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Best Chicken Hatcheries In Maryland – Chicks For Sale

Best Chicken Hatcheries In Maryland – Chicks For Sale

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Are you based in Maryland, and you are thinking of raising chickens in your backyard? Several hatcheries in the state can provide you with chicks, high-quality fertilized eggs, and chickens of different breeds, colors, and sizes. Keep reading to learn more about the best chicken hatcheries in Maryland.

The Merry Hen

The Merry Hen is a small homestead found in Southern Maryland. They exclusively sell Cream and White Legbar chicks, hatching eggs, and chickens. If you plan to raise Cream or White Legbar chickens in your backyard, then this is the best hatchery to visit. 

Currently, The Merry Hen hatchery only allows local pick up. They do not ship their products. If you want to buy chicks or hatching hens from them, you will have to go to the hatchery.

They will ensure that you go away with high-quality chicks and hatching eggs. If you are a beginner in the poultry industry, they will also guide you on how best to raise your Cream or White Legbar chickens.

The farm is certified by NPIP to carry out its operations. It is also approved by TP and AI clean. Besides, they are members of the American Poultry Association and the Cream Legbar Club. The price of their chickens will depend on the variety as well as the gender.

Price of Pullets;

  • Cream Legbar pullets: $25 each
  • White Legbar pullets: $30 each

Price of Cockrels;

  • Cream Legbar cockrels: $20 each
  • White Legbar cockrels: 25 each
  • Phone: 202-573-8087
  • Location: 1879 Adelina Rd #3793, Prince Frederick, MD 20678

Chicken City Eggery

Chicken City Eggery is one of the members of the Maran and specializes in Black Copper Marans and Olive Eggers. The hatchery has won a reputation over the years because of the services that they offer. They will ensure that chicken enthusiasts go away with high-quality chicks that are vaccinated.

Their primary focus is on breeding chickens that lay the prized olive and copper eggs. They also breed on SOP and temperament. If you are looking for a hatchery in Maryland certified by NPIP, then Chicken City Eggery is one of the best options for you. Their chicks are vaccinated against Marek disease before being sold to farmers.

Hatching eggs at Chicken City Eggery can be shipped or picked up at the farm. However, chicks can only be sold and picked up on their site. If you want to buy chicks from them, you will have to visit them. This will work well for you as you will be presented with an opportunity to choose your desired chicks.

The price of chicks and hatching eggs at the hatchery will depend on the breed that you want to buy. Here is the price of eggs that they have:

  • Black Copper Maran eggs: $65 per dozen
  • Olive Eggers: $30 per dozen

You can call them to make an order or to ask any question concerning their services. They value their customers and will offer you the necessary assistance.

chicken hatcheries in Maryland
  • Phone: 301-367-2492
  • Location: 27929 Barnes Rd, Damascus, MD 20872

Covered Bridge Poultry Farm

If you are looking for a reliable hatchery in Maryland, Covered Bridge Poultry can be a good option for you. They breed and sell hatching eggs, full-grown chickens, and chicks. The farm will ensure that all the chicks or mature chickens are vaccinated before they are sold to chicken keepers.

They specialize in several chicken breeds such as D’Uccle, Polish, and Cochin Bantam breeds. Besides, they also sex their chicks. The farm is certified by NPIP to carry out its operations in the United States. It has also been tested and cleared for PT and AI. You can ship or pick up hatching eggs at the farm. However, live chickens can not be shipped, but you will have to visit the farm and pick them up.

Here is the price of hatching eggs for various breeds at Covered Bridge Poultry Farm:

  • Cochin Bantam: $15 per dozen
  • Gold Neck D’Uccles: $10 per dozen
  • Tolbunt Polish chickens: $20 per half a dozen
chicken hatcheries in Maryland
  • Phone: 301-478-5094
  • Location: Oldtown, MD, 21555

Marker 99 Poultry

Marker 99 raises their bids in a natural environment, including allowing their chickens to bask in the sunlight. The farm is NPIP certified and produces healthy and high-quality chicken breeds. It uses thermostatically controlled areas for the brooders. They also use ambient temperatures for chickens.

The farm raises a wide variety of chicken breeds that chicken enthusiasts can choose from and add to their flock. Some of these breeds include:

The price of chickens at Marker 99 Poultry usually varies from time to time depending on availability and the breed of chicken. If you want to buy from them, you can call them or visit the farm to confirm the prices. They will guide you on raising your chickens at a lower cost.

  • Phone: 301-748-9868
  • Location: 23630 Leathers Rd, Smithsburg, MD 21783

Deer Run Farms

Deer Run Farms specializes in raising free-range chickens that are happily roaming free. They sell registered Red Angus, and Heritage breed chickens for breeding stock as well as for consumption. The farm breeds four main types of chicken. They include Ameraucana, Copper Maran, Welsummer, and Delaware.

Over the years, Deer Run Farms hatchery has won a reputation because of its top services. It is among the few hatcheries in the United States of America that test their chickens for disease. They aim to ensure that their customers only go home with healthy chickens free from any health issues. 

They are certified by the NPIP. You can therefore be sure of their birds being of quality. You can reach them through their phone number to inquire about the available birds and ask any questions about their services. The price of birds of chickens at Deer Run Farms will depend on availability and the breed type.

chicken hatcheries in Maryland
  • Ameraucana: $5.00
  • Copper Marans: $5.00
  • Delaware: $2.50
  • Welsummer: $4.00
  • Olive Egger: $5.00
  • Phone: 717-357-4521
  • Location: 15131 Sixes Rd, Emmitsburg, MD 21727

Just Flockit Farms

Just Flockit is one of the best hatcheries in Maryland. They mainly focus on raising birds with fancy feathers as well as egg colors. The farm produces a wide variety of chicken breeds that farmers can choose from. Some of the popular breeds that you will find at the hatchery include:

The farm is certified by NPIP. It is also PT and AI clean. If you plan to buy from Just Flockit Farms, you will have to remember that they do not sell hatchery birds. However, their primary focus is on good quality chickens from select breeders. They will ensure that you go away with healthy chickens that will be productive. Besides, they will advise you on how you can raise your chickens.

Here is the price for off-heat pullets at Just Flockit Farms:

  • Black and Blue Copper Marans: $25
  • Olive Eggers: $25
  • Salmon Favorelles: $25
  • Crested Cream Legbar: $25
  • Sizzles and Silkies: $20

They do not ship their products. If you are interested in buying from them, you will have to visit their site.

  • Phone: (443) 945-3913
  • Location: 289 Johnstown Rd, Elkton, MD 21921

Moose Manor Farms

Moose Manor usually breeds a wide range of heritage chickens for egg consumption and meat. They ensure that their chickens are healthy by organically raising them. The farm does not use herbicides, pesticides and grows light in its flock. 

You can only buy chickens at Moose Manor Farms through an appointment. They do not guarantee their customers autosexing. The availability of hatching eggs and baby chicks at the farm will depend on hatch timelines. They will ensure that their customers go home with quality healthy chicks or eggs of their desired breed.

Here is the price of baby chicks at Moose Manor Farms:

  • Phone: 301-678-3533
  • Location: 15810 Old Marshall Hall Rd, Accokeek, MD 20607

Things to Consider When Buying Chickens in Maryland

There are a few things that you must consider when buying chickens to add to your flock. This will ensure that you have a successful poultry-keeping journey. If you are in Maryland, here are some of the things that you will have to consider.

Local Laws Related to Raising Chickens

If you are raising birds in the state, you must register with the Maryland Department of Agriculture. The number of chickens that you will be allowed to raise usually vary from one area to another. You will also be required to report any health issues in your flock.

What Chicken Breeds are Appropriate for the Maryland Weather?

The climate in Maryland can be described as temperate. The average minimum temperature yearly ranges from about 15 degrees to 9 degrees. You will therefore have to buy chickens that can tolerate the harsh and snowy climate. Some of the suitable breeds include:

  • Leghorns
  • Brahmas
  • Buff Orpingtons
  • Ameraucanas
  • Rhode Island Reds
  • Wyandotte


There are several hatcheries in Maryland where you can buy chickens from and add to your backyard flock. You must consider hatcheries that are NPIP certified and those that have reliable products.

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