handle any chicks until you decide to make a purchase. 


  • NPIP certified
  • Offer a wide range of chick breeds
  • Feed their flocks freshly prepared, high-quality grains
  • Frequently handle and interact with their chicks and chickens


  • You’re not allowed to handle the chicks before making a purchase
  • You can’t enter their brooders if you already own chickens

Final Take

The Little Birdie Hatchery is a great place to find various breeds of chicks for sale that are in good health and condition.

2. The Urban Chicken – Best Supplier of Chick Necessities  

The Urban Chicken is a chicken hatchery based in Raleigh, NC that offers everything from hatching eggs and chicks to fully-grown chickens. Typically, they carry breeds such as Easter Eggers, Black Stars, Barred Rocks, and Ideal 236, though the availability will vary with each season. 

Furthermore, they make sure to vaccinate their chicks with the Mercik’s vaccine and they have an NPIP certification. Additionally, they offer to deliver any of the supplies you may need to raise your chicks and will answer any question that you have. 


  • Carry all you may need for chicks and chickens 
  • Very helpful and knowledgeable 


  • Sometime, they have phone issues when you try to place a delivery 

Final Take 

The Urban Chicken is a wonderful hatchery/pet store for chickens that will supply you with whatever you may need, from the actual chicks to excellent chicken feed and harnesses.

3. The Chicken Man – Best Customer Service 

As the name implies, the Chicken Man is run by a lone man in Hendersonville, NC. He started his business in 2008 and has since become one of the most popular chicken suppliers in North Carolina. 

Basically, his whole selling point is that you’ll always get healthy, fully-feathered, eight-week-old hens, and boy, does he deliver. 

While other breeders may accidentally sell you sick hens or even roosters, The Chicken Man won’t. As such, all his customers rave about the chickens they get from him and say they’re among the healthiest and friendliest chickens they’ve ever met. 

Honestly, if there’s one thing we can guarantee with The Chicken Man, it’s that you’ll be dealing with a great man who always provides his clients with excellent hens and customer service.


  • Guaranteed to get females only
  • The owner is remarkably friendly and professional 


  • Certain breeds won’t be available every season, but that’s normal with any chicken breeder

Final Take

The Chicken Man is someone you can put your trust in if you want to buy some chicks or chickens. He’ll provide you with what you need and will go above and beyond to ensure everything is up to your satisfaction. 

4. Dragonfly Farm – Most Diverse Selection 

The Dragonfly Farm is another wonderful chicken hatchery run by a couple in Hillsborough, NC. Their main goal is to constantly improve their flocks so that you end up with beautiful, friendly birds that’ll lay the best of eggs.

Generally, the Dragonfly Farm can readily supply hatching eggs, chicks, pullets, cockerels, and chickens, and they even provide all chicks with the Marek’s vaccine free of charge. Usually, they carry a wide assortment of breeds, including birds like Ayam Cemani, Langshan, Black Copper Marans, Blue Laced Red Wyandotte, and Olive Egger.

Still, one thing you have to remember with the Dragonfly Farm is that chicks are sold “Straight Run”. This means that you won’t know for sure if your chicks are male or female. 

Also, keep in mind that you have to buy a minimum of 6 chicks or 3 pullets, and you have to pick them up by yourself. Otherwise, they offer shipping, though the prices may vary depending on whether you live east or west of the Mississippi.  


  • Offer everything from eggs and chicks to pullets and cockerels
  • Vaccinate all chicks with Marek’s disease for free 


  • Mandatory local pick up for chicks and pullets, as well as hatching eggs during summertime
  • Shipping prices vary according to location 

Final Take

The Dragonfly Farm makes for a great place to get chicks if you live near Hillsborough, NC. They have a good variety of breeds that are not only beautiful but friendly, so make sure to swing by if you can.

5. Blue House Farm – Most Cared-for Chicks

If you live near Fletcher, NC, then the Blue House Farm is the chick dealer for you. This is an NPIP-certified establishment that not only offers chicks but also sells hatching eggs, goslings, ducklings, and other juvenile birds. 

All the birds they own are raised in large, green pastures with constant access to fresh water, dust baths, and sunshine. Furthermore, they’re fed a balanced diet of sprouted grains, fermented grains, and high-protein feed, with the occasional offerings of oyster shells and grit. 

This is all in order to make sure that the birds you get will be the healthiest and most attractive they can be. 


  • NPIP-certified
  • Offer shipping for hatching eggs within the United States
  • Provide their chickens with the best nurturing environment 
  • Vaccinate their chicks 


  • You must make an appointment before a visit 

Final Take

The Blue House Farm is a haven for any aspiring chick-owner. They offer top-quality breeds that are bound to be the pride and joy of any coop. 

What to Look for When Buying Chicks?

When buying a chick to add to your newly-started or already established coop, there are a few things you must look out for to ensure you get a healthy chick. These things include: 


The first thing that can help you decide on a healthy chick is its size and weight. Don’t go for the runt of the hatch and stick with the bigger, more solid chicks. This decreases the chance of your chick developing health issues in the future. 


When you pick up a chick, it should be active and trying to wiggle away from your hand. Moreover, when you set it down, it should be steady on its feet, showing no signs of dizziness or disorientation. If you find it shaky or standing with closed eyes, know that this chick isn’t healthy.

Additionally, try to observe it while peeing.  A healthy chick should be comfortable and restful while doing the task. However, a chilled chick or one in pain will emit a loud and harsh sound, which unfortunately doesn’t bode well for its future health. 

Physical Features

Some other things you want to see in a baby chick are correctly aligned beaks and centered feet that aren’t splayed or with wrongly-bent digits. 

Clear and attentive eyes are also a must, and so is an abdomen that shows no signs of distention or redness. Finally, if your chick doesn’t have a fluffy butt with a vent that’s free of any feces, then it’s not well, and you should consider getting another one.


If you live in North Carolina and are searching for some chicks, then check out the hatcheries we mentioned. They all offer a wide variety of breeds that are well-fed, beautiful, and healthy. So, find the one you like the most and get your coop started.

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