What is a Brooder Chicken?

What is a brooder chicken?

In the course of keeping chickens, you will come to notice some changes among a certain group of hens. The changes are usually behavioral, especially when it is a broody hen season. Let’s learn more about this change of behavior and what initiates it among your flock of birds. So, what is a brooder chicken? …

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Can Chickens Eat Bananas?

Chickens enjoy many different fruits and vegetables. If you are wanting to treat your flock, and are wondering “can chickens eat bananas?” – the answer is YES! My chickens absolutely love this tasty snack! Not only are they a yummy addition to their diet, but they also can benefit your birds with a great source …

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How Long do Roosters Live?


How long do roosters live? When owning Backyard Chickens you should have a full record of your entire flock and breeds. The record should show the trend and progress of each chicken breed in terms of productivity, growth, expenses, and lifespan. Speaking of the lifespan of a chicken, there’s a need to know how long …

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Can You Have a Chicken as a Pet?

What are the Friendliest Chickens?

There’s a growing trend among chicken keepers that has raised many questions. One, in particular, is can you have a chicken as a pet? Some chicken owners seem to be creating a strong bond with their specific flock of chickens and this looks really fascinating. Chickens are currently the newest friends to several family members …

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