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Best Chicken Hatcheries In Nebraska – Chicks For Sale

Best Chicken Hatcheries In Nebraska – Chicks For Sale

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Have you been thinking of keeping chickens in your backyard, but you do not know where to buy chicks or fertilized eggs to start your flock? There are several hatcheries in Nebraska where you can buy your chicks. Keep reading to find out some of the best chicken hatcheries in Nebraska.

Central Hatchery

Central Hatchery has been in the poultry world for a few years. Since its establishment, it has won a reputation because of its top poultry products and services.

The hatchery has specialized in raising several breeds of chickens. They sell healthy chicks and ensure that they are vaccinated before they are sold to farmers.

They usually have a plentiful supply of chicks throughout the year. However, you will have to buy them in bulk to take advantage of them.

Chicks at the hatchery are priced per batch of 100 chicks. This means that if you are interested in buying from them, you will have to order your chicks in bulk. 

You can order a minimum of 50 chicks. However, you will have to pay an additional $10 for every chick. They guarantee keepers a 90% accuracy on sexed chicks.

They also deliver and provide various poultry services such as debeaking or de-winging of birds. 

In addition to chicks, you can also buy fertilized eggs at Central Hatchery. Their eggs are usually healthy and fresh, and you can be sure of them hatching into chicks of your desired breed. 

Some breeds that you can buy from them include Rhode Island Red, Sil Go Link, Red Leg, and Broilers. The price of chickens at the hatchery will depend on various factors such as breed, age, and gender.

They ship their products across the state. You can call their number to make an order or inquire about their services.

  • Phone: 402-454-2336
  • Location: 55485 833rd Rd, Madison, NE 68748

Hendrix Genetics

Are you looking for a top hatchery in Nebraska where you can buy laying hens and add to your flock? Hendrix Genetics is one of the best places that you should visit.

They have specialized in raising laying hens and turkeys, which they later supply to backyard chicken keepers at affordable prices. 

All of their products are worth your money. They sell healthy chickens that have been raised using organic methods. If you buy from them, you can ensure your chickens attain maturity and be more productive. 

In addition to laying hens and turkeys, the hatchery also has breeding programs in place for salmon, swine, shrimp, and trout. Their main goal is to breed animals that can flourish in any environment and sell them to consumers or keepers. 

Hendrix Genetics sells its birds to farmers at an affordable price. If you purchase from them, they will advise and guide you on how best you can raise your chickens at a lower cost for maximum productivity.

They like to connect with their customers and will follow up to see how the birds are doing once you take them to your backyard.

The price of chickens are the hatchery will depend on various things such as breed and age. They have a variety of breeds that you can buy.

Some of the common chicken breeds at Hendrix Genetics include Bovans Brown, ISA Brown, Shaver White, and Dekalb White. 

  • Phone: 308-382-9055
  • Location: 2325 W Schimmer Dr, Grand Island, NE 68801

Kreifel’s Poultry

Kreifels Poultry is a small farm whose main focus is on chicken shows, competitions, and exhibits rather than raising birds for meat or eggs.

In addition, they sell a limited number of breeder-quality bantams such as White Langshan Bantams and White Bare Neck Bantams. They will ensure that you go home with healthy chickens already been vaccinated.

The farm also has large fowl in its flock. Therefore, if you are a big fan of large fowl, you will not have to worry because they will cater to your needs. Some of the large fowl breeds that you will find at the hatchery include Black Langshans.

The rule that applies at the hatchery when making reservations is, first come first served. Therefore, if you are interested in buying chickens from them and adding them to your flock.

You will have to visit their hatchery as soon as possible. You can call their phone number to make reservations or inform them of your planned visit. 

Kreifel’s Poultry supplies chickens to backyard chicken keepers in Nebraska at an affordable price. The price of chickens at the hatchery will depend on the breed that you are buying.

They also sell fertilized eggs of various breeds. They usually examine the fertility of eggs before selling. However, they do not guarantee the likelihood of the eggs hatching.

Here is the price of chicks at the hatchery:

  • Black Langshan Largefowl chicks: $15
  • Black Langshan Bantam chicks: $10
  • White Langshan Bantam chicks: $10

Facebook Page:

Tarbox Hollow Poultry

Tarbox Hollow Poultry raises healthy and high-quality chicks that meet the requirement of the breed. Sometimes, the chicks can even exceed the breed’s requirement.

The farm has won a reputation for itself over the years because of its quality poultry products and services. If you are a chicken enthusiast with a small lot or backyard, you can buy hatching eggs, chicks, and adult chickens from them.

The hatchery is NPIP certified. You can therefore be sure of getting chicks, adult chickens, or hatching eggs that meet the standard of your desired breed.

Chicks at the hatchery are Avian Influenza Tested Clean. The hatchery breeds and produces many heritage and rare chicken breeds. 

They do not ship their chickens. Therefore, if you are interested in buying adult birds from them, you will have to visit the hatchery and pick up your order.

This is good because you will have the opportunity to select your desired chickens that you perceive to be fit and healthy. Hatching eggs and chicks can be picked up at the hatchery or delivered to you at your location.

The price of chicken at Tarbox Hollow Poultry depends on the breed and age of the chicken. Some breeds are slightly more expensive than others. The minimum number of chickens you can buy at the hatchery is ten. Some of the breeds raised by the farm include:

Double Barrel Game Farm and Hatchery

Double Barrel Game Farm and Hatchery use modern hatchery technology to obtain the best possible results. They have separate areas for washing and traying, a hatching room, and an incubator to achieve this.

They also have an assembly area where they prepare to ship their chickens to poultry keepers. All of these areas are housed within the hatchery building. To ensure the security of every individual in their facility, they have put in place a stringent bio-security protocol.

If you visit the hatchery, you will never miss on chicks to buy. They have plenty of chicks in their store waiting for chicken keepers to buy and add to their flock. They hatch up to 30,000 eggs from April to August on Mondays, depending on the season. Their chicks are usually healthy and fit. They are vaccinated before being sold to farmers.

When shipping and delivering their chicks, they use cartons that have a nutritional supplement. They also use well-ventilated boxes with handling instructions. If you want to make an order, you can call on their phone number or visit the hatchery.

  • Phone: 402-366-0034
  • Location: 1609 Rd M550, McCool Junction, NE 68401

Chicken Laws in Nebraska

Before you start raising chickens in Nebraska, there are several laws that you must be aware of. Different cities and town have their own rules and regulations concerning raising chickens. Here are some of the cities in Nebraska that will allow you to raise chickens and their conditions.

Lincoln Nebraska Chicken Ordinance

Lincoln allows its residents to keep chickens in their homestead. However, there are a few restrictions that you must be aware of. You can only keep 7- 30 chickens for bantam varieties or any other chicken that weighs less than 3 lbs. They do not allow residents to keep roosters.

Nebraska City Chicken Ordinance

If you are in Nebraska city and you want to purchase any hens or bantams, you must get a license from the city before doing so. Licenses are only valid for one calendar year. Therefore, you will have to renew them annually. You are allowed to keep up to four hens in your household.

Omaha Nebraska Chicken Ordinance

Omaha allows its residents to keep chickens within their homesteads. However, you must obtain a permit and declare the total number of birds you are raising. You will have to ensure that your chickens are kept in an enclosed area because it is prohibited to let them roam freely in the streets. Roosters are not allowed.


Choosing the right hatchery is one of the most significant things in poultry keeping. There are several hatcheries in Nebraska where you can visit and buy your desired chicks. However, you must ensure that you settle only for those that can be trusted. 

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