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Best Chicken Hatchery In Arizona – Chicks For Sale

Best Chicken Hatchery In Arizona – Chicks For Sale

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Should you be a chicken enthusiast looking for a hatchery in Arizona, keep reading to find out some of the best hatcheries in the state where you can buy healthy chicks.

Finding a good hatchery is one of the most important steps for success in your chicken-keeping journey.

AZ Chickens

AZ Chickens is an NPIP certified farm that is owned and operated by a family. Their main focus is on rare chicken breeds. They will ensure that you are supplied with quality and healthy chicks of your desired breed.

The farm has a wide variety of chicken breeds that you can buy and add to your flock. Some of the popular breeds that you will find at AZ Chickens include Cream Crested Legbar, Black Copper Marans, Rhode Island Red, Barnyard Mixed Chicks, Ayam Ketawa, and White Bresse. You will also find various varieties of the Splash Bresse Chicks.

If you visit the farm without notifying them, you may not be able to find some breeds. They usually advise their customers to inform them through a mobile phone call about any visit. The price of chicks at the hatchery will depend on the breed that you want. If you prefer hatching eggs to day-old chicks, you can also buy them at the farm. The price per dozen of eggs ranges from $10 to about $100.

AZ Chickens ship its products throughout the year. You can call them anytime to place an order. They will ensure that only healthy chicks or quality eggs of your desired breed are delivered to you.

  • Phone: 602-699-4204
  • Location: 7723 N 183rd Ave, Waddell, AZ 85355

Phoenix Organic Feed

The Phoenix Organic Feed mainly focuses on selling organic feed that is certified by USDA. It was established by one individual who wanted to save money on eggs. Since then, it has won a reputation, attracting several backyard chicken keepers in Arizona and beyond.

They have a variety of chicken breeds such as Rhode Island Red, Bielefelder, Brown Egg Layers, Silkies, White Egg Layers, and both exotic and rare breeds. The hatchery has baby chicks, mature chickens, and pullets. If you are buying from, you can be sure of getting healthy chicks that will have high chances of survival. The price of chicks and mature chickens at the hatchery will depend on the breed that you want.

They also sell equipment, supplies, and feed for chickens. Some of the poultry equipment you can buy from them include incubators, feeders, waterers, and nesting boxes. If you buy from them, they will guide you on how you can raise your chicks and have to use their products.

You can order chicks on their online platform, but you must pick them at specific points. They have pickup points in Tucson, Phoenix, Cornville, Flagstaff, Show Low, and Mesa. You can be sure of buying chicks at an affordable price.

  • Phone: 480-577-5995
  • Pickup Points: Tucson, Phoenix, Cornville, Flagstaff, Show Low, and Mesa.

Inspire Farms

Inspired Farms is a company owned and operated by a family. Their main goal is to provide poultry keepers with organic and non-GMO feed for their birds without buying it in bulk. The farm also sells a variety of live chicken breeds. They will ensure that you get healthy chickens that have been vaccinated.

The popular breeds that you can buy at Inspire Farms include Esther Eggers, Black Australorps, Seramas, Gold Laced Wyandottes, Silver Laced Wyandottes, Buff Orpingtons, and Sapphire Olive Eggers. Their price of baby chicks ranges from about $5 up to $10. The cost of Serama hens is $30, while a mature Serama rooster usually costs $65. 

If you buy chicks from them, they will guide you on how best you can raise them. You can also ask them any questions about raising chicken breeds that they offer. In addition to chicks, they also sell chicken feed. You will, therefore, not have to worry about looking for feed for your chickens once you have purchased from them.

  • Phone: 480-684-2779
  • Location: 206 E Main St, Mesa, AZ 85201

Old Town Horse and Pet

Old Town Horse is a hatchery and pet store that is locally owned and operated. It is run by four family members who are passionate about offering high-quality livestock and the best products for their customers. 

They offer a variety of chicken breeds, depending on the season. Some of the breeds they raise include Buff Orpingtons, New Hampshire, Welsummers, Ameraucanas, Light Brahmas, Rhode Island Red, Silver Laced Wyandottes, and Golden Wyandottes. You can only buy pullets from them. This is important as it will help you to save money and time on raising chicks yourself. 

If you order from them, there is a 10% chance of getting a male chick. They will also guide you on how best you can raise your chickens. If you have any questions, you can contact them through their mobile number.

  • Phone: 520-883-7387
  • Location: 5665 W Ajo Hwy, Tucson, AZ 85735

Mesa Feed Barn

Mesa Feed Barn was established in 1973. It is owned and operated by a family. They have a hatchery that produces high-quality and healthy chicks of various breeds. Some of the common chicken breeds that you can buy from them include Silver Laced Wyandotte, Golden Wyandotte, Rhode Island Red, Easter Eggers, Australorps, Buff Orpington, and Barred Rock.

Currently, they are not certified by NPIP. However, they offer chicken keepers quality chicks that have high chances of survival. If you buy chicks from them, they will ensure that you are guided on raising them into more productive hens. 

They also have equipment for raising chickens as well as their feed. Some of this equipment includes nest boxes, incubators, feeders, and drinkers. If you have been looking for a good chick in Arizona, this is one of the best options. You can visit their website to check on the products that they have and make an order. If you have any questions about their services, you can call their phone number.

  • Phone: 480-969-9704
  • Location: 240 E Broadway Rd, Mesa, AZ 85210

Pratt’s Pets

Pratt’s Pets has been in the industry since 1936. It is a huge store offering a wide range of items for various pets and animals. If you visit their website, you can be sure of finding quality feed and equipment for your birds, such as incubators, drinkers, and feeders.

They occasionally sell healthy chicks of different breeds, such as silkies. All their chicks have been vaccinated, and they will ensure that you go away with those with high chances of surviving. If you plan to start keeping chickens for the first, then this is one of the best destinations for you. They will guide you on how you can raise your chickens at a lower cost.

Pratt’s Pets do not offer shipping services currently. They only do curbside pickup. Currently, they are not certified by NPIP. However, they offer their customers quality poultry products. You can visit their site or call them to enquire about some of their products in the store. 

  • Phone: 480-361-7000
  • Location: 856 S Alma School Rd, Mesa, AZ 85210

Things to Consider When Buying Chicks in Arizona

You will have to consider some things and a few steps to take before you decide to keep a flock of chickens. Here are a few things that you must be aware of when buying chickens in Arizona.

Check if you are Allowed to Keep Chickens

One of the first things to do before you start keeping chickens is to check if you are allowed to keep them in your locality. Raising birds may be prohibited in some areas depending on the city or district. For instance, it is forbidden to raise chickens in Sun City. Luckily, most places in Arizona allow residents to raise chickens at their homes. If you are in Phoenix, you can keep up to 20 chickens. However, you will not be allowed to keep roosters. 

Tucson allows residents to keep up to 24 chickens. In Scottsdale, you can keep any number of chickens at your home as long as you do not include roosters. The laws vary from one place to another. It is important to check with the local government in your area to avoid being on the wrong side of the law. Not abiding by the rules can lead to jail times or serious fines.

Arizona State is Fairly Hot

Arizona is among the hottest states in the United States. It would be best if you considered choosing chicken breeds that tolerate hot weather. Better options include Easter Eggers, Brahmas, Orpingtons, and Rhode Island Reds.

Maintaining your Chickens

After selecting your desired breed and taking the chickens home, you will have to take good care of them. You will have to provide them with sufficient feed as well as water. The chickens should be allowed to free-range to keep them happy and active. It would help if you also spent more time with them.


There are several hatcheries in Arizona where you can buy chicks and start a journey in chicken keeping. It is important to consider hatcheries that have good customer reviews and those that are certified by NPIP.

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