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Alexis Cameron

Essential oils to keep your chickens healthy

Essential Oils for Chickens

With the increasing popularity of aromatherapy, essential oils have become standard for human self-care. But essential oils for chickens?  After four of her young broiler chickens die of a mysterious illness, a Virginia woman adds diluted oregano essential oil to her brood’s water and the deaths stop.  Another treats a chicken wounded in a fox attack with an …

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What is Pasty Butt in Chickens?

What is Pasty Butt in Chickens?

You’ve done your research and finally made the big decision: you’re going to keep chickens in the backyard. You’ve ordered them, but when the big day finally arrives, and they show up at your door, you noticed something peculiar on their backsides. Yes, it very well could be poop on the chicken’s bottoms, aka pasty …

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Do chickens get fleas?

Do Chickens Get Fleas?

The short answer to the dreadfully terrifying question Do Chickens Get Fleas? Yes, chickens can get fleas. Like any animal you introduce into your life, your feathery backyard friends bring with them a variety of pests that will follow them wherever they go. That is not to say that your chickens have fleas or will …

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Can Chickens Eat Ticks

Do Chickens Eat Ticks?

One of the most common questions chicken owners ask is if chickens eat ticks. Chickens take a lot of care, and it’s nice to take stock of some of their extra benefits.  The good news is that the answer is yes, chickens do eat ticks. There is now plenty of scientific evidence to show that chickens …

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