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Backyard Chickens: In High Demand During Global Health Crisis

Backyard Chickens: In High Demand During Global Health Crisis

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Yes, Backyard Chickens: In High Demand During Global Health Crisis. The world is in a crisis that seems to threaten the existence of humanity. From the elderly to infants and women to men, no one has been spared by this ravaging pandemic. But survival for everyone is paramount no matter how serious this global health crisis persists. 

This explains why there has been panic buying of essentials ranging from toilet paper, diapers to edibles. Speaking of edibles, food is a basic need, especially at this time of lockdown and quarantine. 

The question is, what happens next when your food supply runs out, especially now that Coronavirus is taking a toll on every nation? The solution to this new riddle lies in backyard chickens. These birds are increasingly becoming popular for obvious reasons; they are a source of eggs and meat. 

As restrictions on the movement of people take effect to contain the virus, the need for a reliable source of protein is out of the question. So if you have a few backyard chickens, this is the time to realize their importance. But if you don’t have, then you should think of acquiring a few birds to get started. 

Backyard chickens play a critical role in times of difficulties. They are a great source of eggs and meat for most families. Additionally, they entertain to make many people forget their predicament momentarily. 

With that in mind, it is time to discuss the importance of backyard chickens during these extraordinary times.

Importance of Backyard Chickens During a Crisis

There are countless benefits of raising backyard chickens. From fresh egg to meat production and pest control to entertainment, investing in backyard chickens can be rewarding. 

Besides, getting started with this project is easier and cheaper compared to other farm animals. That being said, backyard chickens are helpful in the following ways: 

A source of Fresh Eggs

You will feel better to walk around your backyard and collect a few eggs laid by your hens in the course of the day. It will even feel better to taste eggs that you are sure of their sources. Such eggs are usually healthy and nutritious, given that you are fully aware of what your hens are eating.

As a matter of fact, the quality of eggs depends on what you feed your hens. In this case, your backyard flock will produce highly nutritious eggs because they can access natural foods when free-ranging. The quality of their eggs will be better than those from your typical grocery store. 

Your birds will spend their time eating different types of foods such as grass, vegetables, insects, grubs, and worms. This diverse diet will change the quality of their eggs a little bit. Yolks from their eggs will have a more golden color and will hold together nicely. 

Most importantly, those eggs will become more nutritionally beneficial to you and your family. In simple terms, they will have higher omega-3s, vitamin E, and beta carotene than what is contained in supermarket eggs. 

Don’t forget that they will also have lower levels of cholesterol, making them the ultimate choice for those with heart-related problems. All you need to do to enjoy eggs from your backyard hens is to practice the recommended safe-handling procedures. 

Wear protective clothing, wash your hands before and after handling eggs and when preparing them. Remember to sanitize everything around you, especially at this time when the world is trying to contain the Coronavirus.

A source of Fresh Chicken Meat

Another reason why you need backyard chickens at this time of the health crisis is to have a trusted source of meat.

Chicken meat is an excellent source of high-quality proteins besides other essential nutrients. These building blocks play a significant role in proper body functioning, leaving you healthy and strong. 

Chicken meat is well-known for its nutritional value. As mentioned earlier, it contains high-quality and easily digestible protein, including minimal amounts of saturated fat. This explains why chicken meat is suitable for consumption by people of all age groups

Also, raising chickens in your backyard will save you from the agony of scrambling for poultry products at the supermarket. Keep in mind that everyone is in a panic mode and will do anything to acquire essential products. 

In your case, you can just sit back, count your flock, and decide which one to slaughter anytime you want to enjoy chicken meat.

On the other hand, you can make some money by selling a few broilers to your friends and neighbors. Money is also important now that everything seems to be at a stand-still. And who doesn’t like the money?

For you to meet the growing demand for high-quality protein, you must focus on your selection of early maturing chicken meat. An ideal broiler should attain a body mass of 2.5 kg on average within the six-week-growing-intensive fattening. 

One thing you need to know about the composition of any chicken meat is that several factors influence it. Essential among them is the modification of their feed composition. This leads to the production of meat enriched with several functional ingredients. As a result, the chicken meat becomes a reliable foodstuff with added value. This means that it contains ingredients that are likely to benefit your family’s health. 

Remember, every family member’s health is important, particularly at this time of a global health crisis. By consuming chicken meat from one of your backyard flock will give you confidence and erase any safety concerns.

Nutritional Value of Chicken (Broiler) Meat

Chicken meat is a unique type of food that you can enjoy alongside other foodstuffs. This makes it a perfect choice of delicacy for consumers faced with a modern way of living.  Backyard Chickens are In High Demand During a Global Health Crisis

When you compare it with other meat varieties, chicken meat contains a substantial amount of protein and less saturated fat. On top of that, it has a low caloric value, which means anyone suffering from coronary and heart diseases can consume it. 

Chicken meat has low collagen levels. Collagen is a form of protein that inhibits meat digestibility. With chicken meat lacking this type of protein, it means that it is easily digestible compared to other types of meat.  

In addition to protein, chicken meat is a rich source of vitamins and minerals. It contains large quantities of magnesium, calcium, sodium, and phosphorus. 

There are also traces of iron, which are almost the same as those found in pork. Iron helps in the formation of hemoglobin, which prevents cases of anemia while promoting regular muscle activity. 

Phosphorus and calcium help in teeth and bone health. Magnesium is essential when it comes to protein synthesis and muscle activity. 

In a nutshell, chicken meat is an acceptable source of nutrients, minerals, and vitamins necessary for better body functioning. Above all, this type of meat is entirely safe for consumption.

As a Source of Entertainment

Chickens can serve as a source of entertainment while at home. This happens when you raise them as pets. 

Some poultry owners love their chickens, and not just for their eggs and meat. Chickens are known to be friendly and curious and will form a strong bond with you if you raise them as pets. 

Once they get used to your presence, they will hop on your laps, rush to welcome you, and follow you around. By doing so, they help you or your family members feel entertained most of the time. 

Picking the Right Chickens to Raise in Your Backyard

There are many types of chicken breeds to choose from. Each breed comes with its own personality and egg production rate. Therefore, you can combine breeds in a single flock to have a variety. 

Depending on your location, you can pick your chicken breed based on several factors. For instance, you can choose chicks and raise them to become mature chickens. This option requires you to have prior knowledge of handling and taking care of young birds. 

Alternatively, you can go for adult chickens to make your work less tedious. Although it may cost you more than acquiring chicks, adult chickens will take a shorter time to mature.

Also, you can settle for dual-purpose breeds if you want to enjoy both the eggs and meat. Whichever choice you make, ensure that it serves you and your family throughout the prevailing health crisis. 

Below are examples of chicken breeds you can keep in your backyard:

Egg-laying chicken breeds

Brown Egg Layers

  • Australorps
  • New Hampshire
  • Buff Orpingtons
  • Barred Plymouth Rock
  • Rhode Island Red
  • Rhode Island Whites
  • Welsummer

White Egg Layers

  • Austra Whites
  • California Whites
  • Cinnamon Queen
  • White Leghorn

Colored Egg Layers

  • Easter Eggers

Meat Chicken Breeds

  • Cornish Cross
  • Jersey Giant
  • Freedom Rangers
  • Bresse
  • Orpington
  • Buckeye
  • Brown Leghorn
  • Egyptian Fayoumi
  • Turken
  • Chantecler
  • Delaware
  • Croad Langshan
  • Dorking
  • Kosher King
  • New Hampshire Red

Dual-Purpose Chicken Breeds

  • Black Australorp
  • Speckled Sussex
  • Wyandottes
  • Orpington
  • Rhode Island Red

Apart from choosing certain breeds of chickens, you should also consider the amount of space in your backyard, local ordinances, security, and your budget. Once you meet all these requirements, nothing should stand on your way to raising a happy flock of chickens. Your Backyard Chickens In High Demand During Global Health Crisis.

Final Thought

The benefits of Backyard Chickens: In High Demand During Global Health Crisis. are many. In fact, they outweigh just having an endless supply of fresh eggs every day. But most importantly, raising chickens ensures that you get enough proteins through the consumption of meat and eggs. That said, you can choose a few chickens among layers, broilers, or dual-purpose breeds to make your backyard lively throughout.

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