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Are Amish Chicken Coops Better?

Are Amish Chicken Coops Better?

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It seems like everyone in the backyard chicken community loves the Amish coops. People rave about how fantastic these coops are and their superiority to anything else. But, are Amish chicken coops better? After all, they are homemade. You might be thinking you could do the same thing yourself. In our opinions, yes, the Amish coops are superior to most other coops around. Let’s explore why the Amish coops are so popular, and some complaints that they have.

Pros Of Amish Chicken Coops

The first thing we will discuss is all the great features the Amish coops have. There are so many unique aspects of an Amish coop, but we are trying to consolidate them to the most important. Some of these are one of a kind qualities that you can’t get anywhere else. And others might be qualities you can do yourself, but the Amish can do it better. These are all the reasons why Amish coops are better.


First and foremost, the Amish coops are beautiful to look at. They capture an almost dreamy backyard chicken theme. Add some flowers and a landscaped run, and your chickens will live better than most humans. The craftsmanship that goes into these coops is impeccable to anything the average person could design.


Time and again, owners have confessed that their Amish coops outlive anything else they have made or bought. The Amish coops are built to last a lifetime, and maybe even some more. These coops can last through the craziest of storms and seasonal weather as if nothing happened. Most users claim that 10-20 years later, their Amish coops look brand new.

Saves Money

The Amish coops will save you money in the long run because of how durable they are. You won’t have to buy a new coop every 5-10 years. And you likely won’t have to buy any replacement parts. One Amish coop will last you longer than any DIY version unless your handy work is comparable to the Amish. This durability comes from their strong work ethics and their belief to build it once and build it right.

Custom Or Pre-Made

Many Amish communities will sell these coops in a pre-made style or custom. These custom coops can vary in design, color, or size. You can get an Amish coop that will fit any purpose that you need. Most companies that make coops in mass production have limited customization abilities.

Excellent Roofs

The roofs on the Amish chicken coops are very solid. They do not leak and last through any weather conditions mother nature throws at it. Having a solid roof will prevent flooding and getting your chickens drenched in lousy weather.


Amish chicken coops come with one thing that most other coops don’t, fantastic insulation. These coops don’t have drafts to keep out the cold of winter. But they also keep the cool of the shade inside the coop during winter. Your chickens will thrive better, and you will worry less.


The Amish know what will make your chickens happy. After all, they depend on their chickens to be happy and healthy for meat and eggs. The best way to make a chicken happy is to make them comfortable. Your chickens will love the nesting box sizes and perches inside their well-made coop.


Another great feature of Amish coops is that most of them have windows for easy viewing. You could put these into your DIY version, but the Amish ones look elegant and flow nicely. These windows are also excellent ventilation to let heat, smells, and moisture out.


Amish coops are known to be very predator-proof. There are no cracks, gaps, or loose pieces for animals to get into around these babies. The Amish know how important that is from experience and have adapted their ethics into their work.

Easy To Clean

The Amish know all about coops and how to make them more convenient. After all, they can’t spend all day on one task. These coops are easy to collect eggs and to clean. They don’t require a lot of extra care except maybe a little spot cleaning. Having an easy coop to clean makes the dirty work go by faster.

Made In The USA

Why buy a cheap coop from overseas when you could get a fantastic one from right here in America? You would be supporting local families and helping your state. Despite popular belief, the Amish do pay taxes on items that they sell outside of their communities. Paying for something local will help the economy in so many ways.

Saves Time

In today’s world, time is money. So even though you might be able to make a chicken coop, these save you the time. You will save time on the building and maintenance of a DIY project. And you will be saving yourself time since you won’t have to rebuild it if something goes wrong.

Ordering Online

Even though the Amish are known for not using modern technology, you can still get Amish coops ordered online. They might have limited hours of operation, or have a person from outside the community handling orders, but they are still Amish made. If you don’t live near a community, this can be a great option.

Pick-Up Available

If you have a trailer, you can head over to your local seller and buy a coop outright. There would be no delivery fees or shipping costs. You could see your coop in person to inspect and get it in half the time: no waiting, no middle man, and no extra charges.

Cons Of Amish Chicken Coops

This part is all about why people do not like Amish chicken coops. As you can tell, there aren’t many reasons not to like them. But for some, these are a deal-breaker.


The first thing that people will complain about is the expense. Amish chicken coops are more expensive than your average coop. This is a cost that a lot of people have a hard time paying upfront. The coops are costly, and shipping can be expensive as well.

Are Amish chicken coops better? Yes, so they are worth the money. The initial sticker price can shock some, but it is well worth it. If you factor in the time it saves and the money it saves on replacements, these coops pay for themselves.

For many people who say that the price is an issue, have no complaints about the quality. They know that Amish chicken coops are some of the best on the market, but spending that much is a deal-breaker for them.

Shipping Takes Longer

Another common complaint when ordering online is that shipping takes longer. These coops consist of heavier materials, so shipping them can’t be as quick as Amazon. And if you are getting a custom chicken coop, you will likely have to wait up to three weeks to see your beautiful coop. Are the Amish coops still better? Yes, because anything that you can pick up at your local feed store will never compare to the Amish’s handiwork.


Be aware that it is possible to get a fake “Amish” coop. People have realized that they can put a sticker that says “Amish Made” and have a flock of people buying. Amish made has always held a higher value than anything industrially produced. This hype has lead to a lot of cheaply made fakes out on the internet and even in small towns. If you ever question the legitimacy of their work, take a good look at their reviews. Most of them should be outstanding. You could also try to find a local community to buy from directly to prevent this.

Don’t Include Runs

Though the coops are fantastic in every way, most people are shocked that they don’t come with a run. You could either purchase a run that will work wonderfully with your coop or build a simple one. With the price you have already paid for the coop, you might have a hard time justifying another purchase. Especially since other cheaper versions come with a run as well. Are Amish coops better even without the runs? Definitely so! Even without a run, your coop is made to last and has so many great perks.


And finally, the Amish chicken coop is heavier than most coops. They are made out of solid, durable wood that is denser than the average coop. Since they are so heavy, they work better as a stationary coop. You might even need help to get the coop into its permanent resting place in your yard. But this heavy material is the backbone of their success. You know they are made from real high-quality wood that won’t warp or buckle under pressure.

Are Amish Chicken Coops Better?

You tell us. With so many positive aspects, it’s hard to deny that Amish coops aren’t worth the money. A beautiful Amish chicken coop can last you and your family years. They keep their durability and will always look new. You can’t put a price on a well-made coop made by the hands of hard workers. We guarantee that you will find more great aspects of Amish coops once you get one yourself.

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