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Best Chicken Hatcheries In Colorado- Chicks For Sale

Best Chicken Hatcheries In Colorado- Chicks For Sale

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Successful poultry-keeping starts from choosing the right breed of chicks and raising them. If you are a chicken enthusiast from Colorado, here are some of the best chicken hatcheries in the state.

There are several hatcheries in the United States where you can buy are raise your chicks. However, you should ensure that you buy from the best and most trusted hatcheries.

Wardle Feed and Pet Supply

Wardle Feed has been active in the poultry industry for several years. The hatchery was established in 1972 and is owned and operated by a family. They specialize in chickens, animal feeds, and beekeeping.

Wardle Feed and Pet Supply have a local hatchery where chicken keepers can buy chicks and raise them at their homes. Some of the breeds that you will find at the hatchery include:

  • Brahma
  • Wyandottes
  • Jersey Giants
  • Americaunas
  • Leghorns
  • Orpingtons
  • Chantecler
  • Australorps

There are several other species available at the hatchery. You should confirm from them if they have your desired species. They also have various breeds of ducks.

In addition, Wardle Feed offers chicken keepers, backyard chicken keeping classes. If you buy from them, you can be sure of being guided on how you can successfully raise your chickens. Besides, they have various chicken feeds as well as poultry equipment. Some of the feeds you can buy from them are Medicated Chick Starter, Chick Grower Developer, Oyster Shells, and Grub Worms. 

The best time to visit the hatchery is during their baby chicken season. They are usually available from Mondays to Saturdays. They usually advise their clients to come with their containers if they are purchasing chicks from them. 

  • Phone: 303-424-6455
  • Location: 7610 3 Acre Ln, Wheat Ridge, CO 80033

Northern Colorado Feeders Supply

Northern Colorado Feeders Supply has been around since 1972. It is owned by Dennis Nater, who is also the founder. Since its establishment, they have specialized in poultry and poultry products. 

You can be sure of finding a variety of chicks from their hatchery. They have partnered with seven other hatcheries across the United States of America. All of their partners have the National Poultry Improvement Program (NPIP) Monitored or Certified Clean. This implies that they have all passed environmental and health testing.

In addition to their hatchery, they also have various poultry feeds. Therefore, if you buy chicks from them, you will not have to worry about feeding them. You can buy feed from them at an affordable price. They will also guide you on how to feed your chickens and raise them from the time you pick them from the hatchery up to maturity.

They are trusted for selling quality and healthy chicks of different breeds. The best time to buy from them is between February and June. They will help you with sourcing your desired breed if they do not have it at their hatchery. Their poultry comes in on Fridays; thus, that is the best time to schedule a visit. For more inquiries, you can contact their customer support team through a mobile call.

  • Phone: 970-482-7303
  • Location: 300 Hickory St, Fort Collins, CO 80524

High Valley Hatchery

High Valley Hatchery is one of the best hatcheries in Colorado. If you have been thinking of starting your backyard chicken-keeping journey with chicks, you can buy quality and healthy day-old chicks from them. You can also fertile eggs from the hatchery and hatch them at your home using an incubator.

The hatchery has a variety of chicken breeds that you can buy. Some of them include:

  • Ayam Cemani
  • Swedish Flower Hens
  • Mosaic chicks
  • Blue and Black Birchen Marans
  • Porcelain Leghorn
  • Mille Fleur Bantam Cochin

They also have other different breeds. You can check out their website to confirm the available chicken breeds. Both the chicks and eggs at High Valley Hatchery are Certified by the NPIP. This means that you will not have to worry about the quality of their products if you are buying from them.

They offer shipping services for those who may not visit the hatchery. You can contact them through a mobile call to ask any questions and to place an order.

  • Phone: 719-580-6776
  • Location: 8022 County Road T Sanford, CO 81151

Long Shadow Farm

Long Shadow Farm has won a reputation for itself since its establishment. If you are planning to venture into chicken keeping, this is one of the best sites in Colorado where you can buy your chicks from. The farm is located in Berthoud.

Before you travel all the way to the Long Shadow Farm in Berthoud, it is advisable to call them first and notify them about your visit. Otherwise, if you make a surprise visit, they may not be available to attend to you appropriately and show you around. 

The farm is known for raising healthy free-range chickens. Most of the chickens raised at the farm are Rhode Island Reds. You can also find Black Australorp. Their chickens roam freely at the farm and are not exposed to chemicals.

If you buy chickens from them, they will guide you on how best you raise them. You can call them through their mobile number to book an appointment. 

  • Phone: 970-232-6667
  • Location: 101 Bothun Rd, Berthoud, CO 80513

Wildfire Farms

If you are planning to start raising chickens, then this hatchery that is located in Broomfield, Colorado, can be ideal for you. The farm has specialized in helping backyard chicken keepers across the state. 

Wildlife Farms sells various chicks, hens, and pulleys of different breeds. They do not specify on their website the specific breed that they have at the time. If you need any information, you can contact them through a call. They raise healthy chicks; thus, you can be sure of your chicks to survive as long as you take good care of them.

In addition, they will teach you how to take care of your chickens in the backyard. This can be helpful to you if you are new to chicken keeping.

  • Phone: 303-514-7618
  • Location: 5700 W 120th Ave, Broomfield, CO 80020

401 Egg Hatchery

There is not much information on the website of 401 Egg Hatchery. However, you can give them a quick phone call to get more information about the chickens and eggs that they have for sale. If you request a quotation, they will get back to you as soon as possible. They are open to serving their customers as late as 10:00 PM, and you can visit them any day within the week.

  • Phone: 719-496-3513
  • Location: Colorado Springs, CO 80921

Three S Farm

Unlike some hatcheries, which will ask you to buy a minimum number of chicks, Three S Farm will allow you to purchase even one chick from their hatchery. They have a variety of chicken breeds, each going for about $8. Some of the breeds that you can buy from them include:

  • Black Australorp
  •  Barred Rock
  • Buff Orpingtons
  • Easter Eggers
  • Light Brahmas
  • Delawares

Some breeds may not be available; thus, you can call them to confirm the available breeds before visiting them. You will have to notify them ahead of time if you plan to purchase more than two chicks. They do not do shipping.

  • Phone: 719-510-0009
  • Location: Peyton, CO

Things to Consider When Buying Chickens in Colorado

The price of chickens in any hatchery varies depending on the breeds that are available. You should be aware of what you are getting into, no matter how expensive or affordable they are. Here are some of the most important things that you must look at before committing to buy chickens from a hatchery in Colorado:

Check Local Regulations and Laws

Every state has its laws and regulations that chicken keepers and breeders must follow. A recent law was enacted in Colorado in July and aimed to reduce the suffering of egg-producing hens. By the start of 2025, eggs sold in the state should come from cage-free chickens. Hatcheries and farms must adhere to this law and must let buyers know that their eggs are from cage-free hens.

Confirm if the Hatcheries are Certified by NPIP

The National Poultry Improvement Plan (NPIP) is a cooperative and testing program that has been functioning since 1935. Their main goal is to ensure that poultry follows certain standards. They do testing and evaluation of chicks, breeding poultry, and hatching eggs. It is advisable to check if the hatchery sells eggs or chicks that are certified by NPIP.

Look at Customer Reviews and Feedbacks

There are a number of shady hatcheries in Colorado that you must be aware of and avoid. You must only purchase chicks, eggs, and pullets from reputable establishments. It can help if you check online reviews about hatcheries in the state. Besides, you can consult other chicken keepers about their experience with different hatcheries and farms.

Inspect Chicks Before Buying

It is important to inspect all the chicks before buying them. If you notice any discharge from either the nostrils or vent, it could be a sign of health issues. A sick chick may affect other chickens in your flock.


There are several top hatcheries in Colorado where you can buy your chicks from and raise them. Some of the hatcheries may also sell fertile chicken eggs and mature chickens. You must ensure that you are buying from a reliable hatchery.

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