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19 Biggest Chicken Rumors & Untruths

19 Biggest Chicken Rumors & Untruths

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Before getting our chickens, we all hear some crazy thoughts. Between old wives’ tales and common misconceptions, there is a lot out there. It can scare anyone into not starting their chicken flock. But we are here to calm the masses. Here are the 19 biggest chicken rumors & untruths. 

#1: Brown Eggs Are More Nutritious

We don’t know where this chicken rumor came from. But for decades, people have claimed that brown eggs not only taste better, but they are also more nutritious. Some speculators think that this rumor started because factory-produced eggs are generally white.

Essentially, all eggs have the same nutritional value. The breed of your chickens determines the color of the shell, not vitamins and minerals. And as for the taste, what you feed your chickens affects that. If you are used to white eggs from the store, they won’t taste as well as fresh farm eggs. It has nothing to do with the color and more to do with farm chickens’ well-rounded diet. 

#2: You Will Get Eggs Daily

Most people think that when they get hens, they will have eggs daily from each one. But this is one chicken myth that we have to bust. Most chickens that we have today are excellent egg layers. But they likely won’t lay an egg a day.

Chickens will naturally have seasons where they lay more and less. For instance, in winter, most chickens slow down considerably. Some breeds even stop laying altogether. But even the most prolific layers only lay 5-6 eggs a week during prime seasons. So let your girls have a day off to kick back and relax. 

#3: You Need Roosters For Eggs

A common question most new chicken owners ask is if they need a rooster for eggs. The answer is that no, you do not need a rooster. A flock of only females will produce plenty of eggs. In fact, unless you intend to breed, you don’t need a rooster at all. 

#4: Chickens Smell

You might have heard that chicken coops smell. But your chickens shouldn’t smell as long as you keep the coop clean. Using methods like the deep litter method will help reduce odor-causing bacteria. And as a bonus, you don’t have to clean as much with this method. 

#5: Roosters Are Mean

The biggest chicken rumors untruths revolve around roosters being mean. But we like to think humans misunderstand roosters. The job of the rooster is to protect his flock. And during mating season, their hormones can get a little wild. But a rooster doesn’t always have it out for humans. They are just doing their jobs. Once you establish a boundary of respect, roosters are quite docile. 

#6: There Are Only Brown And White Eggs

Chicken untruths revolving around eggs are widespread among non-chicken owners. One of the biggest misunderstandings is that a chicken can only lay brown or white eggs. But did you know you can get a variety of colors? Beautiful colors of blue, pink, green, and olive are widespread with specific breeds. You just have to look outside the supermarket. 

#7: Chickens Are Not Genetically Modified

One of the biggest broiler chicken myths is that fat chickens are genetically modified. Most people don’t know that there are no such things as any GMO animals available on the market today. The reason our broilers produce so much meat is due to good breeding. For hundreds of years, people have specifically bred chickens to get larger at a faster pace naturally. 

#8: Chickens Are Only For Farms

You might have the idea in your mind that chickens only belong on the farm. But did you know that more and more households are starting to keep chickens as pets? Not only are chickens friendly, but they are a pet that gives back. You will be surprised at how much your chickens will keep you company and entertain you. 

#9: Chickens Are Noisy

Most people don’t like the idea of keeping chickens because they are loud. We aren’t going to tell you that these birds are entirely silent. But their noise levels are no louder than a normal human conversation. And that’s precisely what their noise is. They talk and gab all day, but not at obnoxious levels. 

#10: Only Roosters Crow

One chicken myth is that only roosters do their signature crowing. But what most people don’t know is that some hens will crow too. This phenomenon isn’t widespread, but it does happen. So, are there female roosters? 

In this situation, what usually happens is that the females “turn into” males. Your hen will start to grow spurs, crow, and even try to mate with other hens. But they aren’t true roosters. Occasionally, it can even happen to roosters turning into hens, but this isn’t as common. 

So in these cases, do male and female chickens lay eggs? No. Only true females can lay eggs. Roosters that turn into females can’t lay eggs, just as hens that turn into roosters can’t fertilize them. 

#11: Commercial Chickens Have Hormones/Steroids

The biggest chicken rumors & untruths about commercial meats lie here. When you go to the grocer, you see all kinds of labels like hormone, steroid, and antibiotic-free. But did you know that no commercially raised chickens have any of these? 

Since the 1950s, it is illegal to use any of these icky ingredients in poultry made for consumption. And in the case that a chicken needs antibiotics, you can’t use them for eggs or meat until it has flushed their systems. So if you have chickens specifically for clean meat, we are here to say there are many more benefits to raising your broilers. 

#12: Chickens Are Vegetarians

Many people might be under the assumption that chickens eat corn and grains. But we are here to unravel these chicken untruths. Your chickens will eat anything they can get their beaks on. We are talking everything from bugs to weeds, and yes, even their eggs. They would even eat fried chicken if you let them, but we don’t recommend fried foods. 

#13: Chickens Decrease The Property Value

One popular chicken rumor is that having chickens in your neighborhood decreases the property value. But when you look at some of the most expensive places to live in the USA, they all allow for urban chickens. We aren’t sure that this lie has ever been true or where it originates. But one solid theory is that HOAs created it to keep chickens out of their neighborhoods. 

#14: Coops Are Ugly

If getting the idea of an unsightly coop is keeping you from getting chickens, we have good news. Your chicken coop doesn’t have to be ugly. Whether you are building or buying pre-built, there are beautiful coops out there. Some of the most enchanting coops are Amish coops. But there are also free plans online to make a chicken cottage style coop. 

#15: All Chickens Act The Same

People who don’t own chickens think that they are all dumb and have no personality. But that couldn’t be a bigger chicken myth. Chickens of all kinds have huge characters that differ between each bird. Even chickens of the same breed will act utterly different from each other. 

And whoever says that chickens aren’t smart has never tried to keep them out of things. Chickens are resourceful and have no limits when they set their minds to something. Just ask any chicken owner how their gardens are doing. 

#16: Chickens Carry Disease

All animals can carry disease, and there is always a possibility of passing them to people. Even dogs and cats run the risk of spreading diseases to their owners. There is no more risk of owning chickens than any other pet.

Just like every pet, there are certain precautions you can take to prevent illnesses. The first step is vaccinating your chickens against major viruses. And if a chicken should get sick, clean habits and quarantining will limit exposure. The risk of you getting sick from a chicken is very low with the proper precautions. 

#17: Chickens Attract Predators

Another common misconception is that chickens attract predators. The truth is, these predators were probably already in the area. You just never noticed because your yard wasn’t attractive yet. That is why it is crucial to predator-proof your coop and run against all odds. You can never have too much protection. 

#18: Can’t Raise Chickens In The City

For those that think of chickens as a barnyard animal, this one is baffling. But it is becoming more and more common to see backyard flocks in urban and suburban areas. With a few adjustments, you can have a small flock, and your neighbors would be none the wiser. 

#19: The Chicken Or The Egg

We will conclude the biggest chicken rumors & untruths by busting an age-old question. In chicken mythology, many people always ask, “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?” Scientists have finally found the answer. 

According to new research, there is a protein found in chicken eggs that can only be passed by a chicken. So the only solution is that the chicken came first. 

We hope you liked our busted myths. If you feel more confident about starting your backyard flock, follow us for more info! We cover everything you will need to know about raising the happiest flock alive. 

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19 Biggest Chicken Rumors, Myths and Untruths

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