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12 FREE Chicken Coop Plans And Ideas – DIY

12 FREE Chicken Coop Plans And Ideas – DIY

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One of the first steps to a successful chicken-keeping journey is designing an appropriate coop for your birds. Here we will discuss a few chicken coop plans and ideas that you can consider

Raising backyard chickens is a fun and fulfilling endeavor with several different benefits. They will ensure that you have delicious organic eggs, healthy organic meat, and good organic fertilizer in your garden.

Chicken coops are simple structures that do not require a lot of money and can be built in a few days. You can make your coop as simple or as elaborate as you want.

The size of your flock will determine the size and cost of building your coop. The coop should be safe and comfortable for your flock. Keep reading to learn more.

HGTV Chicken Coop

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This adorable backyard chicken coop is not only fancy but also easy to build. You will find it easy to build this coop even if you are a beginner.

It allows you to access the egg collection from the outside, which is very convenient. Besides, it has a flower box outside the window that adds a nice touch.

The coop also has a sizeable attached run that allows the birds to get in and out.

Chicken Mansion

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If you are looking for a chicken coop with a unique design, then this Chicken Mansion coop is one of the best choices.

This 8×8 backyard chicken coop plan is ideal for protecting your birds against predators and harsh weather conditions.

It has gable roofing, a big front entrance, front and side windows, a front porch like a human house, a huge run at the back, and nesting boxes inside.

This coop is easy to construct and will take just a few days. Its design will make your birds feel comfortable and safe.

8×8 Chicken Coop

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This 8×8 Chicken Coop is simple and easy to construct. With all the necessary materials, it will take you just a day or two to be through with it.

The coop does not have flooring and has two transparent ceiling panels. It is designed to give your chickens a sense of freedom by providing plenty of light and adequate space to graze on the ground surface.

This adorable small structure has six nestings and brooding for your backyard chickens. In addition, it has sliding doors that are easy to access, making it easy to collect eggs. 

Construct 101 Free Chicken Coop Plans

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The Construct 101 Free Chicken Coop Plans will show you how to design an 8×8 chicken comprising an attached chicken run.

They will show you a step-by-step guide on how you should make your coop and also include a list of materials you need to buy. Most of these materials are affordable, so you do not have to worry about their cost. 

One good thing about this plan is that it has a covered roof on the chicken run. The covered roof will help to keep out snow and rain.

Therefore, your birds will continue to enjoy the outside scene even when the weather is not friendly. If you are looking for coop ideas for many chickens, this plan would be a great option.

Urban Chicken Coop

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This urban chicken coop plan is perfect for those who love the step-by-step photographs going along with instructions.

It is an adorable and super simple chicken coop perfect for a small flock of chickens. As the name suggests, the coop is perfect for those raising a few chickens in urban places.

You will have a lot of fun customizing the coop with special designs and colors painted on the outside.

If you have a couple of hens and a little space for a small coop in your backyard, then this is the right coop to consider.

Modern Farmer Chicken Coop Plans

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This backyard chicken coop looks like an adorable haven for your chickens. It is simple and easy to construct. It will take you just a few days to be through with the necessary materials. Modern Farmer will walk you through every step, making it easier for everyone, including beginners, to conquer. Another good thing about these plans is that they will show you how you should set the interior of your coop. Making a plan for where you should put the nesting boxes, roosts, water fount, and feeders is just as important as designing the exterior of the coop.

Ana White’s Shed Chicken Coop

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These free chicken cook plans are just excellent. Ana White will make it even easier for you as they will show you everything you will need to buy to build your backyard chicken coop.

This coop has a fantastic and simple design that even beginners will find easy to build at home. It is a shed-style chicken coop made up of a few parts. Therefore, there will be fewer chances of making any mistakes. 

Another good thing about this cook is the ease of collecting eggs and cleaning. It is designed to allow you to do the cleaning easily.

The coop is raised high enough to allow you to collect eggs easily and clean inside. In addition, its nesting box opens from the outside, thus making it easy to collect your fresh eggs. 

Barn Geek Chicken Coop Plans

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This is one of the easiest coops on our list to build. You will need a hammer, lumber, a circular saw, and nails, and your coop will be ready for usage.

Anyone will fall in love with its shingled roof, and the natural wood look. The construction process is simple, and the fact that it has a chicken run makes it even better.

If you want a fully functional backyard chicken coop with outside access to nesting boxes and the bonus of an attached run, then this is one of the nest chicken coop plans you should consider.

Live Simply Chicken Coop Plans

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This adorable little chicken coop is perfect for those raising an urban flock of backyard chickens.

It will suit your chickens if you plan to get just a few of them since they will only need a little outdoor space and a small chicken coop.

Because of the small size, you can easily move it from one place to another whenever you want.

Another good thing about this cute backyard chicken coop is that you will be able to access nesting boxes easily. 

Countryside Daily Chicken Coop

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This Countryside Daily Chicken Coop is a totally unique design and opens up easier access to the interior section.

This will be helpful whenever you want to clean out your coop as it opens wide enough for cleaning the interior and the nesting boxes.

The coop is easy to build and will not need a lot of materials. If you want to free-range your small backyard flock, it will be perfect for you.

Besides, it is good as it is pretty portable and you can move it from one point to another. If you are looking for a plan to design a small coop that is easy to maintain, then this little coop is a perfect option.

Permanent Hoop Coop

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The Permanent Hoop is a curved 8×8 backyard chicken coop that has several benefits. First, the coop gets sufficient sun rays straight from the sun, meaning it will get warmer even in wintertime.

The coop is also strong and can withstand windy weather. In addition, it is easier to construct, and even a beginner can build it in a couple of days.

You just have to build the base and add the roofing to construct it. That is all! This adorable coop will not need a lot of money or other materials when building it.

The Palace Coop For Chicken

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Last on our FREE chicken coop plans and ideas list is “The Palace Coop For Chicken.” This excellent coop from Steamy Kitchen is a beautiful structure that will offer plenty of storage and room for all the necessities.

It is a nice blend of more contemporary and traditional farmhouse visions. The coop will ensure that your backyard flock is safe and comfortable throughout. 

What Do You Need For Your DIY Chicken Coop Plan?

There are several things you need to consider before you construct a good coop for your backyard chickens. Here is a checklist of things you need to know when constructing a chicken coop.

  • Enough space for the coop and to accommodate all the chickens
  • Ventilation of the area
  • The coop should keep the flock inside and the predators outside.
  • It should be easy to disinfect and clean and with excellent drainage.
  • Defense against the elements.


It can be costly to get someone to build a coop for you, something you can easily do on your own. Doing it by yourself will help you save some money that you can use to raise your birds. With our list of chicken coop plans and ideas, you can build an adorable backyard chicken coop that will be safe for your flock. 

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