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24+ Funny Rooster Names

24+ Funny Rooster Names

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If you’ve spent time on social media sites, you’ve probably heard of funny rooster names like “Cluck Norris” or “Colonel Sanders.” Giving silly names to your roosters and chickens isn’t just fun, it also can help you connect with your birds. Equally importantly, giving your fowl cute names will make discussing them with friends, family, and coworkers a lot more fun.

So what should you name your rooster? Here’s a quick rundown on types of roosters, how they interact with names, and several great names that you can steal for your pet rooster. You’ll learn all about how names can make it easier to rear chickens and have the information you need to decide on the perfect funny rooster names for your flock.

What Are The Different Types of Roosters?

There are many, many different breeds of chickens. Chicken breeds are separated into two categories: bantam breeds, which are small birds, and large chicken breeds. Both categories have hundreds of breeds that are recognized by international chicken authority groups.

In order to break down the sheer volume of chicken breeds into more manageable categories, experts sometimes divide them up by what color their eggs are. Brown layers lay brown eggs, colored layers lay colored eggs, and white layers lay white eggs.

Crested breeds, like Houdans and Appenzellers, have decorative feathers on their heads that form a visually interesting crest. Finally, ornamental breeds have been carefully developed in order to have a distinctive appearance.

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This includes breeds like Old English Game, which feature a variety of striking colors and wonderful tail plumage, and Cochin, an almost fluffy breed that’s especially fond of spending time with its young.

The sorts of chickens and roosters that are kept as pets or even food animals on a homestead tend to be different from the breeds that are found in commercial farms.

There have been hundreds or thousands of years of careful development of various chicken breeds for egg production, meat production, or both. If you’re looking to use your chickens as a source of food, consider a breed specialized in the way you want to use your chicken.

You certainly don’t have to get the same Hybrid White Leghorn that commercial farms use, but you can still get a breed like a Rhode Island Red, Delaware, or Java that will produce lots of great eggs over the course of the year.

Naming Your Rooster

Whether you’ve got a single rooster, a small colony of chickens, or something in between, it’s not a bad idea to give your chickens names. Here are some of the questions people most commonly ask with regards to naming chickens and roosters.

What Should I Name My Rooster?

Ultimately, the decision on what to call your rooster is in your hands. If none of the ideas above have sparked your interest, you can’t think of any famous characters you’d like to use as a name, or you just want to look at a list of awesome names, here’s a quick list of funny names for roosters:

Sweet PeaGregory Peck
Harry PotterBuck Beak
Buff OrpingtonTyrannosaurus Pecks
Roo PaulThe Eggsterminator

Will Chickens Learn Their Names?

Chickens are quite smart. They’re not necessarily as independent and boisterous as cats, and they’re not as flexible and teachable as dogs, but you can train a chicken with a bit of work.

A chicken (or rooster) won’t learn its name if you don’t spend time with the chicken and reinforce the association. If you name your rooster Big Bird, for example, and let him sit alone in the henhouse all day, he won’t come when he’s called.

If you regularly feed him by hand, however, and use his name loudly and clearly as you approach, he’ll quickly learn to associate the phrase Big Bird with him wanting to be close to you.

Do You Name Your Chickens?

Most people who keep chickens as pets will name their birds. Ultimately, the answer to this question should be determined by your goals for your chicken. If you want a household companion that serves as a loved pet, name your chicken.

If you want a useful animal that will eventually serve as food, you may want to skip the naming process. Most people with chickens use them for companionship, entertainment, and eggs rather than meat, so naming is very common.

What Are Cute Names For Chickens?

Your chicken will come to understand its name quickly enough, but the exact choice of name is entirely up to you. Many people name their chickens after famous birds in popular cultures, like Hedwig from Harry Potter or Tweety Bird from various cartoons.

Others might them after celebrities: one household might name a trio of chickens after the Dixie Chicks, while another might call their rooster Larry Bird after the basketball player.

A third popular scheme for funny rooster names draws from the idea of chickens as food. Chickens named in this manner might be called things like Drumstick, General Tso, Colonel Sanders, or Tender.

Chickens are unique pets, but you can borrow cute names from other species of animals. Names like “Princess Fluffybutt,” “Fluffball,” and “Feather Duster” are all good chicken names. Don’t be afraid to dig into the list of old classics: there’s nothing wrong with “Rover” or “Fido.”

Finally, a simple way of naming your chicken is to simply use old-fashioned names for people. Names like “Karen” and “Betsy” have fallen out of fashion for human women, but they’re still excellent for chickens. Here are a few similar names that you can borrow as a perfect name for your feathered friend:


What Is A Good Name For A Male Chicken?

Chickens are referred to with two gender-specific names: hens, for female chickens, and roosters, for male chickens. Saying “male rooster” is a bit like saying “male bull” or “male man.” You’re not going to confuse anyone, but you can definitely drop the “male” part and just say “rooster.”

Many of the more popular names for chickens, like Colonel Sanders, and Foghorn Leghorn are good rooster names. There’s nothing wrong with giving your pets names that are associated with different gender, however. If you want to name your rooster Betty, go for it! He won’t mind.

We tend to think of roosters as excessively self-important animals. Some rooster owners choose to capitalize on this association by naming their roosters after real-life figures that showboat and think highly of themselves.

This might include politicians, famous figures, celebrities, or friends that you want to poke fun at. Richard Milhous Nixon is a very funny rooster name.

In general, the more absurd it is to think about the person as a chicken, the better the name is. Local politicians can be an especially great source of great names.

Famous Figures Funny Rooster Names

Jay LenoFranklin Delanor Rosevelt
Howard SternCluck Kent
Cluck NorrisMike Tyson
Ryan SeacrestBenedict Chickenbach

Remember: the best name is something that will make you happy and that will be fun to share. Keep things in the spirit of lighthearted fun and you’ll do great.

Related Questions

Can I Teach My Rooster Tricks?

Chickens (and roosters) are quite trainable. One of the advantages of finding the perfect funny rooster name is getting to call it constantly while you’re training your rooster in the backyard.

Many people start by training their birds to come when called, then progress to things like agility courses, give hugs, wear a harness, or even present themselves at chicken shows. Training your rooster will require lots of time and patience, but it’s definitely achievable.

Can Chickens Talk?

Chickens certainly vocalize quite a bit when they want to. While you’re not going to have a full-on English conversation with a chicken, some birds enjoy making noise back at their keepers and will respond with specific vocalizations in different circumstances.

Over time, you and your chicken can train each other to understand which of these vocalizations corresponds to what, allowing you to deepen your relationship with your bird.

Naming Your Rooster: A Great (And Fun) Idea

Chickens are smart enough to learn their names. Because of this, naming your rooster won’t just be fun, it’ll also help make it easier to deal with your animal.

Giving your rooster a great name like Foghorn Leghorn or Buff Orpington will make him more fun to talk about with your friends. Awesome names can help make it easier to get your peers interested in your budding flock and make the conversation flow more easily.

Whether you name your rooster after a famous character, you give it a funny chicken name like Kung Pao, or you simply name him after a famous person, you’ll be sure to smile whenever you say his name.

At the end of the day, that’s the goal – to have fun while safely and responsibly rearing your chickens. Funny rooster names are a great way to achieve that goal.

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24+ Funny Rooster Names

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