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Are Sapphire Gem Chickens Friendly?

Are Sapphire Gem Chickens Friendly?

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This article’s topic is are Sapphire Gem Chickens friendly? Sapphire gem chickens are very friendly in nature. They are naturally calm even when they are under stress.

Their friendly nature enables them to coexist well with other breeds. They are mostly very friendly with young children and pets and are fun to be around.

This breed of chicken was created by crossbreeding the blue Plymouth Rock and barred Plymouth Rock which gives them a unique appearance.

They are blue or lavender in color and almost look like the Plymouth Rock chicken. They require minimal work to raise and lay very fresh eggs.

Sapphire gem chicken

This breed of chicken is unique from other chicken breeds in terms of color, size, personality, and productivity.


The sapphire gem chickens are a crossbreed of blue Plymouth and barred Plymouth rock which gives them a unique color.

Their feathers are bluish or lavender with light and dark grey coloring. The sapphire gem roosters have a white dot on their heads, while the hens have a grey or golden ring around their necks.


They almost look like the Plymouth Rock chicken as they stand more upright. They are medium-sized with a single comb on the head.

The adult sapphire roosters weigh five to seven pounds, while the hens weigh four to six pounds. They are not a large-sized breed.


The chickens have a single comb on their heads which serve different purposes. The comb is a single strip running from the tip of their beak to the top of their heads. At times the comb has spikes running along its entire length.

sapphire gem hens

The comb helps the roosters attract the hens, and they are significant to show that they can produce healthy offspring while that of the hens is smaller.

They also help in regulating the body temperature of the chicken. The size of the comb indicates whether a hen is ready to lay eggs or not. The combs are generally red, black, or purple.


The sapphire gem chicks need more protein to support their growth. As they grow older, you can reduce then protein supply.

When the hens start laying, you can feed them with protein and calcium supplements, which makes the eggs big and with a strong shell.

They are great foragers who love to roam around freely looking for food. This makes them an excellent backyard breed. They can also feed on supplements.


The chickens are generally calm and docile, making them good to be around kids and pets.

The chicken only gets fussy when there is danger, make some noise (squark), and flap their wings to alert the other breeds. You can also carry them around.


Sapphire gem chickens are among the best breed of chicken to rear as they are docile and quiet.

They love receiving attention from their owner and like to be cuddled, making them good pets.

These chickens easily coexist well with other breeds as they are not aggressive and are always busy.

They also provide security by making noise and flapping their wings as a warning of impending danger to other chickens. They like enjoying enough space too.

Sapphire gem chicken productivity

Most people rear this breed of chicken because they produce fresh eggs and provide a meat supply. They are also reared because of their beautiful plumage and friendly nature.

Sapphire gem chicken eggs

The chicken is mainly sought because of its great egg-laying capabilities. Most chicken enthusiasts and breeders consider the Sapphire Gem chickens as prolific layers.

They start laying eggs at the age of 4 months to 6 months and produce 5 or 6 eggs weekly. Gems lay approximately 300 eggs in a year.

They lay dark brown eggs that may be large compared to an average chicken egg. The productivity of the hens starts to fade off after two years. They are very productive in colder regions.

Sapphire gem chicken meat

They are mainly kept for egg production, but they also are kept for meat. After two years, when they become less productive in egg-laying.

They are either kept as pets or slaughtered to provide food. They are medium-sized hence do not have much meat on them.


Determining the sex of sapphire gem chicks is easy as their colors distinguish them. The female sapphire gem chicks are blue or lavender, while male chicks will have a white spot on their heads or wings. 

Breeding of sapphire gem chicken

The chickens are known for their excellent egg-laying nature. They lay around five eggs in a week. They also mature quickly, and the hens start laying eggs between four to six months old.

The chickens are not known for their broodiness, making them great for flock owners looking for reliable egg layers. In terms of prices, the females will be sold at a higher price as compared to the males.

Habitat setup

Sapphire Gem chickens require a distance of four feet square feet from each other as they do not like to be confined in small areas. The chickens are great foragers; hence they will get more nutrients if they are left free to look for good on their own.

They are more secure as compared to other breeds of chicken as they are very alert to danger.

This makes them easy to maintain as they will return to their shelters safely if provided with necessities like water and good shelter.

a sapphire gem in the garden

Facts About Sapphire Gem Chicken

  • They are great foragers: they do well while searching for food on their own but also thrive in confined spaces.
  • Notoriously oviparous- the sapphire gem hens are highly productive in terms of egg-laying with little or no embryonic development. They have a small gland near the eye that is sensitive to sunlight which causes them to release eggs.

How Sapphire Gem Chicken Adapt to Changes in Temperature

Sapphire Gem chickens thrive in both hot and cold temperatures but thrive more in warm temperatures.

Their behavior and physical appearance should be monitored like other breeds to ensure the climate does not affect them negatively.

When it is hot, ensure they have enough water, have proper shelter and air circulation. You can feed them with frozen fruits or vegetables or even put a fan in their shelter to cool them off.

When it is cold, protect them from rain, snow, or other cold-weather effects that affect them negatively. 

How to Keep Sapphire Gem Chicken Cool in Summer

  • Put blocks of ice near them to melt then the chicken will drink the melted water.
  • Set up small shallow paddling pools in which the chicken can stand in to cool off.
  • They should have more space which ensures there is proper ventilation. 

The chicken should have proper shelter to protect them from cold, especially the roosters whose combs can freeze and fall off. You can also protect the combs by applying Vaseline on them.

The combs help the chicken by regulating body temperatures as they filter out some heat when it is too hot or keep them warm when it is too cold.

Health Concerns of Sapphire Gem Chicken 

Sapphire gems are considered hardy birds with fewer health problems. The main health concern for the chicken are parasites, lice, mice, and worms which are harmful if the chicken is not well taken care of.

You should clean their shelter regularly and change their food and water from time to time in order to protect them from pests.

Feed them with a healthy diet and protect them from harmful weather. Also, let a vet check them from time to time.

Health concerns of the chicken combs

How a chicken comb looks or feels indicates whether the chicken is healthy or not. A dry and pale comb shows that the chicken is either dehydrated, is anemic, or has a fever or other problems.

A blue comb indicates that the chicken is cold or that it has a lung or heart problem. A dark red comb shows that the chicken is too hot or that it has a fever.

a sapphire gem hen


You can add a sapphire gem rooster to your flock in order to improve the security of your chicken. They are not as aggressive as other roosters. They will also hatch with the hens to produce fertile eggs.

Why keep sapphire gem chicken

  • They have beautiful feathers and unique colors.
  • Gems are excellent egg layers.
  • They easily adapt to different weather conditions, which do not affect their egg production.
  • They easily get along with other breeds of chicken.
  • Gems are easy to take care of and maintain.
  • They provide security to other breeds of chicken by warning them of impending danger.


Sapphire gem chickens are a great and all-rounded chicken breed. They are friendly, pretty, and have a great egg production capability. These birds have a great personality and are very easy to care for and maintain. They are good around kids and pets. If you have been looking for a friendly chicken to add to your flock, then this breed is one of the best options you can consider.

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