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Popular Breeds of Bantam Chickens

Popular Breeds of Bantam Chickens

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So, What are the top breeds of Bantam chickens? I have never found a better source of meat, organic eggs, and manure, if not from chickens. Besides, these birds make great pets and an excellent addition to your domestic animals. Out of the three major sizes of chickens, I find bantams quite fascinating when they are free-ranging. And that is where my interest in this smallest version of chickens starts.

The most common breeds of Bantams include the silkies, Belgian d’Anvers, Belgian Bearded d’Uccle, Japanese Bantam, Booted Bantam, Sebright Bantam, Serama Bantam, Sultan Bantam, Rosecomb Bantam, and Duch Bantam.

If you are a poultry farmer, the term, ‘Bantam’ is not strange to you. These are chickens that are smaller in body size compared to the standard breeds. From the name, you can quickly tell that they’re small or half to a third the size of larger chicken breeds. Here is a comprehensive list of the top breeds of Bantam chickens you need to know. 

Popular Breeds of Bantam Chickens

Silkie Bantam

Top on our list of Bantam chicken breeds is the Silkie. Some countries place these beautiful chickens into large fowl despite their small size. Unique with striking features, they are the most magnificent birds for your backyard. 

Due to their friendly and gentle disposition, these chickens are just right around your kids. Naturally, Silkies are hardy, inquisitive, and sometimes playful. That is why they make great pets in various homes. 

These lovely little birds are unique both in appearance and style. From their pretty blue faces to unusual beaks and poofy crests on their heads to feathery legs, Silkies are in their own class. You can make them your first choice among the best breeds of Bantam chickens, and you’ll like them.

Belgian d’Anvers Bantam

On this list of the best breeds of Bantam chickens, we find the Belgian d’Anvers. These birds are a true Bantam breed suitable for your backyard. Most importantly, they require low maintenance, and they’re the perfect breed for those venturing into raising chickens for the first time. 

When it comes to personality, these perky little birds are friendly, meaning that they can get along well with other breeds. Belgian d’Anvers are relatively old chicken breed dating back to 300 years ago. 

You can find them in a variety of colors with hens laying small Bantam sized type of eggs. Usually, the eggs are either white or light brown depending on individual layers. In one week, hens lay between 2 and 3 eggs each, which is a smaller number compared to other breeds. 

Belgian Bearded d’Uccle

Belgian Bearded d’Uccle
Belgian Bearded d’Uccle

The Belgian Bearded d’Uccle Bantam breed has the best temperament. In addition to that, these birds are friendly, social, and lively. Even though they resemble the Booted Bantam breed, the Belgian Bearded d’Uccle is somehow bearded. 

This breed is characterized by feathered legs that resemble fluffy boots. Also, they come in an array of colors, but the Mille Fleur is the most popular. 

ust like Silkies, these tiny birds lay small eggs. In one week, each layer produces 2 to 3 eggs, making them not suitable egg-laying breeds. Belgian Bearded d’Uccle is a true Bantam breed because they don’t have a larger breed counterpart among them.

Japanese Bantam

Japanese bantam
Japanese bantam

The unique feature about the Japanese Bantam breed is their short, clean legs. This ancient chicken breed is a true Bantam with no features on their legs. Another distinctive feature is their widespread tail that fans out to reveal beautiful feathers. These feathers curl nicely on roosters and stand out beautifully on hens, and you can find them in various colors. 

But the most popular among chicken owners is the black-tailed white breed. These birds are beautiful thanks to their white feathery bodies and flowing black feathers on their tails. The Japanese Bantam breed looks shy and timid, especially in the presence of other birds. Despite their unique disposition, these little birds are easy to tame and handle. Sometimes they can become mischievous. 

Unfortunately, they are poor layers, whereby hens lay an average of 1 egg per week. The eggs are usually small in size, and they appear cream or tinted.  But the hens are great brooders with excellent mothering skills.

Booted Bantam

Booted Bantam
Booted Bantam

The Booted Bantam chickens look so similar to Belgian Bearded d’Uccle breed only that they are not bearded. Besides, they don’t come in a variety of colors like the d’Uccle breed. But they have an array of feathery patterns and colors to choose from. 

As a true Bantam chicken breed, the Booted Bantam is extremely rare to find. Their hens are poor layers, and in a week, they produce two tiny eggs of tinted or cream color. For the personality, these birds are known to display perky behavior that lives up the entire flock.

Even though they are small in size, these birds are not docile or less aggressive; This means they don’t let other breeds bully them. However, hens are excellent brooders with outstanding mothering skills.

Sebright Bantam

Sebright Bantam
Sebright Bantam

You can quickly identify Sebright Bantams from your flock of birds by looking at their physical appearance. These birds have two laced colors, such as silver or gold, which make them look different from other chickens. 

In addition to their laced pattern on feathers, these little birds have an upright posture with the wings facing downwards. The tail feathers point up, and you can always spot them walking around with their heads high. As a result, the posture forms a perfect U-shape between the tail feathers and neck. 

Also, a true Bantam breed, the Sebright display some uniqueness not found in other chicken breeds. That is, the male and females display the same coloring. 

Just like other Bantams, these too are not excellent egg layers as you would expect. On average, each hen lays one egg per week, and these eggs are usually small. The hens are not good brooders but can make good pets in your home. 

Serama Bantam


At number seven on this list of the top breeds of Bantam chickens, we have Serama Bantam. These are the smallest chickens in the world, although they are cute and quite fascinating to have them around. 

Originally from Malaysia, these Bantams are reputed for their straight-up stance with the heads almost touching their tail feathers. However, their wings point straight down, almost touching the ground. 

This posture makes you think that they are standing at attention. These lovely Bantams are very friendly, quiet, and calm. Additionally, they are docile and easy to tame. In one week, each hen lays an average of 4  bantam sized eggs.

Rosecomb Bantam

Rosecomb BantamThe Rosecomb chickens are also a true Bantam breed, and they come in different color variations. The most popular color among the Rosecombs is black. 

These birds look stunning in their pure black glossy feathers, red wattles, combs, and faces. Due to the black coloration of their feathers, you can easily spot their white earlobes even from a distance. 

Unlike other Bantams, Rosecombs are difficult birds to raise although they are excellent show birds because of their typical soldier stand, wings facing down, and heads held high. They are flighty birds and self-sufficient in nature. When it comes to laying eggs, the hens produce an average of one small egg per week. 

Sultan Bantam

As the name suggests, this Bantam chicken breed is associated with royalty. Sultan Bantam was once a favorite garden ornamental chicken breed at the height of the Ottoman Empire. These birds display their own unique chic styles, such as feathering, poofy whiteheads, and full fluffy crests of feathers. 

For these birds, everything is white, including beaks and white feathered legs. Sometimes you may mistake their V-shaped red comb to be a tiara if you observe them from a distance. 

Each hen lays one small white egg per week. The Sultan Bantam breed is a perfect choice for you if you are looking for friendly and tameable birds. 

Dutch Bantam

Dutch Bantam Hen
Dutch Bantam Hen

With their sweet, friendly nature, the Dutch Bantam chickens are lovely little birds for your backyard. Most of the time, they look nervous, jumpy, and jittery, but all these are part of their behavior. 

They are considered true Bantam breeds of chickens that come in various beautiful colors. Their wings face downward with their posture taking a combination of Dutch Bantams and large fowl. 

Hens lay up to two small Bantam sized light brown eggs. Besides, they make good brooders as well as mothers. If you are a beginner, these birds are right for you.

Related questions

Why should you raise Bantams in your backyard? First, these chickens are hardy and a great source of meat and fresh eggs. Some of them are friendly and easy to tame, so can raise them as pets.

What are the types of Bantams? There are three types of Bantams known by chicken keepers today. These are the True Bantams, Miniaturized Bantams, and Developed Bantams. 

In Conclusion

Most of the breeds of chickens highlighted above are True Bantams, meaning that they don’t have larger fowl counterparts. These birds are natural and not a hybrid or a result of human input. Most of them are hardy, tameable, and friendly. You may consider choosing a few of these to Bantam breeds of chickens to add to your backyard flock.

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