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Wally Elwin


Free-Range vs Cooped Chickens

Free-Range vs Cooped Chickens So, free-range vs cooped chickens, which one will you prefer? By now you must be aware that they are two major options which are free-range and caged or cooped. In between, there are a handful of middle ground options that offer the best attributes of both worlds.  The easiest decision to …

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Bantams vs Standard Chickens

Bantams vs Standard Chickens

What are the pros and cons of bantams vs standard chickens? To answer this question correctly, we need to look at various factors that make the two types of chickens different. These factors include their sizes, feeding habits, cost of raising them, their productivity and so on. Chickens come in various sizes, colors, and different …

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fruits that Chickens Can eat

Fruits Chickens Can Eat!

So, what are the fruits that chickens can eat? I always enjoy feeding my backyard chickens on a variety of foods. The sight of these birds scrambling for different treats is amazing and fascinating at the same time. That’s how I realize that chickens feed on almost anything coming their way including different types of …

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