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10 FREE DIY Chicken Coop Run Plans – Full List

10 FREE DIY Chicken Coop Run Plans – Full List

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Here are 10 free DIY chicken coop run plans when you want to build a popular chicken run.

Raising backyard chickens can be a challenging but rewarding journey. You will need a good chicken run plan as well as more time to design it.

One of the first steps you need to consider for successful chicken keeping is the construction of a suitable coop for your feathered friends.

A good coop will ensure that your birds are comfortable, safe from predators, and stress-free.

You do not necessarily have to buy your plans as you can easily come up with your own. This article will take you through DIY chicken coop run plans that you can easily try at home.

Keep reading to learn more.

Monks Chicken Coop

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This is a small and simple chicken coop that anyone will love. It is almost similar to a small modular-type home. The coop has several parts, all of which are constructed separately. Some of the main parts include the rafters, walls, and the base. Its interior sheathing is added with insulation. If you want a coop with a chicken run where your birds will be more comfortable and safe, then this Monks Chicken Coop is one of the best options.

The base is placed onto several leveled blocks before the walls are secured. The trimmings are also added with roof sheathing and rafters put in place. It also has added ventilation. A chicken coop run will offer the benefits of low winter sun as well as keep your birds happy and protected from the extreme weather. The coop also has a roost with perching to help the birds reach their nesting boxes. Besides, it has a space-saving waterer to ensure a constant supply of water.

Wichita “Cabin Coop”

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The Wichita “Cabin Coop” is a small and popular coop that has won the hearts of many chicken keepers. It is designed to accommodate about five chickens, which enables them to have convenient access as well as cleaning facilities. The coop also allows for outside access to collect eggs. It has ventilation adjustments and window openings for easier access.

It is designed to be predator-protected. Therefore, it can be nearly impossible for various predators to get inside the coop and attack your chickens. In addition, it has good ventilation and an aesthetically pleasing appearance that will not put off your neighbors. The coop is 5×10 ft, with the back wall being 6 ft high and the front wall 7 ft. The floor of the coop is about 3 ft off the ground. This will allow your chickens to wander underneath freely. 

The French Hen Coop

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The French Hen coop is typically a medium-sized chicken coop, about 6 ft high, with a small chicken coop run. This coop has a simple design, and any chicken lover can easily construct it for their flock. For the run, you can build a stone foundation as it will help to keep various chicken predators at bay through digging. 

You will need to add holes in the foundation for the chicken wire and posts. You can also add a frame (made with removable panels) and a roof. A-frame with the removable panels will ensure that future coop modifications are easy. The coop also has about ten support posts in the post holders with two outside walls 8’4” apart. This large chicken coop run plan is meant to allow spacing for the fence panels to have a snug fit. 

Schroeder’s BYC Coop Plans with Run

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If you are looking for a small chicken coop run where your birds will be safe from predators, then these Schroeder’s BYC Coop Plans with run are among the best options to consider. The coop is about 6x6x6 ft, with its run being about 16×16 ft. It has an insulated floor and walls made from Styrofoam. This will help you to save money on expensive materials. 

The coop’s ceiling is insulated using foil covered with pink foam. In addition, it uses mini-barn sliding windows, and the outside is covered with hardware cloth. The glass can come out completely in the summer for more ventilation. This coop run is easy to build and will not require a lot of expensive materials.

The Palace Chicken Coop

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The Palace Chicken coop is a medium-sized coop that is pleasing to the eye. It is easy to maintain and clean and is sturdy enough to stand firm in locations with tropical storms. The coop is also designed to resist floods in areas with high rainfall. If you want a coop run with good ventilation and excellent air movement for the comfort of your birds, then this Palace Chicken Coop is one of the best options. 

The coop has adequate room for about 5 to 8 chickens. It also has room to add two or three birds in the future. Its full structure, including run plans, is about 12×6 ft. The roof comes with a 1-ft overhang on either side. 

American Canyon Coop

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This is a 4×8 ft. raised chicken coop. It is a medium-size chicken coop that can accommodate 10 to 13 backyard chickens. Besides, it is a lovely coop that is also easy to build. You will need just a day or two to be through with it. The coop does not also require expensive materials. What even makes this American Canyon Coop is that it is easy to clean, and you can easily access eggs inside the coop. The coop’s pop door has easy access for both closing and opening.

Some of the materials you will need to build this adorable chicken coop include the framing, glass for the front door and plastic for the roof panel, trims and supports, legs or corner posts, and Plexiglas for the windows. Other necessities for the coop include nails, screws, hasps, and wheels

Recycled Shed Coop

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You can use any old shed to create a recycled shed coop. This adorable chicken coop with a run is about 4×8 ft and can take about ten chickens of various breeds such as Hampshire. An extra running is created to give the birds plenty of outside room. The broken windows and door are removed, and a new roof is added with additional framing to replace boarding and strengthen the floor. 

This coop has an insulated window covered in hardware cloth and other added features like roosts, trimmings, and a painted shed coop. Its run is about 8×16 ft and is covered with aviary netting. Besides, the coop has a section that offers shelter and shade. 

Chicken Garden Coop

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The Chicken Garden coop is a large-sized coop situated between two separated fenced-off areas.

One of the parts is for the chicken run, while the other one acts as the garden for fertilization by the birds.

The wall on the northern side of the coop has a door and a window in the middle and two small windows inside.

If there are heavy rainfalls, the coop has minimized openings on its sides to get the wind. This will help to prevent drafts, especially during the winter season.

The southern wall has a large window and a door a window to provide wonderful sunshine in the winter.

On the other hand, the eastern wall has a long slim window to allow light and the morning sun to get the birds moving. 

Bluegrass Coop

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The Bluegrass is a medium-sized chicken coop with a concrete block foundation. The coop has a 5×10 ft base.

It is also strengthened to protect the chickens from predators. Its frame is attached with a hardware cloth.

The knotty pine paneling and windows have been added with nesting boxes as well as the pop door.

This coop with a chicken run is designed to offer chickens enough space to enjoy the light and morning sun.

It is easy to construct and will take you about a day to be through if you have all the necessary materials.

The coop has a double nest box designed from paneling. It also makes it easy to collect eggs inside the coop.

Besides, the coop has plenty of ventilation. It is suitable for about five chickens.

Permanent Hoop Coop

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The Permanent Hoop is a large-sized chicken coop that is easy to erect and build. It is one of the most expensive on our list of 10 FREE DIY Chicken Coop Run Plans.

Although this coop with a chicken run is quite expensive, it is worth the money. To help you, you can find the full master materials building kit as well as the chicken run plans to build it. 

There are also good building instructions for the hoop cattle panels, the base, hardware cloth, cattle panel end walls, the center post and girder, base joists, and end wall framing.

Even though it is a challenging project, it is exciting too. The coop will also last for many years. It has a run that enables the birds to enjoy the outside weather. 


If you are looking for a chicken coop run plan, now you have a list to select from. You can consider one on our list to provide your chickens with a safe and comfortable environment. Remember that a coop runs plan is designed for different needs and birds. For instance, bigger birds will require larger spaces.

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