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Best Chicken Hatcheries In Alabama- Chicks For Sale

Best Chicken Hatcheries In Alabama- Chicks For Sale

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If make your residence in the Heart of Dixie state, we will take you through some of the best chicken hatcheries in Alabama and everything you need to know about them.

Raising backyard chickens has become a common practice among many in the United States. However, the success of your poultry-keeping will depend on various factors, and one of them is choosing the right hatchery.

A good hatchery will ensure that you go home with healthy and good-quality chicks. Therefore, there are many chicken hatcheries to buy your chicks and add to your flock.

If you have been looking for a good chicken hatchery in Alabama, worry no more. Keep reading to learn more.

best hatcheries in Alabama

Chick-A-Dee Hatchery

Chick-A-Dee Hatchery is one of the best hatcheries in Alabama. It is a popular hatchery located in Geneva, Alabama.

This hatchery is owned and operated by a family passionate about poultry. It is also one of the few NPIP certified hatcheries in Alabama.

Therefore, you can be sure of buying from them healthy and quality chicks that meet the breed standard.

The hatchery has a wide variety of chicken breeds that you can choose from. Some of the popular breeds at the farm include Barred Rocks, Blue Laced Red Wyandotte, Buff Orpington, Rhode Island Reds, and Marans.

They raise their chicks through organic methods. Besides, all chicks at the hatchery are vaccinated and treated for various poultry diseases. 

In addition to selling chicks, Chick-A-Dee Hatchery also sells hatching eggs. Their hatching eggs have an 85% rate and are collected every day.

You will also find fresh eggs at an affordable price. The price of chickens at the hatchery depends on various things, such as age and breed.

They also sell fresh produce to farmers across Alabama. Therefore, you will not have to worry about where you can buy treats for your feathered friends. 

They do not ship their products. This means that you will have to visit the hatchery to collect your chicks or hatching eggs.

They always advise their customers to call in advance and notify them about their planned visit. You can easily reach them through their phone number.

  • Address: Geneva, AL
  • Phone: 334-684-0825

Rise & Shine Hatchery

best hatcheries in Alabama

Rise & Shine Hatchery is a reputable chicken hatchery that specializes in breeding high-quality rare chicken breeds.

The hatchery is owned and operated by family and has been serving chicken enthusiasts in Alabama for several years.

Over the years, it has earned itself a reputation because of its services as well as top poultry products.

They sell chickens of different breeds and ages. You can buy day-old chicks at the hatchery and start raising them at home, or buy mature chickens and add to your backyard flock.

If you are buying chicks, they will ensure that you only go home with quality chicks that have been fully vaccinated against various poultry diseases.

Some of the breeds that you can buy at Rise & Shine Hatchery include Blue Laced Red Wyandotte, Rhode Island Reds, and Buff Orpingtons.

The price of chickens at Rise & Shine Hatchery will depend on several things, such as availability, age, and breed.

They also sell pastured eggs for $2. Besides, the farm also has a wide range of poultry equipment such as feeders, drinkers, and brooders. Therefore, you can choose to buy your chickens alongside this equipment at the hatchery. 

Like most other hatcheries on our list, Rise & Shine Hatchery does not ship its chickens. Therefore, you will have to visit them and pick your chicks or chickens.

You can call them before visiting to confirm if they have what you need. You can also visit their Facebook page to check some of the available chickens.

  • Address: Hokes Bluff, AL
  • Phone: 256-295-1813
  • Website: Facebook Page

Latta Farm And Feed

Latta Farm And Feed is located in Blountsville, Alabama. It is owned and operated by a family and has been in the poultry scene for many years.

If you are thinking of raising chicken for the first time, this is one of the best hatcheries in Alabama that you can visit.

They will ensure that you take home healthy chicks with high chances of survival. They will also advise you on how best you can raise your chicks and even make a follow-up to see how your birds are doing.

The hatchery is NPIP certified. Therefore, you can buy from them quality chicks that meet the breed standard.

They have a variety of chicken breeds, all going for different prices depending on availability, age, and breed.

The common breeds of chicken at the hatchery include Buff Orpingtons, Seramas, Blue Laced Red Wyandotte, and Rhode Island Reds. 

You can buy fertilized chicken eggs at the hatchery and hatch them at home if you have an incubator. Besides, Latta Farm And Feed also have NON-GMO Livestock Feed, Meat Rabbits, Pygmy goats, and Honey Bees.

You can also buy various treats for your chickens, such as vegetables and fruits. The hatchery also sells various poultry equipment such as brooders, feeders, and drinkers.

The hatchery is always open during the week and does not open on weekends. They do not ship their products; thus will have to visit their site and buy your desired chicks.

They have good customer service and will successfully guide you to raise your backyard flock. You can call them or visit their Facebook page to see what they have. 

  • Address: Blountsville, AL
  • Phone: 205-429-4877
  • Website: Facebook Page

Elk River Poultry Hatchery

Elk River Poultry is an NPIP certified hatchery located in Athens, Alabama. It was established in 2015 and specializes in raising quality chickens and selling them to chicken keepers in the state and surrounding areas.

Their chicks are raised through organic ways and do not have any health challenges. If you have been looking for a good chicken hatchery in Alabama that offers a wide range of chicken breeds to choose from, then this is one of the places to visit. 

The hatchery sells both mature chickens as well as day-old chicks of various breeds. Some of the breeds of chickens that you will find at Elk River Poultry hatchery include Black Australorp, Black Jersey Giant, Golden Seabright Bantam, White Leghorn, Rhode Island Red, and Buff Orpington.

They will allow you to select your desired birds and ensure that you go home with healthy chicks. All chicks at the hatchery are fully vaccinated for various poultry diseases before they are sold out.

Elk River Poultry is one of the most successful hatcheries on our list. This family-owned farm has two employees who will help you select your desired chickens and guide you on how best to raise your chicks.

It is open throughout the week except on weekends. Since they do not ship, you will have to visit the farm in order to buy your chicks.

You can call their mobile number to inform them of your planned visit and confirm if they have the chicken breed you want.

  • Address: Athens, AL
  • Phone: 256-374-3605

Valley Farms Hatchery

best hatcheries in Alabama

Valley Farms Hatchery was established in 2012 by a teenager known as Ryan Kesley. Today, the hatchery is still owned by the same Ryan Kesley.

It has partnered with several hatcheries across the United States of America to supply chicken enthusiasts with quality chicks for their families.

Ryan grew up with a passion for poultry. He started the farm with a tabletop incubator and a flock of 25 Rhode Island Reds.

Ryan operates the hatchery alongside his mother and father, who helps him care for the breeder birds. He also has a few friends that offer assistance on hatch days during the spring.

They breed and raise over 50 different breeds of poultry ranging from the common egg-laying hens to bantams and rare chicken breeds. They also breed guineas, ducks, geese, and turkeys. 

Valley Farms hatchery supplies their chicks both to small-scale and large-scale family farms in Alabama and the rest of the United States.

Their Cornish Cross Broilers and NOVOgen Brown Egg Layers are available year-round. Their largest market is for the average backyard hobbyists who are looking for a few chickens to produce eggs. 

If you are far away or not able to visit the hatchery, you do not have to worry as they ship their chicks.

They come at a fair price, although the prices may vary depending on the breed and age of the chicken.

If you want your chicks shipped, be prepared to pay slightly more. Chicks are usually boxed by hand and packaged according to the distance traveled and weather.

They monitor the weather closely before shipping their chicks and will ensure that your chicks are safely delivered to you.

Valley Farms has a website where customers can visit to see chicks and make an order. You can also call on their phone number or send a mail to order chicks or for any inquiries. 


If you have been looking for a good chicken hatchery in Alabama, there you have a list to choose from. These hatcheries will supply you with quality chicks and ensure that your poultry-keeping is successful.

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