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Best Chicken Hatcheries In Michigan – Chicks For Sale

Best Chicken Hatcheries In Michigan – Chicks For Sale

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Finding good hatcheries where you can buy your chicks is one of the most important things you must consider when starting poultry keeping. If you are in Michigan, there are many hatcheries to get your desired birds.

In this article, we will take you through some of the best hatcheries in Michigan. Keep reading to find out more.

The Funky Chicken Hatchery

First on our list of the best chicken hatcheries in Michigan is The Funky Chicken Hatchery, which is located in Vestaburg. It has been in the poultry industry for several years.

Since its establishment, it has won a reputation because of its top products and services. Currently, they are not NPIP certified. However, they offer quality products and will ensure that you go away with healthy and fit chicks that have been vaccinated. 

The Funky Chicken Hatchery usually ships her chickens around Michigan. This means that you can buy your chicks from them without necessarily visiting the farm. All you will have to do is contact them and make an order.

They will ensure that only the healthy and fit chickens you asked for are delivered to you. If you are a resident of Vestaburg, you can directly pick up your chicks from the hatchery. 

The hatchery has specialized in producing a wide range of chicken breeds that backyard chicken keepers can choose from.

The price of birds will depend on the breed that you want. Here is a list of some of the breeds that they have and their starting price.

  • White Marans- $4
  • Java- $4
  • Barnevelder- $8
  • Cuckoo Marans- $4
  • Black Silver Marans- $6
  • Spangled Russian Orloff- $6
  • Olive Eggers- $6
  • Welsummer- $6
  • Silkies- $6

If you are interested in their products, you can contact them to order. You can also call them to enquire about their services.

  • Phone: 989-307-5031
  • Location: 6770 N Crystal Rd, Vestaburg, MI 48891

Townline Hatchery

Townline Hatchery was established in 1913. It was initially started as a cow farm. Its purpose has changed since then, and today, it is home to more than 40000 chickens. It is one of the oldest hatcheries in Michigan that you can visit and buy backyard chickens to add to your flock. Today, the hatchery is NPIP certified and supplies chicken keepers across Michigan with their desired birds.

The hatchery produces a wide range of chicken breeds that you can choose from. Some of the common breeds that you can buy from them include:

They sell their chickens at an affordable price. The prices of birds at the hatchery range from $2 to $6 and depend on the breed you are buying. Currently, they do not allow onsite pickup.

They usually ship their chickens. Therefore, you can contact them anytime to make an order. They will deliver your chickens to you at their nearest pickup station. 

  • Phone: 616-772-6514
  • Location: 4198 96th Ave, Zeeland, MI 49464

The Chick Depot

The Chick Depot is one of Michigan’s most popular and top hatcheries. They raise a variety of chickens which they sell to chicken enthusiasts within Michigan and the surrounding areas.

Some of the breeds you can find at the hatchery include Crested breeds, Bantam chicks, exotic breeds, and rare breeds. They also raise broilers and layers.

The price of birds at the hatchery largely varies depending on the rareness of the birds. Generally, they sell their chickens at an affordable price.

With as low as $2, you can buy standard breeds from them. On the other hand, exotic chickens will cost you approximately $10 or slightly more. 

If you plan to have your birds shipped, you must remember that not all their breeds can be shipped. It is free for those that can be shipped if you make an order of over 100 chickens.

The hatchery has a Replacement Promise and a Live Arrival Guarantee. Although they are currently not NPIP, they sell high-quality chicken breeds.

  • Phone: 734-747-0640
  • Location: Trout Ave, Gladwin, MI 48624

Six Feathers Farm

Six Feathers Farm was established in 2013. The farm, which is located in Charlotte, is NPIP certified.

Therefore, you can be sure that their products are of high quality and meet the required standards. Apart from selling chickens, they also sell hatching eggs and other poultry.

The availability of birds at the farm depends on the time of the year. You can find chickens from March to November. If you want to buy from them, you should contact them before visiting them.

Currently, they offer the Black Cochin breed at $7 per chicken. They do not also ship their chickens. You can only pick up your order at the farm.

  • Phone: 517-202-6041
  • Location: 1306 Jack Henry Dr, Charlotte, MI 48813

Duck ‘N’ Coop HatcheryFarm

Duck ‘N’ Coop Hatchery Farm is located in Columbiaville. They specialize in raising various chicken breeds, later selling to chicken keepers. Currently, they are not certified by NPIP. However, you can trust their products.

They will ensure that you get only those healthy and fit chickens. All their chicks are vaccinated before being sold out. The farm uses organic methods to raise its birds.

In addition to chickens, they breed peafowl, turkeys, and waterfowl. The hatchery operates from February to July. However, they have regular Silkies, Millie Fuller, Calico Cochins, and Show Girl Silkies. You can either choose shipping or onsite pickup.

  • Phone: 810-656-5589
  • Location: 5174 N Lake Rd, Columbiaville, MI 48421

Crazy Chicken Ranch

Crazy Chicken Ranch offers backyard chickens to farmers in Michigan and is located in Capac. They also have chemical-free, non-GMO produce. They also ship throughout the entire USA.

If you want your chicks shipped, you will have to make an order of at least four chicks. Currently, Crazy Chicken Ranch does not allow onsite visits.

The hatchery raises a wide variety of chicken breeds. Nearly all of their chicks are sexed before being sold to chicken keepers. Some of the breeds that you will find at the farm include:

  • Leghorn sexed female chicks
  • Rhode Island Red chicks
  • Isa Brown sexed chicks
  • Jersey Giant chicks
  • Black Sexlink chicks
  • Golden Laced Wyandotte

The price per chick at the hatchery is $5.

  • Phone: 810-223-7521
  • Location: 14300 Sullivan Rd, Capac, MI 48014

Cutler Supply

Cutler Supply is the last on our list of the top hatcheries in Michigan. The hatchery ships its chicks throughout the entire USA. They guarantee their customers a 90% sexing, 100%arrival guarantee, and 70% fertile eggs. 

Cutler Supply raise a wide range of standard breeds such as Isa Brown, Barred Rock, White Leghorn, and Amberlink. They also sell rare chicken breeds such as Light Brahma, Black Jersey Giant, Buff Orpington, and Black Australorp. 

If you are an enthusiast of premium chicken breeds, you will also find them at the hatchery. Some of the premium breeds include Welsummer, Speckled Sussex, Mystic Maran, and Plymouth Blue Rock.

Although the hatchery is not NPIP certified, they offer quality and healthy chickens. The price per chick ranges from $2.5 to $6.

  • Phone: 810-633-9450
  • Location: 1940 Old M 51, Applegate, MI 48401

Things To Consider When Buying Chickens In Michigan

Raising backyard chickens is a rewarding experience. You will benefit from several things such as a constant supply of eggs and meets. Besides, chickens can be kept as pets.

However, there are several things that you must be aware of before buying chickens. If you are in Michigan, here are a few things that you must be aware of.

Check the Law

One of the crucial things you must do before taking chicken home to start a flock is to check the existing laws in your town or residential place.

Some cities like Charlotte, Troy, Madison Heights, and Hazel park allow their residents to keep chickens. However, you will have to obtain a license.

For those that allow residents to keep chickens, there is always a limit on the number that they can raise- usually 4 to 7.

There are other cities in Michigan where chicken keeping is prohibited. Such cities include Birmingham, Oak Park, Detroit, and Huntington Woods.

Ensure Optimal Conditions

If you are raising egg-laying chickens for the first time, you need to understand the cage law. The law implies that chicken keepers should not sell any product that comes from chickens kept in a cage.

You should have enough space where your chickens can freely roam around. In addition, you should offer your birds the best possible living conditions.

Choose Hardy Chickens

If you are buying chickens, you must always consider the climate of your city or town. Some chickens may not do well in extreme weather conditions, thus making them susceptible to various poultry diseases and health issues like frostbites.

Michigan is generally very cold during winter and warm during summer. Therefore, you should consider buying cold-hardy chickens.

Such breeds include Barred Rocks, Wyandottes, Silkie Bantams, Cochins, and Ameraucanas. The breeds to avoid include New Hampshire Reds, Leghorns, and Antwerp Bantams.


There are several chicken hatcheries in Michigan where you can buy birds and add them to your flock. Before purchasing your chickens, you should always check if you are legally allowed to raise them within your residential area.

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